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LJni'v^rsity of IVl^ry la^nd 

#^&t College F»arkL 

sc€r 24^, 1 990 

^rsity of IS/l^ryl^nd 

■ f 

xs r^ fi. 

oll^g^ ¥=*SLrW 






The Great Seal of Maryland, first used by the university in 1922, 
bears the emblems of both the Calvert and Crossland family arms. 

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the University' of 
Mar>'land at College Park, I congratulate each of you on the 
successful completion of your studies, and I thank you for the 
many contributions you have made to this institution during 
your academic career here. 

My colleagues and I are especially grateful for the enthusiasm 
with which you have responded to our call for excellence as 
we develop a hlueprmt for a better university. It is your 
idealism and imagination, your courage and candor which 
have inspired and sustained us in our bold venture to bring 
change to this time-honored institution. 

You can be confident that the difficult choices you have had 
to make in achieving your academic goal, and the resilience 
you ha\'e shown to new ideas bode very well for your future. If 
you continue to be as creative and as receptive to change as 
you have been here, you will make a difference in the lives of 
your colleagues — as you have made a difference to us. 

We pledge to continue to make this institution a source of 
pride and opportunity for you, and we look forward to hearing 
about your future successes. Please keep in touch. 

Best wishes and godspeed to each and every one of you. 

6^^ /COiifOou^ 

William E. Kirwan 

Cole Student 
Activities Building 
9:30 a.m. 


Dr. William E. Kirwan 

University of Maryland at 
College Park 

Master of Ceremonies 

Ms. Kate Ufema 
Communication Arts and 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 

Mr. John E. Wakefield 

Musical Selection 

by Ralph Manuel 

University Chorale 

Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


The Reverend 

Dr. Peter W. Peters 
Episcopal Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Led by Dr. Roger J. Folstrom 


Dr. James A. Norton 
Interim Chancellor 
The University of Maryland 

Mr. Roger Blunt 
Assistant Treasurer 
Board of Regents 


Mr. J. Carter Brown 


National Gallery of Art 

Conferring of Honorary 

Dr. Norton 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Debra Lynne Smith 
Graduating Senior 

Dr. Kirwan 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's 

Dr. Kirwan 


The Reverend 

Dr. Peter W Peters 
Episcopal Chaplain 

Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 
Steadfast in loyalty; 
For thee, we stand, 
Love for the Black and Gold 
Deep in our hearts we hold. 
Singing thy praise forever. 
Throughout the land. 


Symphonic Wind Ensemble 
Conductor, Mr. Wakefield 


MAY 24, 1990 

Following the Commencement Convocation, individual 
commencement exercises for colleges and schools will he 
held at several campus locations. Ceremonies are scheduled 
to begin at 11:30 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.* Guests are urged to be 
seated approximately one half hour prior to the designated 
time for the ceremonies if they wish to observe the student 
and faculty procession. 

Graduates, their families and friends, are cordially invited 
and encouraged to join with university officials and members 
of the faculty at the reception to be held in the Grand 
Ballroom of Stamp Student Union. 

Shuttle bus service is available providing free transportation 
across the campus throughout the day. 

Cole Student Activities Building 

9:30 a.m. Campus-wide Commencement Convocation 
11:30 a.m. Behavioral and Social Sciences Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Business and Management Commencement 

Hornbake Library Assembly Room 

1 1:30 a.m. Library and Information Services Commencement 

Memorial Chapel 

1 1 :30 a.m. Agriculture and Life Sciences Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health Building 

1 1:30 a.m. Physical Education, Recreation and Health 

Reckord Armory 

1 1 :30 a.m. Education Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Engineering Commencement 

Stamp Student Union Colony Ballroom 

11:30 a.m. General Studies Commencement 

Hoff Theatre 

1 1 :30 a.m. Journalism Commencement 

Tawes Theatre 

11 :30 a.m. Ans and Humanities Commencement 
2:00 p.m. Arts and Humanities Commencement 

Architecture - Auditorium 

1 1 :30 a.m. Architecture Commencement 

LeFrak Hall 

11:30 a.m. Public Aftairs 

*May 23, 1990, Memorial Chapel, 7:30 p.m., Human Ecology Commencement 


The Campus 

College Park is the tenth largest university campus in the 
nation in enrollment. In Fall 1989, undergraduates num- 
bered 26,863 and graduate students 8,962 for a total 
enrollment of 35,825. This year's College Park operating 
budget is about $518 million, including financial aid for 
some 13,800 students. 

Students can choose from more than 1 20 undergraduate and 
85 graduate programs leading to degrees. In 1988-89, the 
campus awarded 5,586 bachelor's degrees, 1,284 master's 
degrees, and 391 doctorates. 


The University of Maryland was founded in 1807 in Balti- 
more as a faculty-owned College of Medicine. Five years 
later, the growing institution was renamed the University of 
Maryland. The Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, the first 
dental schtxil in America, became a part of the university in 
1 840. Later, the university opened schools of pharmacy, law 
and nursing. 

In 1859, the Maryland Agricultural College, which would 
evolve into the College Park campus, was opened in Prince 
George's County under a charter secured in 1856 by a group 
of Maryland planters. This institution became one of the 
nation's original land-grant schools in 1865. After a dis- 
astrous fire on the campus in 1912, the state acquired control 
of the college and rebuilt it. 

In 1920, the state legislature joined College Park with the 
professional schools in Baltimore to form an expanded 
University of Maryland. TTiese schools were later grouped 
with the Baltimore County and Eastern Shore campuses and 
University College. 

July 1, 1988 marked the dawn of a new era in higher educa- 
tion in the State of Maryland when a reorganization of the 
state's public universities and colleges mandated by the 
Maryland legislature went into effect. As a result, the five 
campuses comprising the former University of Maryland 
were merged with six institutions governed by the Maryland 
Board of Trustees of State Universities and Colleges to form 
the new University of Maryland System. The law that 
created the new system designated College Park as the state's 
flagship institution. 


Charles B. Calvert was one of the founders of the Maryland 
Agriculture College which later became the University of 
Maryland. Deciding that commercially sold bricks were too 
expensive, he set up a kiln to produce his own, and on August 24. 
1858, he laid the cornerstone for the first building on the campus. 


The libraries at College Park constitute the largest university 
research library system in the Washington metropolitan area. 
The se\en libraries support over 125 undergraduate and near- 
ly 80 graduate programs, serve over 36,000 students and 
2,500 faculty, and provide vital resources to researchers, visit- 
ing scholars, businesses, and others throughout the region. 
The libraries holdings include nearly 2 million volumes, 
22,526 subscriptions to periodicals, and more than 4 million 
items available in microfilm format. The College Park 
Libraries also offer several nationally and internationally 
recognized special collections such as the International 
Piano Archives at Mar>-land, the Gordon W. Prange Collec- 
tion of Japanese-language publications, and the Katherine 
Anne Porter literary archive. 

Research Facilities 

College Park is the home of a variety of exceptional research 
facilities including a computer vision laboratory; a full-scale 
low velocity wind tunnel; a 500 liter computer-controlled 
fermentation system for research in bioprocess scale-up 
programs; the Center for Automation Research; and a quies- 
cent plasma device (Q machine) for plasma research. Such 
major facilities as the Engineering Research Center, the Sys- 
tems Research Center, and the new Center tor Global 
Change conduct research that is especially significant to the 
state and nation. 

The Engineering Research Center is a major vehicle for 
extending the technical and research expertise of the Univer- 
sits' of Maryland to businesses and industries through 
Maryland. The center is both a catalyst for problem-solving 
and a clearinghouse for technical information resources. 

The Systems Research Center conducts research in systems 
engineering, artificial intelligence and computer-aided en- 
gineering. Supported by a 5-year, $21 million National 
Science Foundation grant, the center operates in conjunc- 
tion with a program at Harvard University and complements 
a nationally recognized campus program of basic and applied 
research in computer science. 

In 1989, the Center for Global Change, funded with a $1.8 
million Environmental Protection Agency grant, was created 
at College Park. Under the auspices of the center, researchers 

from a variety of fields conduct groundbreaking research 
related to such as important issues as global warming, ozone 
depletion, and sea-level rise. 

In the 1990s, College Park will be the home of one of the 
nation's most important research facilities — the 1.7 million 
square-foot, $205 million Second National Archives Building. 
The building will house more than half the collection of the 
National Archives Records Administration, including some of 
the nation's most valuable historical documents, such as the 
entire State Department record, 1 1 million charts, maps and 
photos, and documents from World War II and the Vietnam 
War. The building is scheduled for completion by fall 1993. 

The proximity of the campus to national research institutions 
such as the National Institutes of Health, the Smithsonian In- 
stitution, the USDA Beltsville National Agricultural Research 
Center and National Agricultural Library, and the Library of 
Congress ensures that prime research facilities are always avail- 
able to the university' 's faculty' and students. 

University of Maryland at College Park Alumni 

Created July 1, 1989, the University of Mar>'land at College 
Park Alumni Association is designed to strengthen ties be- 
tween the university and its graduates and to foster support for 
the University of Maryland at College Park. All graduating 
seniors and successful master's and Ph.D. candidates receive a 
I -year free membership in the association. 

The Graduates 

Students graduating today from the University of Maryland at 
College Park follow in the footsteps of many notable alumni 
who have distinguished themselves in such fields as science, 
entertainment, arts, journalism, business, law, medicine, and 

As a graduate student in mathematics at College Park, Her- 
bert A. Hauptman (Ph.D. '54) worked simultaneously at the 
Naval Research Laboratory to devise a method for mapping 
three-dimensional structures of molecules. Three decades later 
he and Jerome Karle, his long-time collaborator at NRL, won 
the 1985 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their pioneering re- 
search. Dr. Hauptman was awarded an honorary Doctor of 
Science degree by the university in 1985. 

This decorative, bull's eye window welcomes visitors to the Main Administration Building. 

CBS News' Connie Chung ('69) worked on the 
Diamondback, the university's student newspaper, and for 
WMUC, the campus radio station, during her student years. 
Another successful joumaUst who received his collegiate 
training at College Park is Pulitzer Prize-winning science 
writer Jon Franklin ('70). Franklin, who won two Pulitzer 
Prizes for his work as a Baltimore Evening Sun reporter, cur- 
rently heads the journalism program at Oregon State 

One of the university's most devoted sons is A. James Clark 
('50), president of the George Hyman Construction Co. and 
president and chairman of CEl Construction Inc., the 
umbrella organization for engineering and construction com- 
panies that include OMNI and Hyman. A former member of 
the University's Board of Regents, in 1983 Clark made a 
major contribution to the College of Engineering that led to 
the establishment of the A.J. Clark Chair in Construction 
Engineering and Management. 

Other notable alumni include Carmen Balthrop ('71) a 
former Metropolitan Opera star and currently assistant profes- 
sor of music at College Park; George V. McGowan ('51), 
president of Baltimore Gas and Electric; Karl W. Meyer 
('49), president of University of Wisconsin, Superior Cam- 
pus; Rep. Tom McMillen ('74), Maryland's Fourth District 
Congressman; Mary Stallings Coleman ('35), the first 
woman elected to the Supreme Court of Michigan; Fred O'- 
Green ('49), retired Curator of Textiles, Smithsonian Institu- 
tion; James R. Buckler ('70) current director of the 
Smithsonian's Office of Horticulture; Rep. Steny Hoyer 
('63), Maryland's Fifth District Congressman; Anne Truax 
Darlington, creator of "Wall Street Week" and current direc- 
tor of the International Production Group for the Maryland 
Center of Public Broadcasting; and Allen J. Krowe ('54), 
senior vice president and chief financial officer of Texaco. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn by the students and faculty in 
the academic procession have been the traditional costume of 
scholars since medieval times. They probably represent a kind 
of ecclesiastical dress, since many of the scholars of that period 
were members of monastic orders. 

Most colleges and universities in the United States have 
adopted the uniform code for costumes drafted by an intercol- 
legiate commission in 1983. Each of the three academic 
degrees — bachelor, master and doctor — has its own distinctive 
gown and hood. The bachelor's gown has a longer, more nar- 
row, closed sleeve extending below the knee; the arm fits 
through a slit at the elbow. The doctor's gown has a full, bell- 
shaped sleeve trimmed with three bars of velvet. The velvet 
trim on the gown can be black or a color indicating the 
wearer's general field of learning — for example, green for 
medicine or purple for law. A list of department colors follows. 

The most colorful and distinctive part of the academic cos- 
tume is the hood extending down the back. The doctor's is the 
largest of the hoods and the bachelor's is the smallest. The 
bachelor's hood is often omitted. 

Silk lining of various colors in the center of the hood indicates 
the college or university which conferred the degree. Consis- 
tent for all degrees is the cap, or mortar board, which has a tas- 


Arts, Letters, Humanities/ 

Business Administration, 

Commercial Science/ 


Dentistry /Llbc 
Education/Light Blue 
Fine Arts, Architecture/ 


Home Economics/ 



Library Science/Lemon 




Oratory, Speech/ 
Sliver Gray 


Philanthropy /Rose 

Philosophy/Dark Blue 
Public Administration, 

Foreign Service/ 

Peacock Blue 
Public Health/Salmon 
Physical Education/ 

Sage Green 
Science/Golden Yellow 
Social Work/Cilron 
Theology and 

Veterinary Sciences/Gray 

sel of black or another color indicating the field of learning. 

The tassel of the doctor's cap can be gold. 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the successful completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 1,600 different academic 
degrees currently conferred by colleges and universities 

The first known degree was a doctorate bestowed by the 
University of Bologna, Italy, in the mid-12th century. 
Originally, the doctor's and master's degrees were used inter- 
changeably, each indicating that the holder was qualified to 
instruct students. The bachelor's or baccalaureate, degree 
only indicated entrance into a course of study preparatory to 
the doctorate or mastership. Gradually, though, the 
bachelor's degree came to mean successful completion of one 
level of study in advance of the higher degrees. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The term "doctor," meaning teacher or instructor, originated 
with the ancient Romans for those who lectured publicly on 
philosophical topics. During the Middle Ages, it was used as 
a title of honor for men of great learning. It was first made an 
academic title at the University of Bologna, which was al- 
lowed by the emperor to appoint doctores legum (doctors of 
laws). The University of Paris followed suit in the year 1 145. 
Soon after, popes granted the universities the right to ap- 
point doctors canonum et decretalium (teachers of the 
canon law) and, when the study of civil law was combined 
with that of the canon law, the title was changed to doctor 
utriusque juris (teacher of both laws). The faculties of theol- 
ogy and medicine followed that of law in conferring this title. 

A doctorate is given beyond the baccalaureate degree and re- 
quires several years of advanced study, the successful comple- 
tion of a thesis or dissertation, and written and oral 
examinations. The doctor's degree represents the most ad- 
vanced earned degree conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the practitioner's degree and 
the research degree. The first type represents advanced train- 
ing for the practice of various professions, principally Doctor 
of Medicine, Juris Doctor and Doctor of Pharmacy. These 
degrees carry no implication of original research. The 
University of Maryland awarded the first two dental degrees 

in history on March 9, 1 84 1, and invented the name of the de- 
gree. Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.). 

The second type is a research doctorate representing 
prolonged periods of advanced study. A dissertation which 
usually accompanies the study is intended to contribute sub- 
stantially to existing knowledge on the subject. The most im- 
portant of these, the Doctor of Philosophy, no longer has an 
implication of philosophy for its holder, but represents ad- 
vanced research in any of the major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States in 1861 by Yale University. 
The University ot Maryland awarded a Ph.D. for the first time 
in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic honor bestowed upon stu- 
dents who have successfully completed work beyond the bac- 
calaureate. A thesis and an oral examination are usually 
required. The word magister was used by the Romans as a title 
of honor, but its present meaning can be traced to the estab- 
lishment of the oldest universities. Organized faculties as they 
now exist in universities were not known then; academic ac- 
tivity was limited to seven liberal arts. Those who were 
honored for their diligence and knowledge upon completion 
of their studies and who had already received the bachelor's de- 
gree were called magistri artium (master of the liberal arts). In 
1920, the University of Maryland awarded its first Master of 
Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and is the oldest academic degree 
used by American institutions of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1642 on the first nine graduates of 
Harvard College. Maryland Agriculture College, which later 
became the University of Maryland College Park, awarded its 
first Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) 
degrees in 1862. 


Board of Regents 


George V. McGowan 

Albert N. Whiting 

Ilona M. Hogan 
AssisMnt Secretary 

Constance M. Unseld 
Assistant Treasurer 

Roger Blunt 

Wayne A. Cawley, Jr. 
ex officio 

Margaret Alton 

Richard O. Bemdt 

Benjamin L. Brown 

Earle Palmer Brown 

Charles W. Cole, Jr. 

Frank A. Gunther, Jr. 

Ann Hull 

Henry R. Lord 

Rodney Lydell Tyson 

John W. T. Webb 

System Administration of the University 


James A. (Dolph) Norton 
Deputy Chancellcrr 

Jean E. Spencer 
Vice Chancellor for Agricultural Affairs 

Raymond J. Miller 
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 

David S. Sparks 
Vice C/iancellor for General Admmisrrarion 

Donald L. Myers 
Vice CharKcUor for Gwemmentol Relations 

Patricia S. Florestano 
Vice Chancellor for Policy and Planning 

Edgar B. Schick 
Vice Chancellor for (Jniversit^i Relations 

Robert G. Smith 

University of Maryland at College Park Administration 


William E. Kirwan 
Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

J. Robert Dortman 
Vice President far Administrative Affairs 

Charles F. Sturtz 
Vice President for Jnsritutional Advancement 

Kathryn Costello 
Vice President far Student Affairs 

William L. TTiomas, Jr. 


College of Agriculture 

Paul H. Mazzcx;chi 
College 0/ Arts and HuTTuinities 

Robert W. Griffith 
College of Behavioral and Sodd Sciences 

Murray E. Polakoff 
College of Business and Management 

Rudolph P. Lamone 
College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

John E. Osborne (Acting) 
College of Education 

Dale R Scannell 
College of Engineering 

George P. Dieter, Jr. 
College 0/ Human Ecology 

Laura S. Sims 
College of Health and Human Performance 

John J. Burt 
College 0/ Journalism 

Reese Cleghom 
College of Library and Information Services 

Claude E. Walston 
College of Life Sciences 

Paul H. Mazzocchi (Acting) 
School of Architecture 

John W Hill 
School of Public Affairs 

Michael Nacht 
Administrative Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 

Jacob K. Goldhaher (Acting) 
Administrative Dean far Summer Programs 

Melvin N. Ekmstein 
AdminisfratR'e Dean for Undergraduate Studies 

Kathryn J. Mohrman 

Officers of Commencement 


Charles J. Beatty 

Industrial, Technological and Occupational Education 
University Marshal 
Don C. Piper 

Government and Politics 

John E. Wakefield 
Director of Bands 

Commencement Committee 

Frances P. Cave 

Health Center 
Earle Connors 

Physical Plant 
Kathryn Costello 

Jnstituriorwl Advancement 
Lynn M. Danson 

University Book Center 
Richard W. Doran 

Police Department 
Carolyn A. Ent 

Jnstitwrional Adi'ancement 
Cornelia E Goodwin 

Diphma Office 
Leonard B. Jankowski 

Campus Parking 
Gothard A. Lane 

Intercoilegiate Athletics 
Simone Legacy 

Industrial, Technob^cal and Occupational Education 
Paul Maloni 

Unit'ersit)! Book Ce7iteT 
Linda Martin 

imtitutionaJ Advancement 
Elizabeth Pattison 

Records and Regisrratiom 
James N. Robinson 

Enwronmental Safety 
Matthew W. Sheriff 

Dinmg Services 
Barri Standish 

Commuter Affairs 
Robert T. Stumpff 

Physical Plant 
Janice E. Summons 

Campus Parking 
Paul A. Tessicini 
Police Department 

Kate F. Ufema 

Communication Arts arid Theatre 
Carole Wilde-Merman 

Disabled Student Services 

Urut Representatii^es 
Katherine Pedro Beardsley 

BelwMorai and Social Sciences 
Jean Diepenbrock 

Library and Information Services 
Donald Giffin 

Arts and Humanities 
Albert J. Klavon 

Life Sciences and Agriculture 
George F. Kramer 

Physical Education, Recreation and Health 
John C. Loss 

Joseph G. Mattingly 

Business and Marwgement 
James N. Newton 

Bonnie Oh 

Undergraduate Studies 
Jo Paoletti 

Human Ecology 
David J. Rhoads 

Greig Stewart 

Thelma M. Williams 

Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Elisse Wright 

Public Affairs 


J. Carter Brown has devoted more than two decades to the 
National Gallery of Art, travelling the world to bring to the 
United States the works of such masters as Rodin, Matisse, 
and Renoir, as well as such special exhibits as "TTie Treasures 
of Tutankhamen." In the process, he has enhanced the 
reputation of the National Gallery around the world and 
introduced millions of visitors to some of the world's most 
famous works of art. 

Bom in 1934 in Providence, Rhode Island, Brown is a direct 
descendant of the Browns who provided the land and 
resources for Brown University in the late 18th century. He 
graduated summa cum hxude from Harvard University in 1956 
and two years later, in an unusual move for a future curator 
of fine arts, earned an MBA from Harvard. 

For the next three years. Brown studied in the art capitals of 
Europe including in Florence, under Bernard Berenson, and 
later at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. In 1960, he returned to 
the United States and a year later earned a master's degree 
from the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. 

It was also in 1961 that he began his distinguished career at 
the National Gallery as assistant to its then director, John 
Walker. Brown was appointed director of the gallery in 1969 
after serving as its assistant and then deputy director. It was 
during his tenure as director that the gallery's new East 
Building, designed by I.M. Pei, opened. 

Brown has been honored by many nations, including France, 
Norway and Italy. He chairs the Washington, D.C. Com- 
mission of Fine Arts and is a trustee of the American 
Academy in Rome and the National Trust for Historic 

For his distinguished career and lasting contributions toward 
making the fine arts accessible and exciting for millions of 
people, J. Carter Brown today receives the honorary degree 
of Doctor of Letters 




of Letters 




Doctor of 


Roald Hoffmann is John A. Newman Professor of Physical 
Science at Cornell University. He is also the Hoffmann of 
the "Woodward-Hoffmann" rules, a set of rules governing the 
course of chemical reactions that every chemistry student 

This widely-used theory earned Hoffmann the 1981 Nobel 
Prize in chemistry, which he shared with Kenichi Fukui of 
Kyoto University in Japan. Last month, Hoffmann also 
received the Priestley Medal, the American Chemical 
Society's highest honor for "distinguished services to 

Bom in Zloczow, Poland, in 1937, Hoffmann escaped from a 
Nazi concentration camp with his mother and spent several 
years hiding in an attic until the end of World War II. Then, 
in 1949, they emigrated to the U.S. where he pursued his 

After earning a B.A. in chemistry from Columbia University 
in 1958, Hoffmann went to Harvard University where he 
completed a Ph.D. in chemical physics in 1962. During this 
time, he began his collaboration with the late Robert B. 
Woodward, which led to the "Woodward- Hoffmann rules." 
Hoffmann stayed at Harvard from 1962-65 and then joined 
the faculty at Cornell University where he has remained 

Hoffmann says that "theory should be as portable as 
possible," and has demonstrated this in his own career, 
working in such sub fields of chemistry as organic, inorganic, 
theoretical, synthetic, and solid state, a rare occurrence in 
these days of specialization. 

Recently, Hoffmann completed "The World of Chemistry," a 
television course in introductory chemistry funded by the 
Annenberg Foundation-Corporation for Public Broadcasting. 
He is the host and narrator for this series of 26 half-hour 
television programs developed at the University of Maryland 
and scheduled to be aired on PBS in 1990. 

Hoffmann is a member of the National Academy of Sciences 
and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and has 
been honored by many countries. 

Today, for his extraordinary contributions to the physical 
sciences, Roald Hoffmann receives the honorary degree of 
Doctor of Science. 


Samuel J. LeFrak is Chairman ot the LeFrak Organization, 
one of the largest private building firnis in the world. Known 
for its commitment to affordable housing, the firm's housing 
projects include New York's LeFrak City, Battery Park City, 
Gateway Plaza and the $10 billion Newport City Complex 
in New Jersey. 

After graduating with a B.S. degree from the University of 
Maryland in 1940, LeFrak pursued postgraduate studies at 
Columbia and Harvard Universities. His service on 
numerous boards of civic and public organizations, his tenure 
as visiting lecturer at universities such as Harvard, Yale, 
Princeton and Oxford, and his many honorary degrees and 
commendations attest to his ability, his deep concern for his 
fellow man, and his dedication to excellence. 

LeFrak has served five presidents, five governors and six New 
York City mayors, in various capacities. He was United 
States delegate to the International Conference on Housing 
and Urban Development in Geneva; special consultant tor 
the State Department; and a member of the United States 
National Energy Council. He served his state and city as 
Commissioner of the Saratoga Springs Commission; 
Landmarks Preservation Commissioner of New York; a 
member of the New York City Industrial Development 
Corporation; and the Executive Committee on the Citizens' 
Committee for New York City. 

LeFrak's most recent recognition as a builder and planner 
came recently when he addressed the United Nations on 
"Planning for Urbanization in the 21st Century." In addition, 
the People's Republic ot China has invited him to share his 
views on mass housing and modem construction technology 
with that nation's leaders to help solve the shelter crisis in 
the Peoples Republic of China. 

LeFrak has demonstrated his support of the University 
through the establishment of the Samuel J. LeFrak Endow- 
ment which includes the Wilson H. Elkins Chair and 
support for the Urban Studies Institute and LeFrak Lecture 

For his lifetime of public service and outstanding 
contributions to urban planning, LeFrak today receives the 
honorary degree of Doctor of Public Service. 

Doctor of 
Public Service 

3f ir iL- — iL 

3rT~^r— ir 




33 : Q f ■ PL. , j- 





■■■.■■::■■■■: yi-f'-^m}, 

This Corinthian style capital can be seen at the McKeldin library 
which was built in 1958 and named for then Governor Theodore 
R. McKeldin. 

Doctor of Philosophy 

Mahmoud Ali Abdelnabi Poultr>' Science 

Neurochemical and Hormonal Deteryninant of Sexual Differentiation 

Peter Rohan Joseph Abeyesundere Chemistry 

Coardinattun C/it;?Tiistr>' of Tns (Diphenylphoiphinoyl) Methanide and a 
Sulfur Analog 

Mohamed Hossam Aboul-Nasr Horticulture 

in Virro Studies of Storage Root Differentiation m Sweet Potato 
( Ipomoea Batatas L . ) 

Lawrence Paul Adamczyk History 
Italy at the Congress of Berlin 1 878 

Jeannette Diane Adams Physics 

Tune-Dependent Calculations in Quantum Hadrodynamics 

Marina A. Adler Sociology 

Gerukr. Income and Power in the Workplace 

Luiz Fernando Alves Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Sciences 
The Role of Penphyton on the Amajons Floodplain 

Jane Rahl Apson Human Development 

Biorhythmic Vananons m Blood Pressures: A Search far One 
Physiological Response to llie Stress of Cyclic Cntical Days 

Alem Asres Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
HistoPii of the Ethiopian Studerit Moi'emeni: Its Impact on Internal 
Social Change 1960-1974 

Gaber Saied Awad Government and Politics 

Corparatist Politics m Less Developed Societies: A Comparative Study 
of Brazil. Egypt. Peru, and Turkey 

Uma Suresh Babu Nutritional Sciences 

E^ect of Copper Deficiency on Specific and Non-Specific Immune 
System of the Rat 

Cindy Jean Bachurski Microbiology 

Dei'etipment of a Sib-Selecrion Tumorigenesis Assa> for Isolating 
Oncogenes: Sensirit'iry to Overexpressed Ncrrmal Ras Proteins 

Jacqueline A. Bahn Curriculum and Instruction 

Grodiwte Lei'el Sta/f Development Programs In Edi^carion 

The May 1990 class roster comprises degree candidates from 
the undergraduate and graduate programs at the University of 
Mar\ land at College Park. As final action cannot always be 
taken for candidates hy the time this program is printed, the 
list of candidates here is tentative only. The university 
reserves the right to withdraw or add names. Diplomas (for 
other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the Office of 
Records and Registrations. 


Richard Paul Barber, Jr. Physics 

The Onset of Conduction and Superconductivity in Thin Lead Fihns 

William Elliott Barton Human Development 

A Mcxkl /or Difjcrcnnanng Attnhuaaiml Motivations of College 

Mary Teresa Battenfeld American Studies 

Writing on a Battlefield: Women and Documentary Discourse m the 

Gabrielle Elias Bedewi College of Business and Management 
Multiattnhute Acceptance Sainplmg Plans and Their Properties 
"A La Classical" 

Mary Louise Bellamy Curriculum and Instruction 

The Pedago^cal Content Knowledge of High School Biology Teachers 
and Its Relaticniship with Student Understanding 

Thomas William Bennet Computer Science 
Using Control States for Parallelism Extraction 

Shirley K. Bennett Art History 

Art on Net/ieriandish Maps 1585-1685: Themes and Sources 

Robert William Bennington Electrical Engineering 
Multiprocessor Rea/ij:ation of Neural Networks 

Mary K. Bentley Health Education 

Sel/'Amareness as Related to Drinkers Ability to Accurately Predict 
Blood Alcohol Level in a Barroom 

John Roland Berger Mechanical Engmeering 

Study oj Static and Dynamic Fracture Using Strain Measurements 

Irene Cheryl Berman-Levine Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
Food-Purchasing Patterns of Food Stamp Participants in Dauphin 
County, PA 

Leanne Marie Beming Animal Sciences 

Studies on the Presence of Immunoglobulin Recognition Sites on 
Bofine Polymorphonuclear Neutrophils and Their Relationship to 
Phagocytic Function 

Phyllis Marie Betz English Language and Literatute 

Balancing the Centuries; Tlie Literary Career of Margaret Deland 

Walton Burrell Bishop Public Communication 

Cognitive C;ybemencs and Human Communications: The Regulatory 
Effects of Prior Knowledge 

Martin T. Black Astronomy 

Analysis of Gravity and Topography on Earth and Venus; 
Comparisons of Uthosphenc and Sublithosphenc Processes 

Hans Peter Bluem Electrical Engineering 
Harmonic Interactions in a Free Electron Laser 

Monique A. M. Boers-Van Oosterum Curriculum and Instruction 
Understanding of Variables arid Their Uses Acquired Iry Students in 
Traditional and Computer-lniensii'e Algebra 

Shanthy Agnes Bowman Food Science 

The Effect of Hoiising on the Functional Qualities of Eggs of Single 
Comb White Leglioms 

Susan Pometantz Boyer Counseling and Personnel Services 
Therapists' Affective Reactions to and Clinical Practices Regarding 
Termination as a Function of Therapist Loss, History, Personal Therapy 
Experience, and Client Sensitivity to Termination 

April Ann Brayfield Sociology 

Gender. Wage-Labcrr Characteristics , and the Allocation of Household 

Rosalind Ann Breslow Human Nutrition and Food Systems 
The Efject of Calories and Protein on Healing of Pressure Sores in 
Nursing Home Patients 

Marilyn Kersting Brown Education Policy, Planning, and 

An Analysis oj the Academic -Support Unit-Revieui Process in 

Operation at the University of Maryland 

Raymond Wayne Bryant Special Education 

Parental Preferences in Injcrrmation Dissemination Infirrming Parents of 
Disabled About Transition from School to Work 

Mark Maxwell Bundy Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science 
An Economic Assessment of Imported Oysters on Maryland's 
Chesapeake Bay Oyster Industry 

Digendra Navin Butala Chemical and Nuclear Engineering 
Optimal Control of Polymerization Reactors 

James Michael Butler Electrical Engineering 

Intelligent Task Mapping in Loosely Coupled Heterogeneous 

Christopher Suzanne Binion Button Special Education 

State-level Influences on the Educational Integration of Disabled Students 

Carmen Elizabeth Bynoe-Bovell Special Education 

Cultural Patterns of Child Rearing Relationship to Preschool Childrens 

Susan Doherty Calkins Psychology 

Conceptions of Mind and Brain A Developmental Study ofKnc/wledge 
of the Mental World 

Myma Clemenson Carpenter Human Development 

The Relationship of Differentiation oj Self and Chronic Anxiety from a 
Familys Systems Theory Perspective 

David Edward Carr Zoology 

Tlie Reproductii'e Ecology ofaDioeceous Understcrry Tree, Ilex opaca 
(American Holly) 

Jennie Clare Carroll Casey Public Communication 
Claudia Cassidy's Critical 

Sandra Lee Chadwick Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Economic Analysis of U .S. Apparel Imports 


* Graduated December 1989 

Chu Rui Chang Electrical Engineering 

Desigii Studies of an Electrostatic Quadrupole Channel for Transport 
of High-Brightness H-Beams 

Chun-Shyong Chang College of Business and Management 

The information Content of Taiwanese Financial Statements The 
Case of Loan Default 

Jing-Chyi Chang Chemistry' 

Measurement of Absorption Line Widths by Transmission Profile 
Modeling and Pressure Effect m Sensiaiity far Continuum Atomic 
Absorption Spectrometry 

Kuo-Ching Chang Chemical Engineering 

Analysis of Transient Drop Si;e Distribution in Dilute Agiwied 
Uqiud'Liqwd Systems 

Shyue Koong Chang Civil Engineering 

Optimization of Bus Systems mt/i Time Dependent Demand 

Yawgeng A. Chau Electrical Engineering 

Distnbuted Deiectian, Data Fusion and Quanniaticm far 
Muhi'Sensor Networks with Correlated Data 

Anju Grover Chaudhary Public Communication 

Western and Tliird Xi'orld Newspaper Content and Reader Interest: 
Comparative Theory and Practice 

Kang Chen Applied Mathemetics 
An Economic Model oj China 

Ruey-Shan Chen Entomology 

Characterisation of a Granulosis Virus of Heliothis armigera (Huimer) 
From Several Lepidopteran Hosts 

Pau'Chen Cheng Electrical Engineering 

Verifying the Multi-level Security Properities of Midti-party Session 

Tianshea Cheng Electrical Engineering 

Reali;:at!on of Transmission Lattice Filter 

Jeffery Y. Chi College of Business and Management 
The Design of Partitioned Distributed Database Directories 

Sosten Staphiel Chiotha Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science 
Biological Control oj Human Schistosomiasis L'smg Snail Earing Fish 

Hsien-Ming Chiu Ci\ il Engineering 

A Methodology for the Delivery Operations Plan 

Chang Sup Choi Aerospace Engineering 

A Three Dimensional .Assumed Stress Hybrid Element Formulation 
for Finite Strain Viscoplastic Deformatiun with Heat Generation 

Hyung-Min Choi Textiles and Consumet Economics 

A Stud^ of In-situ Copol;ynierisarion and Crossiinking in Cotton Fiber 

Tsai-Chia Chou Computer Science 

Correspondenceless Techniques for Computer Vision 

Rosemarie Ciccarello Psychology 
The Role of Intimacy in Marriage 

Maura E. Clancey Public Communication 

The Effects of Televised Sessions of Congress on the C-Span AiidierKe 

Kathryn Ann Clark Counseling and Personnel Services 

Characteristics of Victims and Offenders of Sexual Aggression and 
Acquaintance Rape 

Curtis Brian Clemens Mathematics 

L'niqueness Results m Semilinear EUiptical Equations 

James R. Coates, Jr. Kinesiology 

Sport in the A/ro- American Community of Baltimore, 1890-1920 

David Loberg Code Music 

Narrarite Strategies in Tonal Composirions 

Jodine Marie Cognato Health Education 

The Effect of Contextual Variables on Blood Pressure Measurement in 
Inner-city Blacks 

Robert Joseph Confessore Kinesiology 

Quanti/icatioji Factors Describing Physical Activity' Jnt'olvement an^i 
Their Relationship to Current Criterion Reference Standards For 
Aerobic Capacity in Children and Youth 

Mary Ann Camardella Corley Agriculture and Extension Education 

The Relationship of Field Dependent! Field Independent Cognirive Styles 
to Dropout m GED Instrucrional Programs 

William Jerome Coyle Economics 

The Fonnarion o/Dismburional Coaiirions and Finn Pro/itabilir\ 

Stuart David Crandell Psychology- 

Relarional Styles of Male and Female Dominated Social Systems; Is 
There a Difference 

Yasmin Sara Cypel Human Nutrition and Food Systems 

Food Classi/icarion B>' University Students 

David M. Dancer Mechanical Engineering 

Thermal-Hydraulics of Pressure Vessels Containing Liquefied Gases: 
One- and Two-Phase Transient Transfer Processes 

Steven W. Daniels Physics 

Rapid Ionization in Argon Plasmas 

James Joel Davis Curriculum and Instruction 

A Study of Student Attitudes Touard Foreign Language Programs and 
Study at Historically and Predominantly Black Colleges and Universities 

Didier Andre Depireux Physics 

On the Theory of Chiral Bosons 

James William Derleth Government and Politics 

The PoUtics of Succession 

Ama Sue Desser Economics 

Real National Price Lei'els; An Empirical Reassessment 

Katharine Murphy Dickson American Studies 
Women Librarians Re-Entering the Work Force 


Dimitrios Alexandres Dimitroyannis Physics 

Measurement of the Proton- Antiproton Total Cross Section at the 
Tevatrori ColUder 

Timothy Eugene Dimmick Electrical Engineering 

Semicoruluctiyr Laser Array Pumped Neodymium Glass Modehcked 
Oscillatiyr atiii Regenerative Amplifier 

Mingzhou Ding Physics 

Strange Sets in Quasiperiodically Forced Systems and in Chaotic 

Thomas F. Donahue Public Communication 

The Genesis of Lighting Symbol for the Medici Fesn'i'ol of 1589 

Frieda Sue Dowden Sociology 

An American Dikmma Revisited: Racial Attitudes of Young Adults 

Todd A. Drumm Mathematics 

Fundamental Polyhedra For Margulis Space-Times 

Bryan Eugene Dutton Botany 

A Monograp/iic Study of the Genus Anemone L. (Ranuriculaceae) 
Section Sylvia Gaudin 

Roger Diack Eastman Computer Science 

Using Disparity Functionals for Stereo Correspondence and 

John J. Echeverry Psychology 

Taking tlie H/V Test: Behavioral Consequences , Pattenis of Distress, 
and Perceptions oj Social Suppcrrt 

Colleen Mary Farmer Kinesiology 

Effects of Strength Training on Lipoprotein Lipid Profiles and Post 
Heparin Lipase Actii'ity m Males at Risk for Coronary Artery Disease 

Richard Ernest Faulkenberry Mathematics 

On Some Interpolation Problems of Rational Matrix- Vaiued Functions 

Tamara Felden Gemianic Language and Literature 

Reiseliteruiur Von V'onnar^lennnen: Zur Literarisc/ten Reprasentation 
Der Geschlechterrollener-Fahrung 

Lorenzo Finesso Electrical Engineering 

Order Estimation for Functions Markov Cliaim 

Diane Louise Finley Human Development 

A Comparative Analysis of Problem Solving Skills Using Mothers and 
Women with No Children 

Alexander S. Flecker Zoology 

Fish Predation and the Structure of Insect Assemblages in Neutropical 
Streams: A Comparison of Direct And lirdirect Effects 

Fekadu Ayeleche Folle Agronomy 

Effects of Tillage on Organic arid Inorganic Phosphorus Forms and 
Sorpiicm in Soili in Maryland and Southern Africa 

Kikuo Fujimura Computer Science 
Dynamic Motion Planning 

Steven Dean Furbush Economics 

The Effect of Portfolio Trading and Block Trading on Stock Market 

Gregory John Gadbois Physics 
Bose Gas Boltzrnann Equations 

Patrick R. Gartin Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology 
A Reanalysis and Critical Evaluation of the Minneapolis Domestic 
Violence Experiment 

Thomas Gregory Gates Aerospace Engineering 

A Numerical Jniiestigation of 2D aiid 3D Normal Sonic Injection into a 
Square Duct 

Yohanan Giat Kinesiology 

Prediction of Synergism and Antagonism in Hunum L'pper Exrremiry-A 
Dymanic Oprimijation Approach 

Martha Blechar Gibbons Human Development 

PredicUTTs of Mothers' Versus Fathers' Concerns Expressed in 
Prei'entii'e Child Health Visits: Physician Charteristics , Parental 
Perceived Competence and ParenioJ Ini'oliiement in Childrearing 

Mark Edward Giuliano Computer Science 
Control and Execution of Parallel Logic Programs 

Stanley Isaac Godlovitch Philosophy 

Philosophical Problen\s of Musical Perfonnance 

Mohamed Nasr Gomaa Marine-Estaurine-Environmental Science 
Toxins and Toxicity of Aphanizomenon Flos- Aquae 

Diana Faye Gordon Computer Science 

Active Bias Ad/ustrrwnt For Supervised Concept Learning 

Patrice L. Gordon Economics 

An Examination of Wasteful Communng Using a Discrete Residential 
Location Choice Model 

Gerard Francis Graminski Chemistry 

Mechamstic Studies 0/ Glutathione S-Transferase 

Rachel Ann Grant Curriculum and instruction 
The Effects of Headings on Text Processing Behaviors 

David Fred Graper Horticulture 

Supplemental Irradience Effects on Petunia Development and 
Carbohydrate Partitioning 

Emily Alice Greene Physics 

The Flow Corifiguration of Protons and Alpha Particles in the Earths 
Subsolar Magnetosheath 

Gurpreet Singh Grevval Chemical and Nuclear Engineering 
Fwidantental Studies on Microsfnictural Ei'olution 0/ Two Phase 
Titanium Alloys 

Annie Burr Griffin Curriculum and Instruction 

Beyond Matermil Employment: Correlates of Employment Related Role 
Prefences of Mothers with Infants 


*Gradiuited December 1989 

Richard Bond Groskin Institute of Criminal Justice and 


Factors Affecting the Use of Research in Policy arui Management 
Decisions in Three Maryland Criminal Justice Agencies 

Carla Ann Hass Zoology 

Evolution and Biogeography of West Indian Sphaerodactylus (Sauria 
Geldionidae) : A Molecular Approach 

Francine Dove Hawkins Hearing and Speech Sciences 
Speaker Race Jdenttficatton Searching for Vocai Cues 

Jingsha He Electrical Engineering 

An Automated System For Covert Channel Analysis In Multilevel 
Secure Operating Systems 

Alan Wayne Heaton Psychology 

Private and Public Self-Consciousness and Task Performance 

Liane Llane Heggy Sociology 

The Development of Dependency in Costa Rica and the Soviet Role in 
Central America 

Christopher Edward Heil Mathematics 

Wiener Airudgam Spaces in Generalized Harmonic Analysis ar\d 
Wavelet Theory 

Melissa Marjory Henderson Human Development 

A Comparative Study of Peers' Attitudes Toward the Social 
Desirability of Children from Divorced and Intact Families 

Pamela Marianne Henson History 

Evolution and Taxonomy The Research School in Evolutionary 
Entomology at Comei! University, 1874-1930 

Hamdiye Handan Heper Nuclear Engineering 

An Expenrr]ental Study on Auxiliary Feed Water Distribution 

Leonard Arthur Hickman Counseling and Personnel Services 
Assessment and Identification of Alcohol Problems at Intake 

Craig Hiemstra Economics 

Applications to Macroecorwmics , Finance, and Forecasting of New 
Measure and Statistica/ Tests Based on Nonlinear Dynamical Systems 

Dabney Melissa Hilbish American Studies 

Relax, It's Only a Moi'ie: Representations 0/ War in the Vietnam 
Combat Film 

Sharon Ann Hill Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

A Phenomenobgical Stud;y of the Transfer of Training Experienced by 
Wcrrd Processing Students in a Computer Literacy Class 

Don Carroll Hindman Education Policy, Planning and 


An Anahsis of LeadershipfManagerid Behaviors of High School 
Department Chairs 

Koren Alayne Holland Chemistry 

Mec/iamstic Studies on ESCHERICHIA COLl Pyruvate 
Formate -Lyase: The Key Enzyme in Anaerobic Glucose Metabolism 

Yu-Tai Hou Meteorology 

Cioud'Rodiation-Djinamics Interaction 

Barbara Corbett Howard Industrial, Technological, Occupational 


An Analysis of Performance vs. Cognitive Learning Styles, Locus of 
Control and Gender Among Students in Postsecorulary Introduction to 
Microcomputer Instruction 

Pattie Coleman Howard Human Development 

Adolescent Pregnancy: Health, Educational, and Economic Factors 

Shie-rei Huang Computer Science 

High Performance Heuristic Search Algcrrithms 

Yuangeng Huang Computer Science 
Scheduling Problem Soiling 

Djuhertati Imam-Muhni American Studies 

Beneficent Gambling In American Culture: An Ethnographic Study of 
Bingo and Poker Players 

LeeAnn Marie lovanni Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Age, Cohort, and Period Differences in the Effect of Social Control, 
Social Learning, and Strain Variables on Self-Reported Delinquency 

Eric Martin Jackson, Astronomy and Physics 

MicTou'ai'e Absorption in Spin Glasses and YBaCuO Compounds 

Kevin Thomas Jackson Philosophy 

Interpreting Human Rights Law A Test Case for Law-As-Integrity 

Sybille Anna Jagusch College of Library and Information Services 
First Among Equals; CarolirK M. Heuins and Anne C. Moore. 
Foundations of Library Wcrrk with Children 

George Roger Jarjoura Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology 
School Status, Employmerit Status, and Criminal Actit'ity in a 
Lxrge-Scale National Probability Sample 

Andrew M. Jennings Kinesiology 

The Effect of Perception of Performance Outcomes on Mood Following 

Garry E. Jennings Government and Politics 

The Localist Diffusionist Model in Judicial Decision Molcing; How 
Lower Court Judges Formulate National Policy in Equal Protection 

Kyungsook Jeon Textiles and Consumer Economics 
P/iotodegrodation of Cellulose 

Aimee S. A. Johnson Mathematics 

Measures on the Circle Invariant Under Multiplication By A 
Nonlacunary Subsemigroup of In 

Elizabeth Ourania Johnson Zoology 

Biobe/uii'ioTal Consequences of Psychogenic Stress in the Common 
Marmoset (Coilitlinx- jacclius jacchus) 

Glen Henry Johnson Government and Politics 
Limited Nuclear Options 


Judith Ann Johnson Microbiology 

Leucine Biosynthesis in Vibrio parahaemolyticus 

Bok G. Joo Computer Science 

Adaptation and Integration of Program Components 

Wem-Shiamg Jou Chemical Engineering 

Influence of Molding Conditions LIpon the Morphology and Properties 
of Semicrystalline Thermoplastics 

Grace Ellen Kaiser Agricultural Engineering 

An Automated Water Quality Analysis And Control System For 
Biological Filter Research 

Jonathan Jay Kandell Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Effects of Group Homogeneity-Heterogeneity Based on 
Personality Type on the Quality of Decision-Making 

John Dandridge Henley Kane III Agricultural and Extension 


The Sensitivity of Primary Care P/i>.siciiins to Social, Demographic, 
arid Economic Conditions in Establishing Practices in Rural Areas 

Minas A. Karatzoglu Electrical Engineering 

Study of Collision Channels With Finite Propagation Delay 

Carol Ann Keams Zoology 

The Roll oj Fly Pollination in Montane Communities 

Rodney Beaufils Kerby Mathem, atics 

The Correlation Function and the Wiener-Wintner Theorem in Higher 

Mushtaq Ahmad Khan Agronomy 

Interac tii'e Effects of Soils , PH , Molybdenum , and Boron cm the 
Growth and Quality of Maryland Tobacco 

Pamela Jean Kidder Psychology 

The Effects of Participative Leadership on the Core Dimensions of 

Charlotte Ann Kilcher Curriculum and Instruction 
Learning to be a Change Facilitator: A Multi-case Study 

Hye Kyung Kim Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Indian Influence on American Costume betu'een 1960 and 1975 

Jong Kee Kim Horticulture 

Cell Wall Carbohydrate Metabolism During the Ripening of Tomato 
Fruit (Lycoperisicon esculentum Mill) 

Ki-Chung Kim Mechanical Engineering 

Aeroelasnc Analysis of Rotor Blade with Advanced Tip Shapes 

Judith J. Kirchhoff Government and Politics 

Imprm'ing Political and Public Management Decisions Through 
Consumer-Centered Measurement 0/ Human Service Systems 
Performance: An Approach and Applicarion 

Nalin M. Kishor Economics 

The Estimation of Consumer Preferences for Attributes in Discrete 
Choice Models: A Simulation Approach 

Joan Klemballa Human Development 

Types of /n/ormation Students use in Making Nursing Diagnoses 

Randall Edward Knack Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Errcrr Estimation Methods far Latent Class Models 

Nancy Norgaard Knickerbocker Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Airport Noise and Property Values 

Tai-Haur Kuo Electrical Engineering 

Analog-to-Digital Converter Using Resonant Tunneling Diodes 

Patricia Nadolny Kusik Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Vocabuladder, A Wcrrd Strategies Game , on the 
Retention of Meaning VcKohulary 

Cecile Ellen IHeurette La Grenade Food Science 

Studies on Fusarium Moniliforme: Causal Agent of Equine 

Byron James Lambert Chemical Engineering 

The Effect of Morphology and End Groups on the Radiation Chemistry 
of Chain-Folded Polymers 

Laura Therese Lapat-Polasko Microbiology 

Effects of Various Ammo Acid Substitution on the Structure and 
Function o/T4 Phage Thymidylate Synthase 

Jane Fiori Lawrence Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Gubuniatorial Commissions and Maryland Higher Education, 

Karen Joseph Lechter Psychology 

Decision Making L'nder the Influence of Bias 

Richard Wendel Leeman Public Communication 

The Rhetoric of Counter-Terrorism: A Strategy of Response 

Wei-Chu Li Mechanical Engineering 

Monotonicity and Sensitii'ity Analysis in Multi-Level 
Decomposition-Based Design Optimization 

Der-Chemg Liaw Electrical Engineering 

Asymptotic and Geometric Methods for Stabilization with Application to 
Tethered Satellites 

Patricia McCormick Lindley Chemistry 

Synthesis and Polymeriiation of Cyclic and Acyclic Ketene Acetals and 
Alpha-Alkoxy Acrylates 

Carol Clagett Livingston Curriculum and Instruction 

Studeiit Teacher Thinking and the Student Teaching Curriculum 

Laraine Virginia Lomax Economics 

An Airolysis of the Divergence between Social and Private Costs of 
Wheat Production in the United States 

Laura Jo Loyd Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
The Welsh-Frazier Bill and the Nye-Kvale Bill Federal Legislation 
Attempts to End the Policy of Compulsory ROTC Between World 
Wars I and U 


*GTadua(ed December J 989 

Liang Lu Physics 

The Effective Hamikanian Approach to the Effect of Fluctuations on 
Probagation and Interactions of Wares m Plasrrui 

Shyh-Wei Luan Electrical Engineering 

Reliable End-to-End Communication in Diitributed Systems 

Winston Thomas Luke Chemistry 

Reactive Nitrogen Compounds in the Troposphere: Observations, 
Transport, and Photochemistry 

Robert Joseph Lutz Geography 

Winter Interactions Betueen Climatic Centers of Action in the 
Northern Hemisphere An Aruilysis from Satellite Observed Outgoing 
Longwave Radiation 

David Charles MacEnany Electrical Engineering 

Optima/ Stopping Problems Based on Partial Observations of a 
Markov jump Process 

Ingham Arthur Gerald Mack Electrical Engineering 

C/iaracten;alJon 0/ Short Channel Mosfet's m Subthreshold 

Wayne Archibald Mackay Horticulture 

In Vitro and In Vivo Selection far Myrothecium Resistaru:e in 
Muskmelon Using the Mycotoxin Rondin E 

Anthony Drexel Mahon Kinesiology 

The Effect of Endurance Training on Cardiac Output, Blood Lactate 
and VOImax in Mak Children 

Colleen Anna Mahoney Health Education 

Learned Resourcefulness, Self -Motivation, and Commitment as 
Predictors 0/ Aerobic Exercise Adherence in CoUege Students 

Theresa V. Majewski Human Development 

A Stud;y 0/ Re/ations/iips Between Personal Characteristics, 
Generalized Assertive Behavior and Perceived Competence on 
Assertive Responses in a Nursing Context 

Yolanda Elizabeth Mancilla Psychology 

Socio] Networks and Social Support in Transcu/tural Transitions: The 
Case of Latin American Immigrant Adolescents in U.S. High Schools 

Paul Francis Mantica, Jr. Chemistry 

Shape Coexistance in Xenon and Tellurium Nuclear Structure Studies 
on Levels in 1/9, 121 Te and 120, 126, 127, /36Xe 

Ann Marie Martino Government and Politics 

The Deregulation of the OSHA-State Programs: The Role of 
Adminisrrarii'e Si^Kultures m the /mp/ementarion Process 

Christine Marie Masterson Chemistry 

Quantitative Physical and Spectroscopic Properties of Possible 
Condensed Nitriles m Titans Atmosphere 

Mark Daniel Matlin Physics 

On S(jme Features of the Five-Dimensiono/ 'W7itten Bubble' Spacetime 

Christine Morris Matthews Human Development 

An Exploratory Factor Analysis of the Collins Locus of Control Scale in 
Black and White Graduate and Undergraduate Students in a 
Predominantly White Land-Grant /nstitution 

Suzin Elaine Mayerson Psychology 

Social Creativity Strategies in the Minima/ Groi4p 

Carol Ann McAndrew-Miller* Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship of Temperament to Attachment in Adulthood and Its 
Influence on Adjustment in College 

Dennis F. McCahill Civil Engineering 

Integration 0/ Process Simulation and Scheduling far Repetitive 
Sequential Construction 

Kathleen Griffin McGuinness Education Policy, Planning and 


Factors That Influence Persistance of Students Enrolled in 
Undergraduate Degree Programs Specifically for Adults 

Cynthia Eileen McKinney* Zoology 

An Alternate Pathway to Heme Biosynthesis Localization and 
Characterization ofL-Alanine: 4,5-Dioxcwalenc Transaminase Mice 

Elaine Marie McLaughlin Curriculum and Instruction 
Effects of Graphic Organizers and Levels of Text Difficulty on 
Less-Proficient Fifth-Grade Readers' Comprehension of Expository Text 

Leonard Allen McMuUen Chemistry 

The Metathesis and Reducrion Reactions 0/ Meta/'Car/xnes and 
Metal-Carhonyls with Nitroso Compounds and The Pericyclic Reactions 
of Cyclopropylcarbene Chromium Complexes 

Philip Gregory McQueen* Physics 

Stixhastic Evaluations of Correlation Functions of the Anderson Model 

The is one representation of the 

Maryland mascot, the diamondback 

terrapin, once a plentiful creating in 

the state's esttiaries. 


Douglas Shannon Meade Economics 

Irwesrmem in a Macrocconometric Interindustry Model 

Deborah Ruth Medoff* Psychology 

The Effects of Misspecification on Model Modification in LISREL 

Andrew Frederick Mehl Bio Chemistry 

/m'estigarion mto the Mechanism of the Bacteroides symbiosus 
Pyruvate Phosphate Dikinase Enzyme 

Wenhao Meng Mechanical Engineering 

An Experimental and Theoretical Study of Droplet Flames in 
Simulated CorrJ^ustor Environments 

Aleksandar Radomir Mikovic Physics 

Covariant FimnuLitum of Superstring Theories 

James Anthony Miller Physics 

Ion and Relativistic -Electron Acceleration and Traiispcrrt in Solar Flares 

Bette Douglas Mills Psychology 

Racism as a Psychosocial Stimulus and its Effects on A/ro-ATnericans 

Pamela Mills-Forman Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Process of Practicum Supen^ision 

Elizabeth Jeanne Mitcham Horticulture 

Evidence for Cell Wall Synthesis During Tomato (Lycopersicon 
esculentwn Mill) Fruit Softening 

Elizabeth Allen Mitchell Computer Science 

Representing S^yml^olic R'nou'ledge in a Connectionist Network 

Helen Buss Mitchell History 

"The North arul South Here Meet...": Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps 
and The Pauipsco Female Institute, 1841-1856 

Mohamad Sayed Mobarak Poultry Science 

Effect of Dietary-Endixrine Interaction on Reprodi^rtion in Male 
]apanese Quail 

Achmad Tutjik Moechid* Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

The Status of Jruiustrial Arts Education in the Junior arid Senior High 

SchcKtls of America 

Abdelfatah Mahmoud Mohamed Electrical Engineermg 
Optima/ Control Design and Nonlir\ear Dynamics of Magnetic 
Bearing S;vsiem.s 

Laila H. Mohamed-Ali* Food Science 

E^ect of Saline Solutions on Muscle Fiber Characteristics 

Amelia Mondragon* Spanish Language and Literature 
Funci on y desarrollo de lanovelaen Nicaragua: 1893- 1 977 

Benedicte M. C. Monicat French Language and Literature 
Les Recits De Voyage Au Feminin 

Paula Kay Montgomery* Curriculum and Instruction 

Relationships Beiu'een Field /ndependence and Field Dependence of 
School Library Media Specialists and Classroom Teachers and Their 
Perceptiori of the Level of Cooperatioii When Integrating Library 
Media Skills into the Curriculum 

William Bernard Moore* Civil Engineering 

The Gnmith Impact of Large Colnstructian Projects on Adjacent and 
Nearby Commuiu'ties 

Jacobo O. Morales Kinesiology 

Knee Joint Moi'emeni Amplitude and Pre-sfretc/i Load Associated with 
Motor Llnit Activation, Muscle ElasticlContractile Properties arid 
Vertical ]ump Height 

Ignacio Lamarque Moreno Art History 

Music and its Symi^olism in Dutch Genre Painting of the Seventeenth 
Century; An /conographic Study 

Alice Denise Morgan-Brown Curriculum and Instruction 
The Effects ofCogiiitive Modeling on Childrens Problem Solving 

Mohamed A. Morsy Agriculture and Extension Education 

Political Processes and Fiscal Conditions in Maryland State Counties 

Lhadj Moumena Civil Engineering 

Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Soil-Structure Interaction in 
Approaches to Bridges 

Debasish Mukherjee Nuclear Engineering 

Boron Concentration in Reactor Coolants Iry Gamma Emission 
Follouiing Neutrori Capture 

Sandra Lynn Murphy Computer Science 

Service Specification and Protocol Construction for a Layered 

Barbara Wesp Murry* Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship of Maladaptivellnatianal Beliefs to Subtypes of Career 

Julia Rowland Myers* Art History 

The American Expatriate Painters of the French Peasantry, 1863-1893 

Ellen M. Nedde* Economics 

Dynamic Gains to Strategic Policy-making and Intematiorud Economic 
Policy Coordination 

Luz Myrian Neira Nutritional Science 

Guinea-pig Butyrophilin: A Milk GI}icoprotein Expecifically Expressed 
in Lactating Mammary Tissue 

Robert Arnold Nelson Physics 

Experimental Comparison Belu'een Two Methods for S>nchToni<:ation of 
Remote Clocks on the Rotating Earth: The Propagation of an 
Electromagrietic Signal Using Laser Light Pulses and the Transport of a 
Hydrogen Maser Atomic Clock 

Thomas Anton Nerad Zoology 

The Life History and Taxorioniy of Jsonertia And Isonema -Uke 

Jean-Bernard Nestor* Mathematics 

Linear Divisibility Recurrence Sequences and Primality Testing 

Lisa Ann Neuhold Zoology 

Regulation of Mouse CYPlAl Gene Expression by Dioxin Requirement 
of Two cis Acting Elements arul their DNA Protein Interactions 


*Gradmted December 1989 

Gam D. Nguyen Electrical Engineering 

Mmimax Sequential Detection fcrr Discrete-Time Signals 

Khanh Quoc Nguyen* Aerospace Engineering 

Application o/ Higher Harmonic Control (HHC) to Rotor Systems 

Mario Enrique Niklitschek Huaquin Agricultural and Resource 

Economic Growth and Price Policies in Sub-Saharon Africa: The 

Implications of the Eniironmental Degradation 

Linda Jean Nunnermacker Chemistry 

Calibration and Detection of Trace Reactive Nitrogen Compourvls in 
the Atmosphere 

Stanley Anthony Ostazeski Marine-Estuarine-Environmental 

TrarKport of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons m the Aqiaa Aquifer 

of Maryland, U.S.A. 

James Randall Ott Zoology 

An Expenmental Analysis of Body Size Selection in Acanthosce/i<ies 
AiboscuteUntus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae) 

Stephen Otabil* Comparative Literature 

Ordering of the Symbolic: Towards a Semeiotics of Modernization in 
Contemporary African Culture 

Neil Andrew Ottenstein Physics 

Re/atii'istic arid Off-Shell Effects in Proton Elastic Scattering by Nuclei 

Beth Elise Owens-Waltermire Chemistry' 

Ini'cstigatibns of the Srntcture and Reactivity of Inorganic and 
Organometallic MoKfidenum (III) Complexes 

Leslie Marie Palmer Microbiology 

Molecular Genetic Ana!)isis of Bioluminescence in Vibrio cholerae 

Rajan K. Panandiker Textiles and Consumer Economics 

Adsorption of Long Chain Cadonic Surfactants on Polypeptide Fibers 

Pankaja Panda* Nutritional Science 

E^ect of Dietary Copper Intake in Humans on Indices of Copper 
Status and Other Metabolites FoUou'ing an Oral Dose of Various 

Yi Pang Physics 

Design and Test of a Wide Bandwidth Gravitational Wave Detector 

Joel W. Parke Physics 

Null Test of the Gravitational Inverse Square Law and the 
Development of a Superconducting Six- Axis Accelerometer 

Paul Erik Parker* Government and Politics 

The Insurance Shortage of 1 985-86: A Study in Legislative Capacity 

Linda Marie Paul Philosophy 
Moral Reasons and Responsibility 

Katharine Ann Pawelko Recreation 

Defiriing the Nature of Visitors and Their Recreational Experiences on 
the Delaware River: A Naturalistic Inquiry 

Rodger Allen Payne* Goxemment and Politics 

Communicarion Srraieg\ arui 'Strategic' Weapons: Case Studies of 
ABM Decisions 

Feng Peng Electrical Engineering 

Investigation of Far-Infrared Radiation from an InSh Thin Film Device 

Guido Agustin Pereira* Zoology 

Cladisrics, Taxonomy, Biogeography and the Evolutioruxry History of the 
PoLieinominae (Crustacea: Decepoda) 

Robert Pemick Sociology 

Organisational Culture: Work Beliefs arul Reactions to Planned Change 

Emanuel Frank Petricoin III Microbiology' 

Genenc Charactenzanon of Lipooligosaccharide Biosynthesis in Neisseria 

Anne Radford Phillips American Studies 

Fann VCbmen: Continuities and Changes in the Lives of Women in 
Stokes County, North Carolina 

Mark Bryan Phillips Mathematics 

Dinchlet Polyhedra in Complex Hyperbolic Space 

Wolfgang A. Pieken* Chemistry 

Enzyme Mechiinisms of Haloaromatic Acid Degradation 

Martin Thomas Pietrucha Civil Engineering 
Methodolog;y For Testing of Static Traffic Signs 

Mark Gregory Pleszkoch Computer Science 
Machine Leanxing with Queries and Oracles 

David Joseph Pocalyilo Chemistry and Bio Chemistry 

Mechanistic and Structural Aspects of Pyruvate Phosphate Dikinase 

Patrick Kevin Poole Mechanical Engineering 

Trarusient Pressure Gradients Due to the Motion of Viscous Vortex 
Rings m Water 

B. Pauline Prince Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Stud>' of Personality Types of Educators and Preferred Discipline 

Rinske R. Pritchett German Language and Literature 
Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer: Moliere of the German Theater? 

Michelle A. Provost-Craig Kinesology 

The Effect oj Circuit Weight Training on Lipoproiem-Lipid Profile in 
Patients with Coronary Heart Disease 

Susan Gail Queen Sociolog>' 

Cogninve Consensus and Causal Attnbutions: The Impact of Field of 
Scierv:e on Reactions to Federal Funding Decisions 

Branislav Radak Physics 

Type II Supersmngs in Curved Boclcground-Loiv Energy Limit And 

Daniel Joel Radack* Electrical Engineering 

E.vpenmental Studies oj Shart-Penod Wigglers and Relorivistic Sheet 
Electron Beam Propagation in a Free Electron Laser 


Arcot Kuppuswamy Rajasekar* Computer Science 
Semanna fm Disjunctive Logic Programs 

Eric Ramberg* Physics 

Neunal Piorx and Eta Productioii in Deep Inelastic Muon Scattering at 
480 GEV 

Donna Vanita Redman Psychology 

Accessibility As A Mediating Factor of Illusory Correlation 

Moon-Whoan Rhee College of Business Management 

Essays on Tests and Applications of the Traditional Asset Pricing 

Shirley B. Ring College of Library and Information Systems 
The AnaJ^sis And Design of Concurrency Using Box Structures 

Frank E Rivera-Milan Marine-Estuarine-Environmental Science 
Seasonal Patterns in Call- and Nest-Counts ofColumhid Game ard 
Non-Game Species at Varying Ecological Scales of Puerto Rico 

William McLeod Rivera Mathematics 

On Periodic Famtlys arid Ini-arient Curves for Differanl Equations 

Christopher Allan Robbins History 

"Honest Tom" Wharton: A Study m Political Orgamzation. Party 
Politics, and Electioneering in England, 1679-1715 

Aleida Anselma Rodriguez Spanish Language and Literature 
Arqueologia de Omagiia y Dorado 

Molook Roghanizad Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Expansion of Muslim Schools in the United States: 1970-1990 

Danilo Bautista Romero* Physics 

DorKrr Spectroscopy in tlie Vicinity of the Magnetic Field Induced 
Metal-Insulator Transiticm in n-GaAs 

James Alfred Rossman* Economics 

A Consideration of Imperialism m the Development of Economic 

George Cecil Rubenson* Business and Management 

The Initial Succession m Entrepreneurial Firms: An Empirical 
Investigation of the Effect of Timing, Successor and Power on Future 
Firm Performance 

Jaime Ruiz Garcia* Chemistry 

Equilibrium Polymerization as a Phase Transition 

Leola Faye Russell Nutritional Sciences 

Quanritariue Determinarion of Ribofknin , Flavin Mononucleotide and 
Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide in Unfortified Foods 

Nadine Payne Ruyle Textiles and Consumer Economics 
Bu;yer's Preferences for Domestic and Imported Apparel 

Gabriella Ryan Zoology 

Meclianism o/ Coordinate Elevations of Delta- Aminolivulinate 
Synthase and Cytochrome P-450 by Phenobarbital in Chicken Embryo 
Hepatocytes The Role of Intracellular Heme 

Kwan Woo Ryu Computer Science 

Design and Analysts of Some Parallel Algorithms on the Hypercube 

Clifford Seth Sadof Entomology 

The Impact of Variegation on the Herbivores of EL70NYML7S 

Lynda Brown Salamon* English 

Two Nineteenth Century American Views of History: James Fenimore 
Cooper and Francis Parkman 

Jean Salemme Chemistry 

Isolation and Identification o/ Secondary Metabolites from the Fungits, 

Richard James Sawyer* Special Education 

Improving LD Students' Composirion Skills with Story Grammar 
Strategy Training: A Component Analysis of Self-Instructional Strategy 

Robin Gifford Sawyer Health Education 

The Effects o/Vidiotapes on the Perceived Susceptibility to HIV/AIDS 
m a Population of University Freshman 

Daniel Scott Schechter Psychology 

Selection for Organizational Change: The Strategic Redesign of a 
Selection Simulation 

George Ronald Schmidt Education Policy, Planning and 


The Behaiioral Paradigm in Cumculum Writing In One PuhUc School 
System: The Hidden Revolution m American Education 

Susan Gale Schram Agriculture and Extension Education 
The Sustainahility of Agricultural Higher Education Institutions 

Patrice McDermott Secrist* American Studies 

Scholarship and Politics: A Cultural Study of Feminist Academic 

Jeannette Gehring Sedlacek Human Development 

A Study o/ Relanoiis/iips Among Con/lict-/iandling Styles, Levels of 
Experienced Conflict Job Satisfaction, and Job Performance in University 
Residence Hall Assistants 

Helmut Seifert Astronomy and Physics 

Energy Dependence of the Effecttve Interaction in Nuckon-Nucleus 

Abhijit Sen Public Communication 

The Impact of the NSAT Agnci<ltural Programs on the Farmers in Six 
Indian Villages 

Wendy H. Settle Counseling and Personnel Ser\'ices 

Anxiety Management and Career Decision Making Training for 
Indecisive College Students 

Balakrishna Bannu Shankaranarayana* Physics 

Fermion Masses and Mixings from Radiative Corrections 

Basavaraju Shankarappa Animal Sciences 

Cloning and Analysis of Protective Immunity of Major Anitgens of 
Ehrlichia nsticii and Genomic and Antigenic Relationship Among 
Ehrlichia Species 


*Graduated December 1989 

Robert Bruce Sheldon Physics 

/on Transport and Loss in the Qiiiet Terrestrial Ring Current 

Emily Houston Shelnutt* Health Education 

AIDS and College Studer\t: Knowledge, Beliefs, and Infarmaaon 

Leslie Lessing Shoemaker Agricultural Engineering 
Gleams Plus the Vadose Zone 

Angela Pollard Shreve* Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Pnonnes jar Occupational Child Care Curriculum and Their 

Relationship to the Work Environment 

Wendy Ann Simmons College of Library and Information Services 
The Comunication of Information for Rural Development: A Case 
Study from Seke District, Zimbabwe 

Sompong Sirisoponsilp* Civil Engineering 

Warehouse Location Vnder Multiple Transportation Options 

Joseph Francis Slomski, Jr.* Aerospace Engineering 

Use ofMultigrid to Accelerate Convergence of the Two Dimensional 
Euler Equations with Finite Rale Chemistry 

Emily Todd Slunt* Education Policy, Planning and Administration 
Becoming Competent: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Meanings of 
Nursing Students 

James Joseph Smith Animal Science 

Isolation , Punjication , and C/iarocterijanon of the Bovine Mammary 
Gland and Lifer Prolocrin Receptor 

James Matthew Smith* Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

Computer Self-Efficacy m Education and tlie Decision to Use Related 


Leslie David Smith Zoology 

The Frequency and Ecological Consequences of Limb Autotom\ m the 
Blue Crab. Callmectes sapidus Rathhun 

Sheila Sylvia Ferdinand Smith* Industiial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Business Education in the Seventh-Day Adventists Secondary Schools 

of the Columbia Union 1 963-64 to 1 987-88 

Tab J. Smith Physics 

Study of the Synclirontron Radiation Emission from the NRL Modified 

Terrence Paul Smith Agricultural and Resource Economics 
The Role of Time m the Demand for Outdoor Recreation 

William Edward Snelling Electrical Engineering 

Neu; Methods for the Detection and Interception of Frequervry -Hopped 

Maria Alma Solis* Entomology 

Re-classi/ication of the Tetralop/tine Complex (Epipasc/iiinae; 
Pyralidae: Lepidoptera) and a Critical Review and P/i;yiogenetic 
Analysis of the Pyralidae 

Charles Campbell Somerville Microbiology 

Cliitin in the Manne Eni'ironment: Genetic Studies of a Chito-oligomer 
Hydrolyzing Enzyme From Vibrio imlnificus and the Evolution of 
Chidnolytic Enzymes 

Mohsen Soroushnejad Electrical Engineering 

Packet Radio Networks in Spread-Specrn<m Eni'ironment: Capture, 
C/ianrrel- Access Protocols, and Voice/Data Intergration 

Thomas William Spalding* Health Education 

The Effects of Phasic Heart Rate Change on Cortical Actifation; A Test 
ofLacey's Inhibitory Baroreceptor Feedback Hypothesis 

Sue E. Steven Microbiology 

Polyphasic Taxonomy of the Vibrio 

Steven Jon Stochaj Physics 

A Measurement of the Low Energy Antiproton Abundance in the 
Cosmic Radiadon 

Myschelle Spears Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Prediction Training on ilie Reading Compreliension of 
Fourth Grade Students 

Susan Faye Stone* Chemistry 

Determination of Elements Associated with Proteins by Polyacrylamide 
Gel Electrophoresis and Neutron Acrivation Analysis 

Carl Marcel Stoots* Chemical Engineering 

The Velocity Field Relaave to a Rushton Turbine Blade 

Michael Paul Stopa Physics 

Electronic Properties of Two Dimensional Semiconductor Systems in a 
Magnetic Field 

James Victor Stout, III Economics 

Tovuard Better Exchange Rate Management 

Thomas Stratmann Economics 

Behavior of Congressmen and PoUtical Acnon Committees; Detection of 
Causal Effects of Money on Votes and ofStratgies of Contributors 

William Leonard Straube* Microbiology 
Molecular Edology of Deep-Sea Bacteria 

Gerry Bielsky Strumpf Counseling and Personnel Services 
The Effectiveness of a Freshmen Seminar Program on the Retention 
Rate and Grade Point Averages of New Students 

Susan Martin Studds Education Pcilicy, Planning and Administration 
State Funding and Minority Student Recruitment and Retention: A 
Case Study of the Funds for Excellance Subprogram in Virginia 

Charles Frederick Sturtz Government and Politics 

Policy Implications of Creative Financing Meclianisms Upon 
Conventiona/ Wisdom of Bond Financed Debt Management 

John Robert Sullins Computet Science 

Dismbuted Learning: Motion in Constraint Space 

Catherine D. Sveikauskas* Economics 

The L'nited States Labor Force and International Trade 


Diane Kay Swartz Counseling and Personnel Services 

The Relationship Between Selected Personality Variables, Coping 
Ability, Achievement and Satisfaction with the Environment 

William Jay Sweet, Jr. Mathematics 

The Metaplectic Case of the Weil-Siegel Formula 

George Syrmos Electrical Engineering 

Semistate Description for 3-D Curve Tracing with Applications to 
Knot Generation 

Masako Takagi Mathematics 

The Stone-Weierstrass Property in Semi-Simple Commutative Baiiach 

Fuh-Wei Tang Chemical Engineermg 

The Effects of Small Amounts of Methanol on the Ionising Radiation 
Induced Polymerization and Photopolymerization of Styrerie 

Frederick Abayomi Tasker Aerospace Engineering 
Damping Estimation in Helicopter Rotor Stability Testing 

Leon Earle Taylor Economics 

Three Essays on the Theory o/ Competition Between ]urisdictians 

Janice Kay Teece Counseling and Personnel Services 

Adult Children of Alcoholics and the Experience of the Imposter 
Phenomenon: The Development of the "False Self in a Dysfunctional 
Family S>stein 

Elizabeth Johnson Teles* Curriculum and Instruction 

Ni^mericoi and Graphical Presentation of FunctiorK in Precalculus 
Mathenuitics : 

Subhashchandra Ramanlal Thaker* Animal Sciences 

Molecular Cloning o/ Eliriic/iia Rislicii and Its Application in the 
Diagnosis of Potomac Horse Fei'er 

Judith A. Eheim Theiss Curriculum and Instruction 

The Relationship Between Tonal and Human P/ienomeiui in the 
Musical Experience of Fourth Grade Children 

Elizabeth Jayne Tiemey Chemistry 

Total Surface Area Calculations for Organometallic Compounds as 
Predictors for Toxicity and Chronuitographic Retention Indices 

Margaret Marie Tocci Public Communication 

Randle A>rton; A Theatrical Man For All Seasons 

Michael Scott Torok* Aerospace Engineering 

A Coupled Rotor Aeroelastic ArtaKsis Utilising Adi'anced 
Aerodynamic Modeling 

Frances Diana Tracy-Mumford Agricultural and Extension 

The Effect of an At-Risk Identificationllntervention Program on 
Decreasing the Ehop-Out Rate of Adults Enrolled m Adult High 
School Program 

Robert Edward Trempe College of Business and Management 

An Investigation of the Productivity of Domestic Passenger Airlines 
from 1973 to 1987: The Effects of Deregulation 

Ruth Ann Triplett Institute of Criminal Justice and Criminology 
Labeling and Differential Associanon; The Effects on Delinquent 

Hiren B. Trivedi Applied Mathematics 

Development of Manpower Planning Models with Known Target Size 

Eric Winship Trumbull Public Communication 
The American Worker's Musical 

Constantinos Nicolaos Tsiantis* Industrial, Technological and 
Occupational Education 

Takuya Tsuchiya Applied Mathematics 

A-firiori arvi A-posterion Error Estimates of Finite Element Solurions of 
Parametrized Nonlinear Equations 

Brian Patrick Turner Physics 

Molecular Photo Fragmentation with an ArF* Excimer Laser 

Yusuf Ulcay* Textiles and Consumer Economics 

The Effect of Surface Treatment on the Bending Properties of Spectra 
Fibers for Use in Composite Structures 

Nick Michael Urick Education Policy, Planning and Administration 

Federal Programs for the Schooling of Immigrant and Refugee Children 
m Public and Private Elementary Schools, 1975-1984 

Phyllis Hicks Utterback Curriculum and Instruction 

Parent Altitudes Touiard Their Children's Schools Based on Level of 
Parent Ini'ok'ement in a Public School System 

Carol Henderson Valdivieso Special Education 

A Sun'e;y of Institutions Granting Special Education Degrees Regarding 
the Emphases on Certain Competencies and the Factors Influencing the 

Kathy Scales Vandell American Studies 

Molding Amencan Character: National Identity in Childem's Fiction, 

Lilli Marie Vincenz Human Development 
Dei'elopmeni of the Vmcen; Empowerment Scale 

Milan Vodopivec* Economics 

Pioductii'iry Effects of Redistribution in a Socialist Economy; The Case 
of Yugoslaida 

Kenneth Scott Volk Industrial, Technological and Occupational 

Technology Education Curriculum Guidelines for Developing Nations 

Alex VonCube* Government and Politics 

The Fertility Decline in the Federal Republic of Germany: Political 

Leslie Ann Walker-Bartnick Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 
An /ni'esrigation of Factors Affecting Item Parameter Jnuariance m the 
Partial Credit Model 

Chull Wang English Language and Literature 

Befra>al and Moral Imagination : A Study of Joseph Conrad's Five 
Major Works 


*Graduated December 1989 

Jinrong Wang Civil Engineering 

Structural Behavior of a Modular, Two-Way Prestressed Concrete 
Bridge Deck 

Wenyu Wang Mathematics 

Statistical Inference of the Aggregated Mar/an) PrcKesses with 
Application to Modelling in Neurophysiology 

George Henry Williams Education Policy, Planning and 

A Study of the Career Patterns Job Tasks, and Job Satisfaction of 

Maryland's Public High School Principals 

Suzanne Elisabet Williams Chemistry and Biochemistry 
Analyses of the Muconate Lactorazing Enzymes: Evolutionary 

Leroy Worth, Jr. Chemistry and Biochemistry 

Sequence-Specific Isotope Effects on the Cleavage o/DNA by 
Bleomycin and other DNA-Cleawng Drugs 

George Keith Yang Mathematics 

Af)f)iicarions of Wiener-Tauberian Theorem to a Filtering Problem and 
ConDolwtion Equations 

Yunong Yang Physics 

Studies of Surface and Interface Structures 

Jung Moon Yoo Meteorology 

Seasorvil Freshwater Budget in the Tropical Atlantic Ocean 

Cao-Guo Yu Microbiology 

Studies of the Infection Mechanism of Gypsy Moth Nuclear 
Polyhedroses Virus unth Monoclonal Antibodies 

Diane Lee Zablotsky Sociology 

The Relations/lip Between Social Support and Health Care Utilisation 
Among Older Adults 

Dahai Zhang Astonomy and Physics 

A Study of Energy Dependence of Positive Pion Absorption on 
Lithium - 6 Around Delta (1232) Resonance 

Edwin Lawrence Zivi, Jr. Mechanical Engineering 

Robust Control of Magnetic Bearing Spindle for Tool Path Error 

Doctor of Education 

Nancy H. Dorman Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of a Problem Solving Course on Secondary Students' 

Nan Marie Hamberger Education Policy, Planning and 

A Comparisian of Two Methods of Analyzing the Values in Secondary 

School Literature Textbooks 

Kay Eileen Johnson Curriculum and Instruction 

A Case Study of the Role of a School Based Management Team in 
Changing a School Culture 

Carolyn S. Johnston Curriculum and Instruction 

Preparing Intermediate -grade Students /or Reading: Basal Reading 
Manuals and Teachers' Reported Practices 

Kay Najiyyah McElvey Curriculum and Instruction 

We Did Too: A Black History of Dorchester County 

Janet Esta Pfeffer Curriculum and Instruction 

Decision-making, Locus of Control, and Self-esteem as Related to 
Tobacco Smoldng and Alcohol Drinking of Eighth Grade Students 

Beverly Gayle Pish Curriculum and Instruction 

Measunng the Computer Literacy and Cognizance of Elementary 

James McDaniel Snider Education Policy, Planning and 


A Regression Aruilysis of Selected Variables and Their relationship to 
Academic Success of Part-time Students 

Mary Evelyn Stong Curriculum and Instruction 

Effects of First Grade Nonpromorion on the Achievement and Attitude 
of Students at the Third Grade Level 

Nicholas A. Wesner Curriculum and Instruction 

An Ethnographic Evaluation of One Middle School thai Undertook a 
School Imroi'ement Program Based on Effective Schools Research 

Gwendolyn Smith Williams Curriculum and Instruction 

Do Third Grade Teachers ask Prediction Questions Before, During and 
After Reading for Good and Poor Groups! 

Rita Joy Scott Womack Curriculum and Instruction 

The Effects of Teacher Modelmg Think Alouds an Student's Abiliry to 
Identify Main Ideas m Reading 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Kevin Bradley Ayesh Music 

The Solo Piano Works of Robert Starer 

Elizabeth Jean Barber Music 

The Works ofHayne van Gkzeghem: A Complete Recording 

Cecilia Dunoyer Music 

Marguerite Long, Image of an Epoch 

Noriko Ohtake Music 

Creative Sources for the Music of Toru Takemitsu 

Gary Miles Stegall Music 

Solo Piano Music of Joseph Jongen 


*GTaduated December 1989 

Master of Applied 

Stephen Paul Austin 
Donald King Creveling 
Judith Alison Morris 
Paul Raymond MuUins 
Esther Doyle Read 
David Cayley Scott 
Kim Edward Shelsby 
Jennifer Anne Stabler 
Mark Steven Warner 

Master of Architecture 

Thomas John Bucci 
David Hon-Wai Chan 
Sergio Carmen Coscia 
Basima Fahmi Dahdah 
Bonnie A. DeBold 
John H. Petty 
Julia Wells Harrison 
Susan Beth Hoffman 
Mikyong Hyun 
Ronald Kent Johnston 
Sumayya Jones-Humienny 
Dowoong Lee 
Cindy Kay Linkins 
Gregory Stephen Packham 
Suzanne Avery Patton 
Worthington Peter Pearre 
Elizabeth Marior Shipley 
Caroline Denise Sonner 
Cheryl Ann Stevens 
Thomas George Vincent 
David Randolph Whaples 
Sura Leigh Yakowitz 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Michael Busnach 
Frank W. Johnson IV 
Ursula Christine Koelsch 
Juanita Blanchette Kus 
Hong Mei 
Sandra Patton 

Applied Mathematics 

Mary Cathryn Conrad 
Theresa Jean Grant 
William Phillip Setzer 
Barry Warren Summers 
Bertrand Michel Uberall 
Allan David Williams 

Art History 

Susanne Klejman Bennet 

Patricia Ann Burda 

Elena Ceccarelli 

Li-Ju Hong 

Renee Antoinette Kidd 

Judith K. Lyon 

Claire Carlisle Patterson 

Heather M. Seneff 


Mary Kathleen Reichhardt 

Communication Arts and 

Roberta Penn Buckberg 
ChaundraJ. Cameron 
Theresa Ann Can- 
Mary R. Casement 
Juan Cheng 
Charles Leslie Dawson 
Hsiao-Hui Ho 
Suzanne Lacroix Hurley 
Sally Small Inada 
Mireille L. Key 
Mary Frances Kiley 
Maurey Lancaster 
Carol Marie Scanga 
Amy Ruth Schwartz 
Terry Viola Stephens 
Kymber Nigel Williams 
Yueh-Yu Yeh 

Comparative Literature 

Priscilla Mills Finkenstaedt 
Elizabeth Ellen Gardner 
Theresa M. Mackey 
Barmak Nassirian 

Counseling and Personnel 

Betsy A. Alperin 

Linda Bidlack 
Linda Gail Brenner 
Barbara Mae Dantzler 
Barbara Ann Gill 
Elaine J. Klionsky 
Lisa Burton Landers 
Patricia Ann Lewis 
Susan Carol Martin 
Traci Ann Martin 
Louis Allen Mayo 
Sandra Joanne McElhaney 
Annmarie Mascetti Merritt 
Cathy Lynne Rayman 
Lynn Marie Rogers 
Roger John Segalla, Jr. 
Beverly Rogers Smith 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 
Risa Lyn Witrogen 
Daniel Mark Woods 

Criminal Justice and 

Lisa D. Bastian 

Sherri Darlene Miller Hull 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Philip C. Amrhein, Jr. 
Betty J. Grove 
Coit Taylor Hendley III 
Elaine Pierrel Robey 
Ellen Marie Schneider 


James Horton Anderson 
Abderrahmane Berrada Gouzi 
Antulio Neves Bomfim 
Ralph McShane Doggett 
Cheryl Bronson Hansen 
Mark S. Horn 
Thomas Mark Leahy, Jr. 
David Phillip Miracle 
Nathan Todd Musick 
George Allen Sharpley, Jr. 
Xiaohua Tian 
Karen Lee Turner 
Kamil Yilmaz 
Christine Anne deVoest 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Rosel Faith Halle 

English Language and 

Patricia Leland Adams 
Mary Elizabeth Albert 
J. Cassidy Chesnut, Jr. 
Matthew Dale Childs 
Kelly S. Ferguson 
Brianne Walsh Friel 
Michelle Erica Green 
Stephanie Leigh King 
Margaret Louise Lane 
Nancy D. Leaderman 
Alvina De Lazzari Long 
Jean Straub Manahan 
Sandra Leach Molyneaux 
Cynthia Lynn Moul 
Hanfried F. Nave 
Michael Barry Nester 
Todd Van Evera Oakley 
Anne Lynn Paxton 
Kathleen A. Pukas 
Joonna Smitherman Trapp 
David Hugh Weming 

French Language and 

Elizabeth Lynn Keller 


Pauline Ann Crombie 
Susmita Dubey Dugger 
Wayne Paul Dulaney 
Walter N. Hohmann 
Gavin Taylor Keith 
Eli Moshe Rutstein 
Joseph Brown Thomas, Jr. 
Daniel J. Worth 

Germanic Languages and 

Alia Y. Sonsev 

Government and Politics 

Stephen Edward Babb 
Thomas Bagger 
Elizabeth Lynn Blake 


Decorative bull's-eye windows adorn the east and west pediments of the Turner Building. 

James Brochin 
Anthony Brian Chamberlain 
Hanwen Chen 
Ki-Duck Choi 
Robert Fouad Haddad 
Dong Sung Kim 
Virgmia Foran Leon 
TTiomas R. Leydorf 
Patricia Ann Parachini 
Linda Louise Petrou 
Douglas Wayne Poole 
Dennis Edward Rice 
Takako Shimoda 
Masahiro Takada 
Sarah Virginia Wayland 
John Lewis Whaley 

Health Education 

Alan David Goldberg 
Mary Tlieresa Hoban 
Gayle Bemette Banks Jones 
Margaret E. Knapp 
Sheree Ann Mullen 
Jeanne H. Randall 
Kyle Claire Schweiker 
Masami Shimomoto 

Hearing and Speech 

Elaine Kanen Collins 
Boruiie Montgomery Cover 
Ann Margaret Goesch 

Virginia P. Hoey 
Margaret Elizabeth Houtz 
Jean Marie Karlovitz 
Stacy Diane Morrison 
Jennifer Ann Reinhard 
Bambi Hope Replane 
Marybeth Schied Tebo 
Lisa Caryl Weiss 


Marcia Susan Adler 

Helen T. Boscoe 

Andrew Scott Breidenbaugh 

Lisa Theresa Carlucci 

Susan Fitch Daniels 

Jan Barbara Eckert 

Thomas Lee HoUowak 

Teresa Hruzd 

Tracy Matthew Melton 

Michael Thomas Parker 

James Seigler Rush, Jr. 

Paul Louis Shinn 

Kevin David Smith 

Grace Tredwell Southall 

Francis Xavier Sullivan 

Leikun Teferra 

Marian Yvonne Henrikson 

Jill Shana Topolski 

Human Development 

Nancy A. Aaron 

Jane Lee Gardner 
Nancy L. Kimmerly 
Crystal Faith Williams 

Occupational Education 

Robert J. Butrico, Jr 
John Fonta Ndanga 

Joint History, Library and 
Information Services 

Susan Elizabeth Ewing 
Jeffrey Thomas Hartley 
Eleanor Adele Heagney 
Mar>' Elisabeth Samms 


Melinda Brooke Ascher 
Ana Arias Barber 
Michael Andrew Bennett 
John L. Cummins 
Patti O'Neill Davis-Belcher 
Paul Mitchell Foer 
Adina Rishe Gewirtz 
Kerry Susan Humphrey 
Seema Kumar 
Stephen John Lalli 
Rebecca Anne Levine 
Daniel G. Lorenzetti 
Raymond Augustus 

Martha Jean Phan 

Daniel Mitchell Portwood 
Maria del Rosario Ramos 

Laura A. Schaufert 
Christopher Simpson 


Rebecca Jane Appleton 
Linda Cook Clarke 
Gibson Fisher Darden 
Paul Kevin Dawson 
Jane Reed DeVane-Bell 
Keith T. Ewing 
Molly Quinn Hunt 
Heather Lynn Lewis 
Margaret Latham Meharg 
Sharon Kay Morris 
Stephen Peter Radov 
Paul I3en Salitsky 
Susan Haley Stein 
David Lee Wagner 


Li-Ling Chuang 
Hariklia Efthimiou 

Mathematical Statistics 

Eric D. Benson 
Sangyeol Lee 
Douglas Neil Midthune 
Dae Beom Park 
William Eagle Potts 


*GTadiiated December 1989 


Helen Marie Colston 
James Ernst Helmreich 


Monica Alvarez 
James Ernest Beauford 
Katherine Anne Comtois 
Lee Andrew Edwards 
Beth Elayna Glass 
Richard Warren Goldberg 
Patricia Marie Hahn 
Katherine Humber 
Ellon R. Iscoe 
Michele Mary Laliberte 
William James Nordling 
Natalia Janice Peart 
Robert Scott Ralls 
Kathleen Elizabeth Wallner 
Jill Kristine Wheeler 


Delair David Ali 
Janice Lyn Atwood* 
Edward Darcy Crowley* 
Pamela Joan Everett 
Denis M. O'Leary* 
Stephen C. Person 
Scott Edwin Springer 
Beth Ann Toomey 
Linda Susan Weingarten 

Russian Language and 

Loren Allen Billings 


Corinne Ann Bordieri 
Yu-Ling Ellen Gwan 
Gijsberta J. 

Xiaolin Li 
Vincent Everett Puchaia 

Special Education 

Barbara Arlene Danoff 
Patricia C. Hallinan 
Karen Bemadette McElroy* 
Patricia McKenna* 

Speech and Dramatic Art 

Lisa Marie Bender 
David Powell Brandon 
Karen Marie Chiccehitto 

Urban Studies 

Janet Gail Blutstein 
Alice llene FoUender Harris 
Slade Shannon McCalip 
Beth Ann Strommen 
William Joseph Valocchi 
Mei Zhou 

Master of Business 

Business and Management 

Frederick Wayne Atzrodt 
Maria Graciela C. Baigorria 
Sandra Yarish Bainum 
Tonci Raul Bakovic 
Robert Brian Banks 
Robert Carter Barefield 
Robert Roy Barnes Jr 
William Neal Bamett 
Kimberly Durbin Batey* 
Mustafa Hakan Beygo 
Mamie llizabeth Bloom* 
Laurence Alan Bostwick 
Devon Anthony Brown 
Bruno Brun 

Blair Thomas Busenbark 
Frank Joseph Calabrese* 
Brian David Campbell 
Michael John CaroUo 
Sally Jane Carter* 
Elanjikal Jacob Chacko 
John Hargrave Cook 
Carolyn Jane Covey 
Doreen Sue Crail 
James Joseph D'Ambrosio, Jr. 
Cecil Lamar Davis, Jr 
Bruce Nicholas Desimone 
Anthony Joseph DiBona, Jr.* 
James L. DiSciuUo 
Quan Minh Dinh 
Dawn Ellen Doehler 
Carolyn Marie Dugan 
Inas Zaki El-Sabban 

Jay S. Elfman 

John Patrick Evans* 

Cassie Lynn Felch 

David Bruce Feldman 

Thomas Joseph Fellowes 

Eric Fielding 

Sidney William Finley HI 

William Joseph Forrestel, Jr.* 

Lisa Anne Foster 

Toby Susan Frank* 

Odel D. Frett* 

Terrence Patrick Fullem* 

Ajit M. Gadre 

Adam R Geldhof 

Susan B. Green 

Luanne Spruill Gutermuth 

John Frederick Guy 

Mary G. Hamill* 

J. Kevin Harper 

Joseph Patrick Harr 

Daniel Martin Hatton 

Tracey Honor Maria Haynes 

Javier E. Hernandez 

Kenneth Orian Hovet, Jr. 

Judith Ann Huber 

John Gilmer Huettel 

Tracey Lynn Huff* 

Leslie Kachryne Hummel 

Dana Burton Hurley 

Glen Edward Huston 

John A. James* 

Roch Joseph Kallmyer* 

Linda Marie Keepers 

Henry Grant Koontz* 

Julie Carolyn Koumentakos* 

Kathy Lynn Koval 

Daniel Thaddeus Kowalewski 

Jennifer Catherine Langley 

Catherine Bodelle 

Gary Wayne Lauher 
Paul L. Lemar, Jr 
Robert Earl Lewis, Jr. 
Alejandra Litvak 
Brian Keith Long* 
Ann Marie Luhr 
Natalie Janet Mall 
Bruce Talbot Margulies 
Sharon Lynette Matthews 

Linda Jean Mclntyre* 
Joan Irene Metcalfe 
Rebecca Denise Mitchell* 
Edward Aandahl Moran 
Thomas James Mosimann 
Thomas Hubert Noble 
Lawrence Elliott Pardes 
Christopher Scott Pearson 
Andrea Francesca Pepe 
Marissa A. Perrone* 
Steven Carl Peterson* 
Joshua Steven PoUatsek* 
Joseph Raymond Posey, Jr. 
Steven Lawrence Potash 
Norman Eugene Pruitt* 
Richard Carl Pulsinelli 
James Christopher Rattray* 
Leigh K.Reichel, Jr. 
Gary Alan Reilly 
Robert Allen Riffe 
Jami Lea Ritter* 
Paul Henry Ritter* 
Beth Regina Rosenblatt 
Dominique Marcelle Rouvet* 
Timothy Rush* 
John Francis Russell 
Patrick John Saccoia II 
Karen Ruth Schlimme 
Scott Louis Schulman 
Addolorata Scupola 
Judith Scully Selvaggi 
Carol Jean Smith 
Shelly Trinette Smith 
Traci Marie Smith 
Stephen Andrew Sotack 
Margaret Vivienne Stephens 
Pauline Herold Tither 
Stephen Gregory Votaw 
David Keith Wagstaff 
Sheri Lee Walker 
Deborah S. Ward 
Howard Ira Weinberger* 
Emely S. Weissman* 
Robert Warren Wells 
Duane Earl Westtall 
Gary Elliott White 
Thomas Patrick Wolff 
Eric John Wright 
Jeff Cornel Wright* 


Master of Community 

Janet E. Bagsby 
Karin Elisabeth Brown 
John N. Papagni 
David Tighe Witaker 

Master of Education 

Counseling and Personnel 

Deborah Tindale Bartfield 
Cheryl G. Blackburn 
Teren Anne Block 
Madonna Rene Brown-Miles 
Norma Santina Catalano 
Keith Randall Chittum 
Patricia Anne Cooper* 
Gloria Salcedo De Rosa 
Eileen Portney Freiman 
Frances O'Neill Gallagher 
Justine Renee HoUingshead 
Cynthia Marie John* 
Barbara Levit: 
Diana Ayoub Mrochek 
Benjamin Toong OuYang 
Phaedra Noella Pierre 
Lisa Kimberly Smith 
Janet Singer Suls* 
Carol Mae Swartzentruber 
Betsy Ann Taubenblatt 
Debra Lynne Ubl-Mitzel 
Lisa Ann Wharton 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Bonnie Alco 
Kelley Georgene Barker 
Marilyn Dove Bier 
Elizabeth Gibson Boyer* 
Shari Hope Carmen 
Marian Louise Chatham 
Rose Marie Codling* 
Kathleen Connors 
Karl Thomas Craton 
Donald Bruce Domogauer* 
Laurie Mather Edinger 
Thomas Francis Gearin, Jr.* 
Kathryn Anne Gray-Paull 

Karen Bright Halverstadt* 
Maureen Sue Hammond* 
Jan Elizabeth Henkelman* 
Mariellyn Jones Hilgeman 
Sarah Kathryn Huettel 
Rodica Idelovitch* 
Bonita Gayle Jackson 
Roxane Villarreal Kovin* 
Julie Anne McCarthy 
Eleanor T. Minor* 
Ellen Denning Oerter 
Joan K. Okin 
Carey Charles Olson 
Kathleen Mary Pearce 
Janina Catryn Ponte 
Sylvia Ann Prince 
JoAnn Marie Roberts 
Kathy Sue Potts Russell 
Robyn Allen Russow 
Suzanne Miriam Schmuckler 
Deborah Anne Schyman 
Deborah Faith Smith 
Susan Ellen Straus 
Karen Leigh McMillion 

Mathilda Frances Varhan 
Julia Lynn Walters* 
Linda May Williams 

Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Zahra Ahmed Ali* 
Samantha Corey 
Sylvia Diss 

Andrew Edward Lesko 
Roben Charles Post* 
Florence White Schmidt 

Human Development 

Karen F. M. Burch 
Dena Oriel Butterfield 
Norma E. Cann 
Acnita G. Shirlene Cross 
Marie Margaret DiGiacomo 
Elzabeth M. Finnucan 
Lynne Anne Hynn 
Glenn Fubler 
Maria Louise Gooden 
David Hughes 
Sujata Mhatre 
Hazel Oakley 
Heather Jean Post* 
Evereth Richardson 
Rochelle Annette Simons 
Elonda Stevens 
Deborah tkrman Stone 
Carolyn Beth Telford 
Wendy Margaret Tully 
Murray Morris West 
Dorothy Suzanne Williams 

Industrial, Technological, 
Occupational Education 

Mary Bossett Compton 
Etta Susanne Haggerty 
Timothy John Maloy* 
Sabrina Irene Marschall 
Daniel Paul Mosser* 

Special Education 

Cynthia Kay Altamirano* 
Susan Butts 

William John Calderhead 
Cora Geyling Connelly 
Susan M. Draper 
Melissa Dawn Eddy 
Wendy Ellen Engleson* 
Barrie Jean Hershkowitz* 
Karen Christopher Jones 
Connie Yang Kung 
Cynthia Aloi Pisciotta* 
Cynthia Ann Price 
Gloria Nadine Scott 

This bull's-eye window graces the front pediment of the Reckord 
Armory. Built in 1944, the "new" armory, as it was then called, was 
first used for commencement exercises on June 27, 1945. 


*Graduated December 1989 

Clara B. Tordella* 
Harrison Wells Toy, ]r. 

Master of Fine Arts 


Lauren Carol Benson 
Kim Stacy Kirkpatrick 
Ricky Dean Smith 

Creative Writing 

Robert Lowrey Content 
Stacy Maureen Gilett 
Cynthia L. Matsakis 
Susan Marie Oswald 
Rosemarie Solari 

Master of Library 

Douglas Walter Adolphsen 
Wendy Lynne Allen 
Ariella Zilberman Barrett 
Regina McAleer Bell 
Anne Elizabeth Bunja 
Erin Williams Carlson 
jean Marie Cavanaugh 
Vladimir Yeugene Chechik 
Ssu-Shao Chou 
Virginia Anne 

Janis Larson Curran 
Janice Gail Davies 
Eletha Luberta Davis 
Barbara Eames 
Jane Anderegg Folsom 
Cynthia Penelope Freeman 
Lynn Elizabeth Fremd 
Thomas Dale Gather 
James Paul Geckle 
Evelyn Loretta Getz 
Margaret Winter Hansen 
Allan Howard Holtzman 
Clare Marie Hughes 
Thomas L. Jacobson 
James Edward Keirans 
Lisa Diane Kosow 
Elizabeth T. Kythail 
Wei-Hung Li 

Li-chen Lin 
Katherine Elise Lyie 
Janice E. MacKinnon 
Catherine Ann McDowell 
jean Horan McKay 
Lyn Adele McPherson 
Tamara Elizabeth Meyer 
Diane Liana Morey 
Mary Theresa Nugent 
Niyati Pranav Pandya 
Lou-Deana Armes Parks 
Barbara Jean Penfold 
Ruth Melchoir Pepper 
Nancy Lee Porter 
Elizabeth Ann Reneker 
Cheri G. Smith 
Karen A. Stuart 
Ann R. Tanner 
Rosemary 1. Truitt 
Mei-Sywe M. Tsai 
Wneling Tseng 
Ruth L. VanLaningham 
Patricia Rae Van Ryn 
Kenneth Russell Vaughn 
Claudette P. Warner 
Elizabeth Anne West 

Joint History, Library and 
Information Services 

Susan Elizabeth Ewing 
Jeffrey Thomas Hartley 
Eleanor Adele Heagney 
Mary Elisabeth Samms 

Master of Music 

Timothy Edward Barnes 
Jeffrey Hallam Bauer 
Robert Scott Beard 
Susan Forbers Boykin 
Wendy Kathleen Brown 
Nicolas Peter Catravas 
Amy Cavazos 
Meii-Fu Chen 
Young Kwon Choi 
Keith Edward Daudelin 
Kathry Irene Evans 
Angela Clare Harkenrider 
Carol Allen Hunter 

Shellie Kay Johnson 
Thomas Vincent Licata 
George Philip Miller 
John Joseph Mortensen 
juan-Paolo Perre 
Eladio Arturo Santiago 
Gayle Diane Shay 
Brenda Tirado 
Lisa Marie Walhout 
David Edward Warf 
Michael William Wilpers 

Master of Public 

Shawn Coughlin 
Rachel Fleishman 
Richard Philip Keigwin, jr. 
Gregory Thomas Kiley 
Kay Denene Kuhlman 
Nancy Lane Latham 
Richard Dale Moorehead 
Harold Hershey Niebel III 
Felix Ben Ohene-Bediakoh 
Peter N. Petrihos 
Joseph Max Pressley, jr. 
Michele Marie Price 
Michael Andrew Puelle 
Radha Raman 
David Elrie Rodgers 
Jon Andrew Rupp 
Douglas Byran Seagraves 
Erin Lynn Slonaker 
William Edouard Trumbull 
Amanda Mane Wolt 

Joint Public 
Management A-aw 

Daniel EC. Crowley 
Marc Alan Greidinger 
Barbara Leigh Hopkins 
Philip Ludwell Lee 

Master of Public Policy 

Steven Cropper Davis 
William Vernon Goodwin III 
Diane M. Lucci 
Alice Jeul McCain 

Richard Overton Thomasson 
Terry Marvin Wemick 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Kenneth Allan Baird 
Charles A. Ballaro 
Ronald Martin Barrett 
Robert Franklyn Boyle 
Diego Peter Capriotti 
Dwayne Allen Drake 
Terence Arthur Ghee 
Denise Ellen Gilliland 
Hugo A. Gonzalez 
Adam Abraham Grumet 
Dixie Marie Hisley 
Darryl Jay Lenhardt 
TTiomas Andrew McLaughlin 
Moghen M. Monahemi 
Julio Cesar Montoya 
Carl Jan Ockier 
Chul-Won Park 
Jeffrey Lee Payne 
Edward C. Smith 
Yvette Surline 
Agnes Constance Todorov 

Agricultural Engineering 

Navraj Gupta 
Junming Li 
Nadine Edanna Little 
Joel M. Milano 
Brian Davis Wortman 
Julie Anne Wright 

Agricultural and Extension 

Calvina Allen Dupre 
Y Denise Butord KoUehlon 
Donald Byrd Marston, jr. 
Manochehr Nobakht 
Yolanda Eposi Nokuri 
Craig Kenneth Omerod 

Agriculture and Resource 

Lisa Karen Shapiro 
An Xiao 



Alemayehu Alemu 
Ian Ross Kaufman 
Grace Mary Madariaga 
Robert Earl Palmer 
Paul Richard Shipley 

Animal Sciences 

Biswajit Biswas 

Gerard Hamp Edwards, ]r. 

Lisa Ann Holden 


Joseph Peter McMuIlin 
Kimberly Ann Weaver 


William Paul Clark II 
Eric John Lietz 


Nereide Gillmore Ellis 
Edward B. Whereat 

Business and Management 

Aieming Amy Cheng 
Michael Andrew Fattibene 
Su:an Nicole Hirsch 
E\an Reid Horowitz 
Chia-Li Bien Huang 
David Stanley Loesche 
Ctouglas Kelly Mohr 
Nancy Kathryn Ringle 
Susan Jo Smith 
Margo Tessa Thomas 

Chemical Engineering 

Yu-chen Chang 
William Eugene Daniel, Jr. 
John Waring Gunter 
Jung-Rem Pao 

Chemical Physics 

Ke\in Paul .'\ndrews 
Lav\rence Earl Major 
Karuppasamy Sentrayan 


Cheryl Elizabeth Ford 
Mohammed Hadi Ghatee 
Jong Man Kim 

Steven Todd Krueger 
Paren Pratap Patel 
Irvine Dickey Swahn 
Khin Cho TTiaung 

Civil Engineering 

Christian John Bitters 111 
Margaret Ellen Bragdon 
Frederick Brewster Depp 
Diah Djajanti 
Hisham Mahmoud Fouad 
Ali M. Hadavi 
Irfan Hameed 
Pouran D. Hoohangi 
M. Andrew Ishee 
Gary E. Johnston 
Jun-Bok Lee 
Ku T. Lee 

Lori Pagnanelli Lehnerd 
Richard Alan Lewis 
Nahar Mohd Louzi 
Bin Lu 

Mark Leon Miller 
Matthew McNary Miller 
Ivan Christopher Noel 
Jo- Ann Panzardi 
Prakash Ambubhai Patel 
Edward E. Perez-Reyes 
Carl D. Petty- 
Carl G. Reitenbach, Jr 
Mark Joseph Schoppet 
Steven Philip Shach 
Stephen Matthew Simi 
Koreissi Maki Tall 
Jane Lisa Tiedeman 
Deborah Hamey Verderame 
Rachel Langdon Wales 
Daniel Stovall Walsh 
Michelle H. Webb 
Chiu Hung Wong 
Fang Xu 
Mansoor I. Zakai 

Computer Science 

Sunil Ar\'a 
Dimitris Baltas 
Chitta Ranjan Baral 
Nattapan Boonyakurkul 
Maliku Garcilasso Caballero 

Philip John David 
William Carl Epstein 
Laurence Alan Herman 
Sze Nam Hong 
Christopher James Jackson 
Patricia Perkowski Jones 
Ara Kouchakdjian 
Piriya Laohapipattana 
De-Ron Liang 
Calvin S. Lin 
John Robert Meyer 
Steven Douglas Miller 
Soo-Mook Moon 
Daniel Mosse 
Sarit Mukherjee 
Joanne Elizabeth Pelkey 
Mark John RoUncik 
Kathleen Ann Romanik 
Ahmet Sayar 
Carolyn Scott 
Sanjeev Kumar Setia 
Robert Alan Spangler 
H.V. Srinivasan 
Pablo Alejandro Straub 

Sarah Elizabeth Wallace 
Yu Chung Wong 
Huanzong Zhang 

Electrical Engineering 

Sherif Salah Ahmed 
Fady Ibrahim Alajaji 
Henry Ward Anderson 
Kevin LeRoy Anderson 
Benjamin Bachrach 
Theodore Edward Berman 
Hugh L. Brunk 
Douglas Llewell^Ti Butler 
Frederick Christopher 

Stephen Sai-Lun Chan 
Cheng-Feng Chang 
Chuan-Lung Chao 
Shien-jong Chao 
Anderson Indar Chen 
Ta-Ming Chen 
Tsung-Tau Chen 
Geeth Manickam Chettiar 
Yun Shu Chiou 

Dong Kil Choi 

Wei-Hsin Chou 

Wei Ping Chou 

Zafar UUah Choudhry 

Chiu-Chu Chung 

Yu-Fang Chung 

Protagoras Nicholas Cutchis 

Elaine Gayle Da\'is 

Had I Abdul-Hamid Fakhoury 

Chia-Chu Fan 

Emmanuil Nikolaos 

David Edward Freker 
John Vernon Gamett 
Carlton Hayes Gerber 
Michael Philip Gordon 
Jeffrey Jay Gramling 
Hien Thuc Ha 
Ali Makarechi Hamedani 
Joseph Darryl Harwood 
Yen-Ping Ho 
Yih-Ling Hong 
Jung-Feng Huang 
Philip M. Huang 
Sheng-Lung Huang 
Jin-Tsan Hwang 
Tzyy-Wei Hwang 
Kristof Andreas Irwin 
Shih-Wen Joe 

Suryakumar Venkata Josyula 
Steven Charles Kahn 
Yu-Hung Kao 
Lawrence Melvin Klass 
Jenn-Sen Leu 
Minmin Li 
Shou-Wen Liao 
Bonnie Light 
Chujen Lin 
Daw-Tung Lin 

Hong-Che Liu 
King Yun Lo 
Jason D. Lohn 
Allen Gregory Lukowitz 
Jean Mane McCausland 
Ahmed Kamal Metwally 
Susanne Marie Miller 
Mousumi Mukherjee 
Richard Scott Newpol 


*Graduated December 1989 

Lawrence Ira Offenberg 
Scott Shannon Patrick 
Russel Hugo Patterson 111 
Constantinos Potamianos 
Michael Joseph Rudolph 
Eric Ruei 
Tariq Shabhir 
Yu-Li Shen 
Ying Lian Shi 
Jau-Der Shih 
Daniel Thomas Shvodian 
Nicholaos D. Sidiropoulos 
Rick Alan Siebenaler 
Naveen Srivastava 
Mu-Chun Su 
Peter Su 
Kuo-Liang Tang 
Bradley Alan Thomson 
Michael Andrew Tope 
Tung-Duong Tran-Luu 
Chau-Chad Tsai 
Ching-Tien Tsai 
Lih-Dar Tsaur 
June-Kang Yang 
Li-Jau Yang 
Ta-Wei Yang 
Ted Yang 
Ping-Hui Yeh 
Yu-Neng Yeh 
John Karl Zahurak 
Xiaodong Zhong 
Jian Zhou 

Engineering Materials 

Helaleh Maghsoudlou 
George Yousinger Richardson 
Xue Wei Zhou 


Nancy Pat Owen 

Family and Community 

Andrea Aldena Anderson 
Deborah Lynn Carter 
Janet Leigh Chiancone 
Sharrame Raeyechelle Ferrell 
Janet Moore Hawley 
Sharon Lynn Kaufer 
Beverly Jean Lucas 

Jacquelyn Nasca 
Diane Chesnut Ritter 
Margaret L. Rollins 
Mary Ellen San Antonio 
Celia Shapiro 
Elizabeth Kelsey Vanden 

Food Science 

Ivette Aguirre-Flores 
Chen-Jang Liu 
Amy Susan Stellato 


Stephen L. Bouton 
Susan Elizabeth Harrington 
Daniel Edward Linder 
Huifang Liu 


Scott Merlyn Aker 
Yrina Patricia Ferreras 
Karen Ann Klozenbucher 
Michael Joseph Newell 
Jan Mane Principe 

Human Nutrition and Food 

Jaspreet K. Ahuja 
Naomi M. Benell 
Gerardo Maximino Magat 
Phyllis BrtKiks McCarron 
Mary Kathleen McFalls 
Janee Przybyl 
Christine Anne Yankus-Eng 

Environmental Sciences 

Ronald David Anderson 
James Tyler Bell 
Barbara Ann Campbell 
Charlotte Chamy Nielsen 
Avi Ross Chertock 
Patricia Carbonara Goffinet 
Melissa Anne HoUoway 
John Michael Houlahan 
Charles Du\'al Lawrie 
Deborah Jean Monin 
Janet Vine Neundorfer 

Nimish Bhanu Vyas 
Claudia Proctor Walters 

Mechanical Engineering 

Amir Atzali 
Shakil Ahmad Ansari 
Douglas Stephen Beale 
Paul Eric Biegel 
Robert Joseph Bonenberger, Jr. 
Gregory Carey Braunberg 
Bhavdeep S. Chhahra 
Chester Andrew DeCesaris, Jr. 
Changli Duan 
Pedro Ivan Espina 
Elizabeth U. Finlayson 
Anthony Lee Hatfield 
Kuan Hong Huang 
Praveen Kaup Kamath 
Sohail Ahmad Khan 
Michael Stephen Klassen 
John E. Konstantinou 
Mary Frances Leibolt 
Paul Richard Lisiewski 
Robert Edward Lotkowictz 
Mark Mitsuo Matsumura 
John Brian McKirgan 
Christopher Paul Murphy 
Adel A. Nabhani 
Madhu Sudan Ramavajjala 
Rakesh Sehgal 
Irfan Sharif 
Win-bin Shieh 
Tai-Kang Shing 
Paula Allen Simenauer 
Murali Srinivasan 
Richard L. Summers 
Ahmer Raza Syed 
Gregory Scott Toms 
Craig Richard Tooley 
Susan Mary Urban 
Venugopal K. Varma 
John Vodzak 
Jonathon David Watts 
Kristina Gretchen Whipple 
Hang Zhou 


John Montgomery Cart, Jr. 
Timothy Clark Davis 

William Francis Ryan 
Jianjun Zhang 
Jiayu Zhou 
Tong Zhu 


Muhammad Khali! Ahmed 
Amy Martin Camahan 
Heather L. Hall 
Shawn Marie McLaughlin 
Amala Dinanath Shenai 

Nuclear Engineering 

Stewart Nathan Bailey 
Bernard Hendrick White IV 
Abdul Farid Zikria 

Nutritional Sciences 

Marie Bemadette DeStefano 
Brenda Devereux-Graminski 
Karen Elizabeth Seidel 


Lyle Monroe Bartlett 
Robert Ernest Bartolo 
Lee Allen Bernstein 
Bernard Francis Matthew 

John Alan Diamond 
Ali Fouladi 
James F. Grahl 
Kevin Donn Heaney 
Gregory Barry Heaps 
James Christopher Hunt 

Ya-Dong Liu 
loanis Konstantinos 

Yeong-Ah Sob 
Hidetsugu Tanaka 
Matthew Sean Walhout 
CXin-Xiong Wang 
Randolph Frear Wild 

Poultry Science 

Frank Anthony Attard 
Mary Ellen Jones 



Kathenne Marie Burrows 
Scott Alan Butler 
Jennifer Leigh Wilkinson 
David Charles Zocchi 

Textiles and Consumer 

Lisa Carpenter Baldwin 
Shiao-Mei Chen 
Dena Dale Crain 
Barbara Ann Kline 
Kathleen Marie Marvin 
Claudia Lucia Ramirez 


Maria Ines Castro 
Kenneth Michael CoUis 
Peter Thomas Fauth 
Lyndon Edward Skeete 
Suzy Ruth Ellen Steele 
Naixuan Yu 

Master of Education 


May 30, 1990 

Donald G. Cunningham 
Liza Conlon Davidson 
TTiomas R. Harris 
Karen Ann Hurst 
Abigail Prince Miller 
Martha Romano 
Angela K. Smith 
Rickey Vanhooser 
Samuel H. Watson* 

Advanced Graduate 
Specialist Certificate 

Arthur John Anders 
Steven Robert Kowa 
Tracy Ann Raduege 
Arlene Shapiro Wiseth 

Graduate Certificates 
in Gerontology 

Master's Level 

Etta Susanne Haggerty 
Diane Chesnut Ritter 
Celia Shapiro 






Maryland's flag, bearing the anns of the Calvert and Crossland 
families, was first flown in its present form at Gettysburg Battlefield 
in 1888 to dedicate monuments to Maryland civil war veterans. 

College of Agriculture 
Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural Chemistry 

Daniel Mellott 

Jed Thomas Waddell 

Dawson Monett Wood, Jr. 

Agricultural and Resource 

Jessica Deane Alexander 
Jacqueline Anne Bentz 
Andrew Tonkin Bloom 
Phillip Dennis Brandt 
James Edward Brickner 
Damn Neil Brown 
Catherine Ella Byers 
lljune Carrie Chong 
Christopher Allen Downs 
Bemadette Jean Dunbar 
Anthony Boco Gage 
David Louis Griffiths 
Francis Ray Guhlo 
Brian Keith Johnson 
Colin Griffith Keefer 
Kenneth Eidward Kirk 
Phi Yen Thi Le 
Patrick J. Lugenbeel 
John Patrick McPartland, Jr. 
Valencia Robin Paige 
Joseph S. Papandrea 
Darin Mitchell Petri 
Martin James Richards 
Joon Soo Shin 
Kenneth Jerome Somerville 
Marc Edward Sparacino 
Steven Craig Ward 
Lee John Wells, Jr. 
Mark Raymond Williams 
Richard William Wood 

Animal Sciences 

Mark Ricardo Augustus 

Jeannie Louise Asmussen 
Jennifer Marie Knott 
Jennifer Lynn Koch 
Haryean Kia Lambert 
Mary Lou Miner 
Bethany Vivian Palmer 
Steven David Sanders 
Cheryl Ann Smith 
Cynthia Ann Tucker 
Ebalinna Memora Vaughn 

Conservation of Soil, 
Water, and Environment 

David Granville Wilson 

Food Science 

Deborah Ann Barreiro 
Patrick Maurice Wright 

General Agriculture 

Gretchen Ann Furseth 
Emma Christine Gordon 

Horticidture Science 

Victoria Susan Bryant 
George Craig Fisher 
Stephanie Frances Ginsberg 
Rebecca Ann Jilek 
Josef Seidel 111 
Timothy Boris Smallow 
John Christopher Talago 
Mary Frances Webb 
* Michaeline M. Yaffe 
Wee Ken Yuen 

§ Summa cum Laudc 
f Magna cum iMude 
* cum Laude 


§ Summa cum Lawile 
i Magivi cum Laudc 
* aim Laiui- 

Natural Resources 

Karen Lynn Caples 
Warren Michael Gibbons 
Timothy Mitchell Groves 
Paul Leslie Handy 
Michelle Rose Harmon 
IDaniel Gilbert Hayes 
Thomas Craig Hickley 
Kathleen Marion Houle 
Kurt Christian Knower 
Michele Julianne Przybycien 
Christopher Paul Swann 
Laurie Kim Wilkins 
Robert E. Yeschek 
Lawrence Francis Zeigenfuss 

Turf and Urban Agronomy 

Robert Craig Belcher 
Philip Christian Jackson 

School of Architecture 
Bachelor of Science 


Monique Renee Agnew 
Amir Amirkalali 
Christopher Charles 

Wallace KealiiokalanI Beck 
Robert Victor Berke 
§ Jose R. Bernardo 

George Anthony Broomell 
Stephen Edward Cole 
Scott Evan Eschbach 
Douglas Edward Fanning 
Gary William Golla 
Michael Scott Goodwin 
Michael David Greigg 
Herbert A. Heiserman 
Matthew David Hopkins 
Kenneth Byron Jones 
Madeline Kaminski 
Nancy Ann Kramer 

The floral "M" provides a colorful focal point for those who live and 
work on campus as well as for those who visit here. Located at the 
intersection of Campus and Regent Drives, the "M" was created 
in 1975. 

Daniel Dongsik Lee 
Hyon Y. Lee 
Hsiao-Chi Liu 
Arthur Charles Lohsen 
Robert Russell Messer, Jr. 
Michael Matthew Murray 
Karim Adel Musfy 
§ Brent Devon Perkins 
Jorgen Punda 
Miguel Sabat Viso 
Manuel Javier Sanchez 
John Joel Sangley 
James Brian Sichelman 
Laura Kay Simpson 
James Cole Solomon 
James Chunho Song 
Martin Therit Towles 
Patrick Gordon Treff 
Fernando Jose Ventura 
Andy Wong 
Ming-Chun Stephanie Wu 

College of Arts and 

Bachelor of Arts 

Advertising Design 

t Christine Lesley Edmundson 
Jill Elaine Raymond 

American Studies 

Richard Douglas Ailstock 
Andrew Mitchell Berkowitz 
Kathleen Elizabeth Crowley 
Daniel Nelson Dodge 
Elizabeth Mary Nolan 
Heman GuiUermo Padilla 
David William Powers 
Burke Whitney Slater 
Mieke E. ter Poorten 
Nancy Joyce Weinstock 

Art History 

Jeftry Alan Brotman 
t Deborah Rosalyn Chipman 
t Deborah Lynn Clearwaters 
2iid Major; East Asian 
Languages and LitcralKre 

Irenee Ellett 
* Hayley Beth Falk 
Faye Cohen First 
Shannon Marie Granato 
Leslie Diver Gray 
Melissa Lynn Harris 
Jennifer Jane Hoglund 

2nd Major: Art Studio 
Caroline Young Hwangbo 
Patrick Edward Kittelton 
Theresa Grace O'Keeffe 
Lisa Labagh Ragsdale 
Ann Alexandra Reynolds 
Lisa Elaine Sopoum 
Natasha Tzentis 

Art Studio 

Anthony Edward Amorosi 
Craig Scott Arnold 
Joyce Alison Bailey 
Erich Bernhardt Ik>ehm 
Christine Karen Bogan 
Christopher James Brunzos 
Valerie Beth Cohen 
Karen Yvette Colbert 
Christine Elaine Cummings 
Kristine DeMilo 
Katherine Haley Duray 
John D. Hazen 
Cynthia Yvonne Jessup 
Antonios George Kalargyros 
Kelly Kyungmee Lee 
Sung Yi Lee 
Allen R. Mamet 
Lisa Michele Mongelluzzo 
Bennett Morais 
William Paul Morin 
Janet Mary Nave 
Evan Gregory Pontoriero 
Jose Prati-Gomez 
Raymond Henry Ruskin 
David Eric Selvin 
Eugene Rushford Walker 
Sharon Anne Wozniak 
Marc David Zaslow 
Julie Ann Zei 


Classical Languages and 

Jeremiah Stephen Regan 


Stacie Leigh Bristow 
Barbara Stephanie Butler 
Latasha Delores Rose -Graham 
Kristin Lee King 
Connie Marie Pirez 

East Asian Languages and 

Christopher Beci<er 
TaeWoo Chang 
Arthur Harrison Dunning 
Loretta Anne Foster 
James S. Hawe 
Robert Edward Hong 
Sunjoo Kim 
Yiu-Young Lee 
Anne Ceciha Wing-Sze 

Adam Pearce 
Valerie Christina Wong 

English Language and 

George Stafford Allison 
Amy Anita Backstrom 
Joan Robbins Baden 
Johanna Marie Baker 
Mindy Stacy Band 
Leigh John Barry 
Michael Ervin Baughman 
Jennifer Lynn Beaufort 

* Nora Jean Bellows 
Beth Michele Berman 
Anne Clinton Beyersdorfer 

* Douglas Edward Bice 
Jamie Lynne Block 
Julie Renee Boatright 
Gregory Wayne Boiling 
Michael Charles Buckley 
Sean Philip Burke 

* Lisa ]o Carney 

* Ellen Therese Carroll 
Gary C. Chmieiewski 
Monique Elizabeth Coleman 
Richard Garrett Cooper 

Kevin James Craft 
Stephen Michael Cranford 
Edward John Cunningham 
Peter Anthony Daddone 
Amy Lynn DeLawter 
Sarah Elisabeth Donaldson 
Michael John Dooner 
Paul A. DuBose 
Melissa Dubinsky 
Walter Alden Easter 
Antony Patrick Falco 
Amy Michelle Feinstein 
Lisa Michelle Fett 
Melanie Ann Fosnaught 
Karen Anette Friebel 
Todd Alan Garlow 
Charles Jacob Gaush 111 
Nader Safwat Ghali 
Sally Marie Gimon 
Pierre Hossein Golpira 
Sarah R. Goulstone 
§ Rachel Beth Gross 
David Jay Harrison 
Kathem N. Haws 
Judith L. Hayne 
Nadine Marie Henderson 
Deborah Lynn Hines 
Karen Anne Homann 
Patricia L. Huber 
Darren Leon Hugo 
Christopher Garry 

Jana Hyatt 
Nancy Barbara Jack 
Jennifer Joyce James 
Thomas Matthew Johnson 
Jennifer Jeanne Jones 
Amy Louise Jordan 
Qmstance Elizabeth 

Daniel Scott Kessler 
Kathleen Valerie Kibler 
Sandra D. Kim 
Cathrine Ruth King 
Katherine Cecelia Konopik 
Peter Michael Labonski 
Lesli Sue Layton 
Leslie Adrienne Leacock 
Ranier Christine Lee 

Franklin Brett Levin 
Michele Liccardi 

t Lorrie Lynn Lizak 
Kevin Lowe 
Paula Lye 
Kathryn Everette Lyle 

t Jana Magnotto 

Christian Constantine 

Richard Michael Mance, Jr. 
Diane Elizabeth Mannino 

t Julie Michelle Marino 
Lorraine Beringer Maughlin 
Joseph Francis McCusker 
Peter Lawrence McGettrick 
Carla Gail McKay 
Leslie Farris Mitchell 
Margot Charlene Mo(xly 
Kelley Lynn Moore 
Eduardo Jose Morales 
Heather Anne Nugent 
Marc Andrew Ominsky 
Jennifer Orrence 

t Carole Anne Parish 
Paul Nicolas Dominic 

Lisa Diane Perrone 
Mark Steven Pincus 
Christopher Scott Randolph 
Tammy Annette Randolph 
Geoffrey William Rawlings 
Michele Beth Richman 

§ Susan Marie Rison 

Jennifer Rebecca Robbins 
Lori Ann Roche 
Ellen Gail Rosenstock 
Jennifer Eileen Rupp 
Joshua Thomas Russell 

* Katherine Rutherford 
Steftani Jill Saitow 
Cesar Patricio Sanchez 
Susan Lynn Scanlin 

§ Wesley Kenneth Schrock 
Frederick John Scully 
Anish Nanolal Shah 
Shefali N. Shah 
Andrea Jamie Shure 
Maura Lynn Silver 
Sarah Elizabeth Smith 

* Suzanne Theresa Smith 
Richard Alan Snyder 
Julie Alisa Spann 
Maureen Catherine Steele 
John Gordon Stevens 
Shari Lyn Strigle 
§ Mary Elizabeth Sullivan 
Janice Michelle Sulman 
Jonathan Evan Sunshine 
Theodore Sunao Takata 
Rebecca Lynn Taylor 
Carla Frances Thomas 
William Henry Thrush, Jr. 
Stephanie Marina Tonder 
Matthew Vincent Tracy 
Margaret Mary Twomey 
Kristine Wendi Upham 

Daphne Elizabeth Vaughn 
Linda Mane Ventimiglia 
Elisabeth Lawrence Jamison 

Allison Marie Vukovich 
Sheila Gabrielle Waldron 
Simon Bernardo Warren 
Comanche Chris Weaver 
James Douglas Williams, Jr. 
Susan Elizabeth Williams 
John David Wilmot 
t Boon-Lan Assumta Wong 
Tashia Veronica Young 
Elizabeth Anne Zeaser 
t Joanne Lydia Zimolzak 

2nd Major: Govemmtnu 

and Politics 

French Language and 

t Karen Elaine Boggs 

Catherine Anne Courtney 
t Kevin James Craft 
t Maria Lucia Mondino 

t Mary Yoshiko Nash 
* Akia Margrethe Talbot 
Nadege Lea Thadcy 
Grant Lawrence Yinger 


S Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Germanic Languages and 

Michael Ronald Brack 
Matthew Scott Burr 
Krista Ernst 
Karen Anette Friehel 
Tuula Kaisa Maine 
Jana Lynn Rudolph 
Terri Ann Sous 

* Iman Makeha Terrell 


Thomas James Agresti 

2r\d Mo/or; Psychology 
Mia Arhos 

Charlayne Ann Armentrout 
Daniel R. Bell 
Michael Ian Bersofsky 
t Sandra Serena Clemens 
Amy Elizabeth Brennan 
Kevin L, Brentnall 
Herbert R. W. Brewer, Jr 
Mark Wayne Clark 
§ Brent Douglas Cook 
2r\d Major: East Asian 
Language and Literature 

* Noelle Christine Fahey 
Matthew David Foosaner 
Maryellen Fox 

Shawn Michael Gamer 

* Beverly Jean Geckle 
Philip B. Gerhard 
Karen Lynn Glauberman 
Bernard Nicholas Grindel 
Jeffrey Bruce Henry 
Leigh Alison Holmberg 
Patrick Angelo Joy 

* Pablo Sebastian Jusem 
Albert Joseph Kilpatrick, Jr. 
Eun H. Kim 

t Crystal Ann Kitagawa 

* Sharon Elizabeth Lauth 
Kimberly Leigh Livingston 
Dieter Kurt Miller 

* Judy Napolitano 
Bryan Thomas Noble 
Darryl Lester Pitt 
Elisabeth Wall Redsecker 

Lance Geoffrey Richardson 
Steven Brian Sandor 
David Arthur Schultz 
Bartolome Alban Serrano III 
David Scott Silver 
Marc Jay Skobac 
Karen Lynn Stass 
Stephen Bernard Van 

Scott Alan Weinstein 
Sidney Lynn Wheeler 
Kevin Joseph Willging 

Jewish Studies 

§ Rachel Beth Gross 
Lisa Karen Levme 
Rachelle Rivka Rosen 


Douglas Patton Clement 


(Liberal Arts Program) 

Nicholas Bartolomeo 

* Ursula Tzu-Hui Dai 
Kevin L. Egypt 
Anne Louise Fulton 
Frances Lorraine Garcia 
Isiah Oscar Johnson 
Jeanne Martin 
Robert Aaron Mills 
Sharon Ann Parker 
Franklin Dean Wade 


J. Cromer Baldwin 
Nelson L. Gamett 
James William Horman, Jr. 
Peter Sean Kozuch 
Theresa Reynon Laranang 
§ Eric Andrew Margolis 

* David E. Morse 
David Scott Seidenman 
Michael Raymond Smith 
Michael G. Upston 
John Pete Vaccaro, Jr. 
Paul Martin Vaillancourt 
Carlton Whitlock 

Radio, Television, and Film 

Ellen Beth AnapoUe 

Jessica Arongino 

Seema Arora 

Marvin Kenneth Aycock 111 

Joseph Kennard Balintfy 

Michael F. Balmoris 

Rebecca Diana Benson 

2^^d M(yor: Art History 
Michael Faren Berk 
Edmund Osterhoudt Berkey 
Anne Clinton Beyerldssdorfer 
Mary Kathleen Biddison 
Melissa Joy Kathryn Bisceglia 
William A. Bistany 
David Lawrence Blumenthal 
Kelly Ann Mclnemey Bober 
Scott Robert Boettle 
Steven James Bramhall 
Staci Michele Broder 
Beth Ann Burke 
Jennifer Anne Campbell 
Philip Martin Carey 
Alain Chacon Espinoza 
Karl Eugene Childress 
Valerie Elizabeth Clayton 
Gregory Phillip Collins 
Terri Lee Colton 
Joseph Dennis Couch 
Stephen Ray Cranford 
Tammi Ellen Crystal 
Robert Michael Day 
Angela Joan DiPietro 
Samantha Epstein 

2nd Major: Goi'emmeni 

and Poiirics 
Kristin Lynn Erlandson 
Shawn Samuel Esham 
Cherryl Dina Huk 
Mark Stanley Gardiner 
* Elaine Mary Gerondakis 
Craig L. Gordon 
Bradley David Greer 
Jeffrey Rondall Hall 
Seth David Hallen 
Kimberly Ann Hansen 
Annette Marie Harlow 
Lisa Michelle Harris 
Michael Alden Harvey 

Dina R. Hirschler 

John David Hoffman 

Patrick William Hoffman 

Susan Ann Hoffman 

Kelly L. Holder 

Massimo Antonelto Idoni 

Charles L. Ingram, Jr 

Karmen Patrice Jackson 

Robin Elizabeth Jaffe 

Brian Mitchell Kaplan 

Marianne Elaine Kassabian 

Matthew Dean Kennedy 

Denys Marcia King 

Mitchell David Klein 

Jill Cheryl Kobemick 

Elizabeth Jill Korey 

Beth Stacy Kotler 

Rhoda Ndidi Lawrence 

Woo Suk Lee 

Michael Robert Levin 

Debra S. Light 

AUyson Lindie 

LaFreda Beatrice Machell 

Lisa G. Lyne 

Lisa Manheimer 

Mark Eugene Manlove III 

Bruce Ingram Martin 

Steven Richard May 

James Eldred McCaskill, Jr. 
§ Joelle Denise Meszler 

Elizabeth Anne Moore 
* Linda Jean Newman 

Helen K. Notley 

Eric Daniel Paguntalan 

Marco Pasqualina 

Martin Gale Payne 

Eduardo Pena III 

Richard Matthew Pesta 

Joseph Radko, Jr. 

Robert Daniel Renkevens, Jr. 

Taunya Renee Richmond 

James Arthur Roccisano 

Daniel J. Rogers 

Tamara Esther Sacks 

Catherine Theresa Salamone 

Ivan Santos 

Candace Regan Schecter 

John Edward Schneider, Jr 


Marc Anthony Silva 
Shari Lynn Smilowitz 
Lisa Ruth Solomon 
Alan T. Stein 
Elizabeth Joyce Sweglar 
Russell Talmage Thompson 
Traci Dawn Today 
Clayton Case Underwood 
Lawrence Alan Urie 
Kathleen Maria Varson 
§ Lisa Mazoli Vidigal 
Joel Lenet Vilmenay 
Marcie Dee Vogel 
Valerie Ann VoUmers 
Jixly Michelle Weiner 

* Kevin Anthony Wyrauch 
Joseph Maurice Young 11 

Romance Languages 

Martin Marafioti 

Rebecca Jane Siobhan Munn 

Alba Janice Urrutia-Bemart 

Russian Area Studies 

Timothy Sean Donahue 
Anna-Gabriela Garcia 
Darren Lee Goode 
Keith M. McNaul 
Lena Rubinovich 
Thomas Lavem Tanner, Jr. 

Russian Language and 

iwona Elizabeth Kuhiczek 

Spanish Languages and 

Phaedra Alexandra 

Vanda Teresa Batluck 
Marcela Cardenas 
§ Maureen Fern 

Emily Cristina Labrada 
Wendy Lynne Matson 

* Maria-Tereza G. Osheroff 
Carmela Polinetti 
Karen Elizabeth Spears 
Margaret Lynn Whipple 

Speech Communication 

Christina Eleni Andreadis 
Timothy King Baer 
Lisa Joy Bankhalter 
Jennifer Ann Bergman 
Kim Marie Bevilacque 
Valerie Jean Brusgard 
Scott D. Buckiso 

* Elyssa Ruth Cahan 
L")ana Elise Cavaliere 
Deborah Anne Corio 
AUeesha Marie Cougnet 
Richard Seltz Cunanan 
Tracey L. Davis 
John Bartholomew Dennis 
Andrea Jane Early 
Mary Victoria Esker 
Bradley Joseph Federman 
Beth Mami Feldman 
Michelle Marie Gorman 
David L. Greenspan 
Amy Lynne Hamburg 
Giselle Charlene Harvey 
Elyse Lynn Held 
Michelle Lee Heskett 
Lauren Beth Isom 
Lori Denise Jefferson 
Meryl Beth Katcher 
Martin Craig Katz 
Laurette Lauricella 
David B. Lindenauer 
Caroline Logan 
Amy Lynn McBee 
Shawn Patrick McLoughlin 
Sandi L. Moskowitz 
Gregory Kieth Nared 
Tarieek Ali Punter 
Nina Rosenzweig 
Marlena Debra Schiff 
Robin Elyse Shepherd 
Steven Louis Shwartzer 

§ Ronald Paul Silverman 
Lisa Jill Simpson 
Kelly Christine Smith 
Dennis James Spinelli 
Renee Anne Stimmel 
Anna Rosa Sullivan 
Michael Dennis Sullivan 
Brad William Trader 

Jean Marie Verme 
Angela Charise Walton 
LaSandra Renee Ward 
Stacey Ava Wax 
Rose Wazana 
Elizabeth Ellen Webster 
Dawn Marie Weinbrenner 
Joseph Anthony Woody 
* Julie Beth Wright 
Kimberly Jo Young 
Sherry Michele Zuckerman 


Amy Elizabeth Aballo 
Pamela Jane Batterman 
Kevin Richard Dyels 
Thomas Patrick Gallahan 
Myles Conrad Hatch 
Megan Elizabeth Madden 
Sheila Renee Nagle 
Maria Anne Reeves 
Pamala Lynn Simmons 
Suzan K. Stacy 

Bachelor of Music 


§ Palmyra E. Catravas 
Carole Marie Finneran 
Stephen E. Lay 
Donna Wen Lee 
t Eric Roger Machanic 
t Janet Melanie Rubin 

Bachelor of Science 

Advertising Design 

Carol Elizabeth Beringer 
Nadine Cahan 
David Yaron Cohen 
Jacquelin Elizabeth Devlin 
Renee Eileen Fatseas 
John Marcus Finney 
Susan Elizabeth Helmer 
Douglas Andrew Hood 
Stephen Hughes Hoyle 
Abby Dee Israel 
Juan Jose Izciie 
Heather L. Kelly 
Jane Elizabeth Kleine 

Megan Jacqueline Lany 
Amy Mallet-Prevost 
Elizabeth Jayne McBride 
Robert Matthew McVearry 
PaulT Mickus 
Tiftiney Suzanne Mills 
Kenneth Joseph Monahan 

• Viviane Alexandra Moritz 

• Christopher John Paul 
Anne Peng 

Chanarat Pradithavanij 
Allen James Prewitt 
Steven Patrick Quigley 
Andrew Dean Reynolds 
Beatriz H. Ruiz 
Stacey Ann Scher 
Elizabeth Natalie Schram 
Kristine Marie Sharp 
James Joon Young Shin 
Kit Y. Sin 

Michele Kristine Snyder 
Camille Song 

Danny Costantino Taglienti 
Rose Le-Sy Thai 
Nguu Bach Thi 
Charles Donald White 
Lisa Jacqueline Wurfl 
John Walter Yanchick 


Steven Patrick Danaher 

Interior Design 

Sharon Kay Ashby 

Robert Kooyman 

Amy Elizabeth Montgomery 

Karen Lynne Morey 

Jennifer Bloomberg Pritchard 

Brett Allen Rosenfeld 

Jefifrey Scott Taylor 

Amy Leanne Vahrenkamp 

James Delano Williamson, Jr. 

'Commencement Cover Designer 


§ Summa atm Laude 
f Magna cum l.aiiAe 
* aim Laiuk 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Science 

Bachelor of Arts 

Afro-American Studies 

Marcia Laudell Bailey 
Pamela Federique Gourdine 
Donnell Raymond Jackson 
David Patrick Johnson 
Tonya Regina Lawson 
Carol E. Macey 
Toni Beckward Stephens 


Laura A. Beattie 
Kelley Lynn Griffin 
Maria Estelle Harris 
Margaret Rebecca Jacobs 
Tina Marie Pagliocchini 

* Lynn Diekman Jones 
Sher>l Elise Kutter 

Justin Samuel Elan Lev-Tov 
Nicole Marie Maylett 
Carolyn M. Muldoon 

* Michele Lucia Nebel 
Carey Ann O'Reilly 

* Darcey Dee Schoeninger 
Kim EUyn Selfon 
Simon Barry Weavers 
Pamela Mav Wilhelm 

Criminal Justice 

Mohamed Abulhawa 
Daniel Matthew Allen 
Gracella J. Bahou 
Richard Thomas Bell 
Douglas Brett Bellet 
Michael Darin Bernard 
Steven Wayne Boggs 
Eric Karl Braun 
Neil Howard Braunstein 
Albert Joachim Buckwalter 
James Howard Burch II 
Charles Rudolph Burkhart 
Christopher George Byrnes 
Mark Thomas Cannon 
Diana Beth Carlon 

Steven Bruce Carr 
Carol Renee Clark 
Bradley Eric Cohen 
David Millard Cohen 
Rhonda Gayle Cohen 
Craig A. Colnick 

* Anne Wyant Creech 
Dominic Virgil D'Ambrosi 
Lisa Beryl Dacy 

t Donald E. Darling, Jr. 
Robert Colin Darrell 
Joan Marie Dawson 
Krista Ann Determan 
Karen Lynn Eklof 
Lori Anne Elis 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Michael Raymond Fazzari 
Gary J. Femandes 

t Jamie Beth Forchheimer 
Laura Ann Friedman 
John Richard Gaines, Jr. 
Megan Elizabeth Gallagher 
Debra Ellen Gandel 
Charles Walter Gassaway, Jr. 
Gordon Edward Geesey 
Michael Thomas Gills 
Jeffrey John Giovino 
Marshall Scott Glasser 
Jamie Michelle Goldberg 
Robert Ross Goldman 
Elizabeth Ann Goldsby 
Kami Lynette Grenke 
Mott William Heath 
Patrick Martin Heins 
Bradley Duncan Hodgins 
Glenn Ray Hooper 
David M. Hoovler 
Michael Hurwitz 
Lisa Michele Jacobs 
Jill Alane Johnson 
Elaine Susanne Jordan 
Thomas Enard Keehn, Jr. 

t Russell David Kinnier 
Deborah llise Klein 
Michael Alan Kline 
Caje Barry Knight 
Brian David Koelsch 
Jon Nolan Krieger 
Timothv Ellis Kwalofif 

Daniel Quintard Kyle 
Patricia Elizabeth Lewis 
James William Lomker 
Patrick Allen Madarang 
Mark Robert Mann 
Peter Nicholas Manthos 
Andrew James Marchese 
Robert Oscar McDaniel 111 
James Albert Mihovetz, Jr. 

Ind Major: Piychobgy 
Carole Patricia Milstead 
Martin Bemid Milwood 
Mahmoude Moasser 
Lisa Ann Morgan 
Michael Aaron Moss 
Damiana Kira Murphy 
Ellen Michelle Myers 
Pamela Nagorka 
Geoffrey Charles Nathan 
Mario Vincent Notargiacomo 
Debra Sue Olson 
Brett A. Parson 
Gerald Randall Pendry, Jr 
Michael A. Penn 
Jill Dianne Pickett 
Spencer Ivan Pines 

* Lisa Renee Potter 

Todd Christopher Provost 
Catherine Ann Quinn 
Patrick Marshall Ricks 
Janine Alicia Roberts 
Marc Jeffrey RoUman 
Robert Joseph Rushnak, Jr. 
Lay la Said 
David Andrew Saks 
Dianne Salzberg 
Clark Howard Schnepfe 
Stuart Carlton Scrom 
Richard Louis Shepard 
2nd Major: Government 
and Politics 
Richard Monis Shreiber 
Jennifer Ann Shuck 
John Corbett Simmons 
Irvin Costello Smith, Jr 

t Justine Deloris Smith 
Pamela Lynn Snyder 
Mark Frederick Sullivan 
Terry Kathleen Sullivan 

t Bemadette Sweeney 

* Deborah Gail Thayer 
Anthony Moms Thompson 
Nicole Thorpe 
Juan Carlos Ugaz 

t Jason Donley Umberger 
Christine Marie Weglein 
Kealey Anna West 
Fred Leon Wolford III 
David Graham Wood 
Matthew Peter Woods 
Laura A. Yates 

2nd Major: Sociology 


Amy Boyarin 
Scott Frederic Brown 
Lisa Alaine Campise 
Mark William Collins 
§ Jo Ann Rozansky Crider 
Jennifer Denmark 
Bryan William Hagin 
Michael Patrick Heighton 
Thomas Lee Herman 
Hyong Nam Kim 
Charles Thomas Kincaid 
Mark Allen Kreider 
Eric Paul Kruhm 
Kyu Lee 

Robert Joseph Liebesman 
Joseph Michael Lynch 
Tina Ann Michaels 
Andrew J. Noall 
Regina Smith 
Charles Shih Swinford 
Stefanie Mara Tapolow 
Glenn Matthew Woolwine 


Brian C. Aabel 
Jae B. Ahn 
Rodrigo Javier Alba 
Leandro Feliciano Alves 
* Salvatore Antonio Amodeo 
Andrew Auwerda 
Thomas Edward Bacon 

2nd Major: Criminal Justice 
Joseph Robert Bailor 
Maria Crist ina Barbosa 



jd — ^1 — ]i:z^c 







D[ — HC 



Decorative wrought iron sets off to good advantage a west window of 
Ritchie CoHseum. 

§ William Charles Barron 
2nd Major: Goi'eniment 
and Politics 
Marco Giuseppe Basso-Luca 
Ind Major: Government 
and Politics 
Kristen Elizabeth Bickell 
Adair Lucille Brock 
Anthony Wing-man Cheng 
Angela Mei-Kang Chu 
Catherine Anne Courtney 
Rowena Racion Cru: 
Lauren Anne Curran 
Michel Gunnar Darcis 
Natalie Bain Day 
John Richard Devlin, Jr. 
Michelle Anne DiMonte 
Michael Dougherty 
Robert Andrew Dyson 
Karen Louise Ekman 
Michael Angelo Eugenio 
Derek Thomas Faulkner 
Raul J. Fernandez 
Mary Michelle Fitzmaurice 
Jon Nathan Flusser 
Abhijit Ganguly 
Ctouglas M. Gelfand 
Barry M. Goldberg 
John Vincent Goldsmith 
William Matthew Goodwin 

§ Sanford Barry Gruenfeld 
Maria Lorena Guerrero 
John Kevin Hahn 

t Bruce Howard Hale 
Renata Melleri Hammond 

* Brian Edward Healy 
Edward Blaise Hermes 
Philip Lawrence Hervey 
Duncan Rainey Hoopes 
William Lee Howell 
Edward John Hulbert, Jr. 
Terrie Lee Hunt 
Nicole Isley 
Tracey Marie Jacobs 
Timothy Darwin Johnson 
Javier Fernando Justo 
Stephan James Kaizen 
Samuel Kim 
Sanghee Kim 

Sun Min Kim 
Paul Allen Krupinsky 
Krishna Kundu 
Thomas John Lantz, Jr. 
Brett Allison Layton 
Kang Eun Lee 
Ligang Liu 

Richard Edward Mack 11 
Mary Ann McFarland 
Timothy McKenna 
Jennifer Lynn McPherson 
Timothy McRae 

2nd Major: Afro-American 

Deborah Ann Meaney 
Joseph F. Meury 
William James Meury 
Michelle Marie Miller 
Alicia Miranda 
Linda Marie Morgan 
Marcus Andrew Morissette 
Brian Curtis Moyer 
Aidan John Murphy 
Jeddy William Songuo 

Ali Navidi 

Scott Lawrence Needleman 
Jean Jacques Nestor 
Diane Elizabeth Nisson 
Sang W. Oh 
Joel Terrance Orear 
Stephen Tufts Parker 
Michael Parrillo 
Mark Andrew Peirce 
Joseph Benson Perrie 
Phillip Michael Pickus 
Jennifer Lynn Pollack 
Brian Andrew Prather 
Anthony Eugene Rather 
Podge Mccauley Reed 111 
Richard David Reynolds 
Ramsey Scott Ross 
Vira Safai 

Aneer Hameer Samuel 
Resa Bamadiwa Sastro 
Teresa Maureen Sava 
' Timothy Howard Savage 
Phanny Ngor Schinner 
Michael Robert Schueler 


§ Summa aim Laude 
t Magna cum Laude 
* atm Laiuk' 

Neil Lev Schwann 
Patrick William Sebum 
Maarten Willem Sengers 
Frank Abraham Settleman 
Maha Shaheen 
Carole Jean Fomey-Sheerin 
Andrew C. Shields 
Adam David Silverman 
Abhai Pratap Singh 
TTiomas John Sleiger 
Craig Randall Smith 
Colleen Ann Smyth 

2r\d Major: Government 

and Politics 
Matthew TTiomas Souter 
Michael Craig Stevens 
James C. Straight 
William Sanford Stryker 
Perri L. Suggett 

* Sean Patrick Sullivan 
Dana Lynn Sutphin 
Felicia Renee Thompson 
Steven Christopher Thomhil! 
John Christopher TuUy 
Fatma Zehra Tiirkoz 

* Laura Vazquez 
Michael Robert ViUarreal 
David Joseph Voyta 
Craig Steven Voyton 
Craig Scott Weinstein 
Meng-Yuh Wu 

§ Shao Lm Yang 
Kevin Wayne Young 
2nd Major: Goi'emment 
and Politics 

Government and Politics 

Ronald Marc Abramson 
Mary Catherine Adams 
Terri Marie Adams 

* Salvatore Antonio Amodeo 
Christopher Scott Anderson 
Natausha Love Amdt 
Amy Lynn Bauer 

Terry Lynn Bennett 
C)aniel Jay Berman 
Stephanie Lynn Bertinatti 
Kerri Ann Bevilacque 
Patricia Ann Biegalski 

Glenn Edward Blanchard 

Marc J. Blazer 
Kristina Alison Boisoneau 
Jennifer L. Bolton 
Lisa Ann Bottalico 
Kimberly Dawn Bowes 
Jason Sloan Boyd 
Adam W. Braunschweiger 
Michael Andrew Briefs 
Charles Jonathan Bright, Jr. 
Valyri Jayne Broder 
Michael Stuart Brown 
Shan Lafray Brown 
Amy Diane Burch 

* Stephanie Elizabeth 

Wayne Allen Butler 

* Elliott David Cahan 
William Lawrence Callahan 
Anthony Joseph Campitelli 
Ronald Francis Canova 
John Francis Cashman 
Barrie Cheryl Center 
Ricardo Alessandro 

§ Sallie Varrelman Chatfield 
Stanley Roman Chrzanowski 111 
Thomas Edward Cindric 11 
Marie Elena Cocchiaro 
Ann Bentley Cochran 

* Michael Robert Cogan 
Douglas Randolph Coggins 
Benjamin Ryan Cohen 
Hannah Cohen 
Michelle Ann Cohen 
Lisa Michelle Cohose 
Timothy P. Cole 

Kevin Paul Collins 
Christine Mary Corrado 
Jennifer Anne Covey 
Graven Winslow Craig 
Joseph Edward Craig III 
Timothy Kevin Craig 
Caren Beth Davis 
Ryan L. Dearborn 
Timothy Martin Deegan 
Lawrence Delan 
Jennifer Devine 
Dave J. Dickerson 

Maureen Anne Donnelly 

* James Walter Douglas 
Alison Doviak 
Justin Steven Dross 
Kevin Angelo Duffy' 
Robert Nicholas Dunbar 

* Faith Lynn Eidelman 
Mark Andrew Eisel 
Kurt David Emde 

§ Joel Darren Feinberg 
Gregory Mark Feldman 
Joel Jay Feller 

* Maxine Janice Fernandez 
Leslie Anne Fineren 
Carole Mane Finneran 
Jocelyn Marie Fisher 
Kevin Robert Fishman 
Steven Thomas Fleming 
Christopher Paul Fomo 
James Francis Fosnaught 

* Mary Elizabeth Frame 
Matthew Leigh Frey 
Mary Katherine Friedrich 
Roben Marc Gamburg 

t Melissa Jeanne Garvey 

t Joconde Gaubert 
Chantale Juliet Gavlak 
Katharine Anne Classman 
Jeffry Scott Goldstein 
Kathleen Erin Gratehouse 
Makelita Suiaunoa Gray 
Jeffrey Neal Green 
Deborah Arm Greenberg 
Sonja Krista Gruhl 
Bradley Todd Guldalian 
Jeffrey Neil Gurganus 
2nd Major: Russian 

t Celena Ann Hadlock 
2nd Major: Spanish 
Kristine Marie Handren 
Thomas Michael Harding 
Gary Evan Harfenist 
Michael Adam Hassman 
Jack Samuel Herling 
James David Hersh 
Kathryn Gail Holhrcwk 
Michael David HoUis 
Sandra Lee Horan 
Karen Marie Hughes 

§ Melissa Ann Hurst 

2nd Major: Criminal Justice 
Jin K. Hwang 
Preston Eugene Innerst, Jr. 

* Karen Jane Itkin 
Thomas Allen Johnson 
Douglas Stuan Johnston 
Kevin Anthony Johnston 
Dawn Marie Jones 
Afshin Kamkari 
Peter Karlis 
Solomon Kaspi 
Paul Leon Kattas 
Evan Michael Katzman 
Shubha Shetry Kaup 
Christopher James Kelley 
Gerald Warren Kelly, Jr. 
John Francis Kelly 
Patrick McAndrew Kelly 
John Edward Kiesner 
Charles Talcott Kline 111 
Joseph Morris Kopyto 
Astrid Deanna Kozel 
Elizabeth Jean Laffitte 
Don Steven Lambert 
Mark Andrew Lang 
Michael Allan Leach 
Lisa Lynn Ledwith 
Stacy Susanne Levy 
Jeffrey William Lloyd 
Edward Louis Lombardi 
Trevin Alva London 
Sharvin Mahdavi 
Karen Colleen Maher 
Joseph Walter Malachowski 
David Michael Maletzky 
John Christopher Manougian 
Barbara Ellen March 
Jennifer Aynne Martin 
Nathaniel Vamey Masaquoi 11 

t Andrea Laura Mayer 
Jill M. McClune 
Stephanie Jane McConnell 
Judith Ann McCoy 

* Lorena Lee McCracken 
Tracy Renee McCullom 
Amy Catherine McGowan 
Michael John McKeown 
Aaron Walter Meisner 


This crest adorns the west pediment of Ritchie Coliseum. Completed in 1932, 
the building is named for former Govemer Albert C. Ritchie. 

Philip Mobilia 
Louise Robin Modlin 
Zanetta Nyleene Moore 
Hillarie Blair Morris 
Lisa Muentener 

2Tui Major: German 
Joel Cabatingan Muneses 
Amy Hassett Myers 
Andrew Jay Nardone 
Sharon Hayes Neslcy 
Nancy Lynn Newman 
Stephen Jory Nitkin 
Patrick John O'Reilly 
Fernando Fitzgerald Palacios 
James Richard Pardes 
Drew Daniel Peabody 
Thomas Joseph Pekin III 
Lillian Mirella Pefia 
Cajetan Desiderio Pereira 
Derrick Christopher Phillips 
Adam Lloyd Pinchuck 
Rose Felicity Pineda 
Jacqueline Leigh Plexico 
Bruce Harrison Powell 
Carlos Renardo Pugh 
Margo Ruth Pyes 
Carol Ann Ramsey 
Sandra C. Reaves 
Jennifer Marie Reed 
Celestine Rideout 
Terri Berthenia Robinson 
Matthew C. Roeser 
Brad Harris Rosken 

Christine Frances Rowse 
t Daryn Earl Rush 
t Katherine Anne Rutemiller 
2nd Major: East Asiar\ 
Languages and Literatures 

Christine Marie Sauk 

Joy Lynn Schaftel 

Karen Lynn Schlesinger 

Amy R. Schneider 

Jeffrey Xavier Schumacher 

Scott Evan Schwaber 

Valerie Sewell 

Eron Sheldon Shosteck 

Jennifer Jenkins Shuman 

Debby Lee Siegel 

Rifka Rachel Silber 

Eric Sloboda 

Douglas Alan Sloss 

Jason Small 

Peter Scott Smith 

Michael William Spencer 

Kevin David Spurrier 

Sean TTiomas Hitchings 

Sheri Lynn Strasbaugh 

Wayne Christian Sullivan 

Kenneth Aughtr>' Talley 

Michael A. Taylor 

Tanya Yvette Taylor 

Lloyd Latham Temple 111 

Karen Tym Terry 
§ Susan Beth TTiompson 

Tracy Lynn Thompson 

* William Jeffrey Thompson 

Keith A. Tobias 

Jane M. Troy 

Brian A. Vaughn 

Patrick Brian Venzke 

Mai Thi Vu 

Erik Fangshen Wang 

Leonard Neil Ware 

Peter Jan Webster 

Dean Douglas Weiner 

Rachel Ann Weisman 

Martin Ira Weitzman 

Elizabeth Ann Wicke 

Karen llene Wildman 

Jessica R. Wilk 

Carol Lee Williams 
§ Derrick Price Williamson 

Robert Jacob Winston 

Ivan Alec Zigler 

Hearing and Speech Science 

Cathleen Vivian Baquero 
Sherie Ann Bober 
Alison Marjorie Breslav 
Mechelle Scruggs Cochran 
Pamela Rae Greenwald 

§ Sarah Elizabeth Hargus 
Jill Ann Harowitz 

t Andrea Darrow LaMarche 
Philip Angelo Lynch 
Karen Jean Norris Minton 
Tamara Fern Podolsky 
Margaret Anne Pohutsky 

Debra Louise Ryan 
Christine Denise Schaus 
Shelley Dee Sectxilish 
Jessica Tanya Simpson 
Lisa Parris Soslow 
Robyn Lynn Spina 
Nancy Sue Tartar 
Dana Patrice Thompson 
t Samia Carmen Zarour 
Courtney Lynn Zellmer 
Jeanne Mane Zierdt 


Gabrielle Adams 
Scott D. Aiken 
Mary Elizabeth Anderson 
Christina Lynn Anzelmo 
Soung Yoon Bae 
Michelle Jean Beannan 
Daniel Rupert Bell 

* Blythe Ann Berger 
§ Elaine P. Bowman 

t Bertina Hansen Boyd 
Charles I. Boyer, Jr. 
Walter Mott Brennan 
Susan Brinkerhuft 
Steven Randall Bromley 
Anita Ramone Brooks 

* Jody Lynn BuUer 
Christopher Everette Canter 
Vicki S. Caplin 
Esperanca Aleluia Urbano 



§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laiui-' 

Susan Lara Chaiken 

§ Suzanne Margaret Childress 
Denise Ann Ciocher 

t Paul Lawrence Qihen 
Jill Ann Colton 
Leonard F Coy 
James Byron Craig 
Irene Carter Culver 
Madeleine Denise 

Donna Elena Delfico 
Dino Di Mauro 
Susan Eanes 
Ilene Joy Epstein 
Karen Judith Erhardt 
Melissa Ken Estrin 
Mohammed Fares 
Catherine Lynn Fisher 
Liska Erika Friedman 
Lauren A. Gallina 
Peggy Mae Geisler 
Nancy Marie Giunta 
Michelle L. Gness 
Michelle Lynn Goldberg 
Elena Marie Gomez 
Vicky Lynn Griffin 
Charles Edward Hater, Jr. 
Hans Christian Hammer 
Dorothy Ellen Hampton 
Phuong Ha Hoang 
Martha Ann Holhrook 
Robyn Shari Jacobs 
Diana Lee Jacobsen 
Brian David Jaworowski 
Mechelle Anne Jones 
Shimon Alter Kaminetzky 
Andrew Douglas Kass 
June Nichole Kim 
Kathryn Leigh Kirstein 
Kimberly Beth Kramer 
Eileen Carol Kupfer 
Tomothy Ellis Kwaloff 
Shawna Renee Lafer 
Theresa Christine Leahy 
Denise Marie Leonard 
Laurie Gail Lemer 
Stacey Faith Limansky 

§ Alison Linzenbold 
Dawn Michelle Maher 

Julie Lynd Main 
Cheri Beth Marshall 
Bonnie Lynn Masnick 
Katherine Elizabeth Mayer 
Suzanne Kay McLaren 
Jessica Robin Miller 
Cynthia Anne Morgan 
t Nancy Ann Mullens 
Susan Lorraine Muskin 
Sima Sherri Muster 
Alethia Nadine Nancoo 
Andrew Ripley Nottidge 
Michelle Robin Orocofsky 

* Judith Mary O'Rorke 
Peggy Martha Osztreicher 
Mary Sinhe Park 
Deirdre Anna Pavlides 

§ Elizabeth Anne Pontari 
Michelle Anne Ramos 
Joan Marie Reuben 

t Sara Lynn Reynolds 

Michelle Lynn Richardson 
Renee Anne Roberts 
Y. Annette Ryan 
Kenneth T. Schneider 
Nikki J. Seitz 
Jonathan Scott Shapiro 

* Cheryl Lynn Sibert 
Valerie Lynn Siegel 
Sandra Faye Small 
Stacy Anne Snyder 
Jeffrey Spiegler 
Mathew C. Springer 
Patricia S. Suffin 
Wendy Turner Sullivan 
Ann Marie Swader 
Jean-M. Sylla 

Karen L. Taylor 

Beatrix Susan Teglassy 

John P. Thomas, Jr. 
t Fernanda Trotta 

Robert Joseph Trout 

Carol Ann Tully 
S Heather B. Twomey 

Daniel E. Udoff 

Elizabeth Valderrama 

* Jennifer Lynne Wand 
Caren M. Wechsler 
Tracy Lorraine Williams 

Elizabeth Jil Winograd 
Karen Leigh Wisner 
Sonya Beth Wolf 
Jang Soo Yoon 
Stuart Todd Zaller 


Tuleen Parveen Alam 
Mark Philip Anderson 
Christine Veronica Asman 
Alexander Leo Balk 
Diane Lynn Barbarisi 
§ Lisa Joy Bard 
Carolyn Bernstein 
Steven Wayne Boggs 
Andrea Lynn Booth 

* Blaine Abram Bragg 
Amy Kelley Brereton 
Tracy Raye Bridges 
Carol L. Bristow 
Wade Harris Brody 
Stacy Leigh Bushman 

* Heather Susan Caldwell 
Christopher P. Carney 
Gina Marie Coccia 
Kerry Patrick Cochran 
Michelle Antionette Collins 
Christopher Collins Cooper 
Max Jean Etienne 

Ann Marie Fitzenreiter 
Mark Edward Forchielli 
Maureen Francis Gallalee 
Maura Anne Gilsenan 
Heather Helene Goldberg 
Clarice Yolanda Griffin 
Joni Beth Gross 
Christopher Mark Halkyard 
Patricia A. Hansen 
Terri Lynn High 
Hoyt Drummond Hughes 
Jeffrey L. Hurdle 
Karen Leslie Jacobowitz 
Gina Allison Jacobs 
Stacy Estelle Johnson 
t Gay Diana Johnston 
Susan Ann Juskelis 
George Kalargyros 
Norio Kashiwaya 
Lisa Beth Kazinoff 

Kenneth William Keener 
Kimberly Ann Klender 
Tina K. Kwon 
Michelle Marie Lamarre 
Stacey Ann Layton 

§ Melissa Lemberg 
Sherry Elaine Lemley 
Felice B. Levine 
Lynn Rene Levitan 
Kathleen Susan Little 
Patricia Ann Luther 
Stacey Macall Magazanick 
Mark Jason Mandel 
Lizette Marie McGriff 
Kelly Lee Merritt 
Charles Anthony Miller 
Margo Hope Miller 
Stacy Allison Misher 
Catherine SybiUa Mitinger 
Michelle Erin Mueller 
Lillian Anne Murray 
Lynne M. Myers 
Colleen Teresa O'Dea 

IndMajor: Criminal justice 
Dana Denise Ofifutt 

* PaulE. Quade 
Janet Michele Rice 
John James Rogers 
Jennifer Ann Rowe 
Craig Stephen Royal 
Anne Theresa Ryan 
Soren Orville Schafft 
Valerie Monica Shaw 
Alan Harris Siegel 
Patricia Suzanne Sobin 
Janet Lynn Spurlock 
Irene Stathes 
Tracy Ann Tabor 
Janna Beth Thomsen 
Patricia Jill Toll 
Jennifer Lynn Weiss 
Michele Lynn Weiss 
Ramona Worth ington 

Urban Studies 

Christine Angelica Ababa 
Jeffrey Scott Anikstein 
David James Baden 
Daniel L. Bauman 


Wendy Ann Bivens 
Stephanie Elaine Burrell 
Charles Donald Camith II 
Brian Todd Cooperman 
Joseph L. Costa 
Kenneth Stephen Crockett 
James William DeMoss, Jr. 
William Judson Drengwitz 
Kathleen Frances Ellis 
Clifford Evan Feldstein 
Abby Michelle Goldman 
Steven Michael Gottsegen 
Jeffrey Marc Herskowitz 
Phillip James Humphries 
Paula Marie Kerr 
Laura B. Levine 
Lisa Marie Lewis 
Paul Gary Liebman 
Scott Peter Lifschultz 
Nathania Anna Branch Miles 
Lisa Boylan Miller 
Vincent Carl Mmni 
Audrey Panitch 
Michelle Denise Peoples 
Frank John Petkunas 
David Robert Fletcher 

Daniel J. Pyle 
Shawn Yvette Rich 
Andrew Lawrence Ross 
Mitchell Ira Siegel 
Paul Gcrhardt Sipes 
Robert F Smith, Jr. 
Steven Ross Stecklow 
James M. Thibodeau 
Myron Sheldon Watson 
Paul Philip Wiezorek 
Tammy Ann Wyatt 
Melinda Sue Yost 

Bachelor of Science 


William Hadley Adams 
§ Stephen Lantz Coffeen 
William Patrick Cumberland 
Gregg Francis Countryman 
Claris Cannon Davis 

Danilo Jose DeGuzman 
Robert W. DuBose 
Daniel Harris Feinberg 
Kathleen Sue Galli 
Marcus Sean Govan 
Laura Elizabeth Legler 
Ann Genevieve Michels 
Kristen J. Olson 
Justic Cassidy Poole 
Pamela Jean Richter 
Michael Douglas Rogers 
Harvey Scott Siegel 
Paula Lynn Smith 
Hak Soon Song 
Patrick Anderson Squires 
JeanAnne Marie Ware 



Elham Amini-Nejad 
Robson Ferreira Araujo 

* Rachel Lauren Bernstein 
t Sally Angela Bogacz 

* Daniel Alan Boyd 
Bridget Michelle Casey 

* Juliana Elizabeth Cavin 
Anthony Wing-man Cheng 

t Deborah Rosalyn Chipman 
Susan Cierlitsky 
Esther Michelle Cohen 

* Denise Moore Cook 
Christopher Joseph Cooksey 
Angel Sandoval Daly 
Ronsard Daniel 

* Cathy Christienne Flanders 
James T. Fox 

Joel Gary Gale 

Donald Lewis Geil 


Norman Marc Haendler 

Joseph A. Jurbala 

Martha Ann Kerensky 

Harold Haroutune Kevorkian 

Lewis Alan Lazarus 

W. Laurence Lindenmaier 

Robert Anthony Logan 

Lisa Marie McDonald 


Crowned with the numeral 
10, the gateway next to the 
Rossborough Inn was a gift to 
the University from the Class 
of 1910. It was dedicated 
in 1941. 

§ Summa cum Lawk 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Veronica Alesia McGlone 
Timothy Guy Mefferd 
Sharon Lynn Morey 
2nd Major: Sociology 

* Susan Amy Morganstein 
Kan Roann Poms 
Deborah Lynn Reames 
Brian Glen Reynolds 
David Adam Rosh 
Tracey Lynn Sanchez 

§ Richard Andrew Schoor 
Karen Danielle Smith 

§ Leigh Ann Tatterson 

t Iman Makeha Terrell 

t Shelley Lynn Wachter 
Karen Ann Wagner 

t Sophia Chuen Ning Wang 

* Nancy Ellen Weintraub 
John Aaron Wolfe 
Nancy Anne Yates 

§ AUyson Rob>Ti Zazulia 

College of Business 
and Management 

Bachelor of Science 


§ Kimherly Sue Abtxi 
Nicolas Macadagal Acal 

* Lynne Marie Schoenl Adams 
Richard Allen Aldridge 11 
David Anthony Alperti 
Ritu Arya 

Kar^'n Antonia Awai 

Lisa Badie 

Beatri: Bituin Barrientos 

2rd Kiajor: Economics 
Andre Theodore Best 
^ Linda Marie Bialas 
Barbara Bissinger 
Adam Mark Bleifer 
James Charles Blurton, Jr. 

2nd Major: Finance 
Holly Lynn Borman 
Celia Kaul Bott 
Suzanne Marie Boudreau 
Matt D. Boyd 
Kathleen A. Brosky 

Darlene Denise Brown 
Wendy Marcus Calvin 
Oliver Laurent Calza 

§ Dina Blythe Caraballo 
Lana Rae Carey 
Leslie Carlisle 

* Earl D.Carter 
Ura Cha 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Michael Chaky, Jr. 
Yoon Jong Chang 
Karanendra Singh Chhina 
Soonthree Chivavihul 
Ssang Hyun Cho 
Loretta Lee Clark 
Michael Keith Cohen 
Bruce Alden Corfield, Jr. 
Philip H. Comblatt 
Knstina Lynne Culver 
Deana M. Cuomo 

t Ursula Tzu-Hui Dai 
Carol>-n Diane Daly 
Jacqueline Dangle 
Jacquelyn E. Daniels 
Tonya Nashea Davis 
Edgar Benedict Guanzon de 

Joseph P. DeDominicis 
Rosemary Lynn Dempsey 
Linda Ann Denzer 
Deepa K. Desai 
Vincent Adam Doring 
Janice Marie Duffy 
Christopher Thomas Dunne 
Carlos Wuan Ellerbe 
Valerie Ezrin 
Scott Bennett Felrice 
Stephen Brian Ferber 
Ann Mary' Ferry 

t Joanne Christine Forbes 
Laura Trafton Forline 
Julie Beth Frank 
James Joseph Garvey 

§ Phong Giang 

Heather Theresa Gibson 
Kathy Lynn Goldberg 
Julie Ann Goldsmith 

* Cathleen Joy Grider 

* Candace Vito Grueff 

Charles Alphonse Hall 
Lisa Karen Halle 
James Bruce Hartman 
Timothy Hayden 
Jeffrey Hodinko 
Regina Lee Hoppe 
Scott Keadle Horst 
Chung Nok Hui 
Elizabeth Ann Hynes 
Bruce Robert Julien 

* Galit Jill Kami 
Michael Joseph Keller 
In Su Kim 

Samuel Kim 
Kenneth Brian Kofsky 
Vera Marie KoUy 
Matthew Robert Kreinces 
Sheryl Beth Kushner 
Alex San-Lok Kwong 
Deborah Lisa Lande 
Tamara Ann Lee 
Neil Howard Leibowitz 
David Allen LeimenstoU 
Ronni Michelle Lev^ 

t Chang Lynn Li 
Jiajun Li 

Sharon Elizabeth Lockwood 
Clifton Joseph Luber, Jr. 
Daniel Patrick Lynch 
Elizabeth Ann Maher 

t Mar^' Catherine Mahoney 
Tara D. Mandel 

* Rebecca Marcus 
Mathew Wayne Mazzuca 
Kerrianne Theresa McElroy 
Todd McKenna 

Dolores Anne Midkiff 
Gary Alan Moll 
Patricia Susan Morley 
Yohane Melyi Mtei 
Cynthia Jean Obenland 
Scott Douglas Oliver 
Jeffrey Scott Olson 
Kerrie Lea Pariso 
Paul Joseph Parker 
Suzanne Lynne Panner 
Mona Raojibhai Patel 

* Kimberly Lynn Patterson 
Anjanette Lorene Phillips 

Gary Michael Pyne 

* Betsy C.Ray 

Darwina Giovanna Rhodes 
Diane Mane Ringel 
Timothy Brian Roberts 
Michael Lemoin Rogers 
Anne Renee Rosen 
Paul Antoninus Sambuco 

* Kimberly Ann Santos 
Mark Patrick Scepura 
Anne Elizabeth Schrantz 
David Jerome Seif 

§ Lorraine Anne Sexton 
Laurel Susan Spak 

* Eileen Gerri Springer 
t Colleen E. Stevens 

Paul James Switzer 

* Patricia Anne Taylor 
Ann Marie Tetreault 
Michael David Thomas 

* Andrew Martin Tinana 
Jitanshu Sanatkumar Trivedi 
Elisabeth Louise Van der 


Eric Warren 
§ Allen Elmer Webb 

Daniel Seth Weinstein 

Gary Alan Wilhelm 

Erica Lynette Williams 

Lisa Lee Wong 

Qing Xiao 

2nd Major: Cherrustry 

Chong Hui Yi 

John Jonghyun Yi 
t Danielle Marie Young 

Juan Manuel Zaldumbide 

John Edward Zieba 


Tassos V. ArgyTOS 
George Phillip Armstrong 
Peter Lynn Ashley 
John Michael Bachkosky 
Marcia Laudell Bailey 
Jon Keith Barasch 
Paul Martin Bateman 
t Martin Alan Becker 

* Sharon L. Becker 
Timothy Allen Becker 


John Francis Bell, Jr. 

Joseph Francis Bell 

Patrick Stuart BilUngsley 
t Mary Gerette Birdsell 

Christopher Hansen Bourdon 

Nicholas Carl Bracaglia 
§ John Edward Brennan 

Frank Mason Carpenter, Jr. 

Steven Bradley Carson 

* Larry Wayne Carter 
Ricardo German Catro 
Cynthia Marylin Cauley 

2nd Major: Markeang 
Paula Cavanaugh 
Bryan T. Chapin 
Karanendra Singh Chhma 
Sabrina Elaine Chin 
Robert Sheldon Clark, jr. 
James Colonias 

2nd Major: Mar/ceting 
Joseph Augustine Connor IV 
Darci Anne Cooper 
David Lowell Dickson 
Stephen Douglass Dix 
Brian Michael Dom 
Michael Br>'an Duffy' 
Kevin L. Egypt 
Lee Jeffrey Fiechtner 
Brian Firstman 
Andrew John Galanakis 
Vikas Garg 
James L. Giangrande 
Paul Jason Glashofer 
Seth David Goldberg 
Ira Jeffrey Goldsmith 

* Stephen P. Goldstein 
Marc Spencer Golub 
Lisa Jill Gorevitz 
Robert Charles Green 
Ted Stephen Halpem 
Larry Michael Heuple 

* Thomas William 

2rul Major: Accounting 
Gregory Thomas Hills 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Christy Marie Hobbs 
Donald Lorenz Hoffman 

Eric Vernon Hoffman 

John William Hricay 

Philip Marc Hyatt 

Cenk Faik Ipeker 

Barbara C. Johnson 
t Barbara Leigh Jones 

Matthew J. Kaluzienski 

Robert Saul Karasic 

Julie Marie Kassay 

Nicholas Anthony Katsakis 
t Joseph Keith Kessel 
2nd Major: Marketing 

Melissa Ann Kessler 

Laurie Ann Khanzetian 

Sheila Hiralal Khatri 
§ Thomas James Kimner 

Susan Jane Kolb 

Maria A. Konstantinidis 

Patrick Stuart LaSalle 

Joong Ky Lee 

Keith Alan Leginze 

James Theodore Lemanski 

Robert C. Leone 

Richard Howard Levine 

Kevin Stuart Linden 

Thomas Peter Ltximis 

* Mark Dominick Macaluso 
t Heather Ann Malby 

Michael James Manimbo 
Nicole Christine Mazander 

2nd Ma;or: Accounring 
Edward Anthony Mazur 
Kemanne Theresa McElroy 
Fred A. McNeil 
Bethann Marie Monaco 

* Colin K. Monyo 
Cary Elliott Moore 
John Kevin Moore 
Guy Haskell Morgan 111 

§ Kelly Lizabeth Nash 
Jeff Natale 
Yaser Nazeer 
Brian Neale 

2rui Major: Markering 

* Anne Katherine Nicodemus 
Robert Joseph Norton 
Edward D. O'Day 

Patrick Christopher O'Neal 
Donna Marie Ozgo 

t Eugene Park 
John Jae-Bum Park 
Shian Long Pau 
James William Pegram, Jr. 
Jeffrey C. Polsky 
Charles Amodei Post 
Jamil ur Rahman 
Jay Ashley Randolph 

t Desiraju Pramila Rao 

t Vineeta Rastogi 

Angelo Luis Rodriguez 
Edward Charles Rosemond 
Robert Eliot Rosenbaum 
Marc Nathan Rubinstein 
Jamie Lynn Rudo 
David Mark Sadd 
Joseph Robert Saiko 

§ Eric Joseph Saltrick 
Kiran Manikonda Sastry 

2nd Major: General Bitsiness 
Michael Craig Schneider 
Karla Michelle Scott 
Donald Jason Semonick 
2nd Major: Marketing 
Ramzi M. Shammaa 
Kevin Man-Ho Shaw 
Katherine Ann Simmons 
Darryl Edward Simms 
Corinne Graciela Snitzler 
Sherri Lee Solovey 
IDavid Thomas Stefan 
Michael Richard Stein 
Frank P. Strcich 
Peter A. Suazo IV 
Edward Chong Wou Suk 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Richard Atwexid Sullivan, Jr. 

* Eric C. Surette 
Eric John Tacik 
Rhonda Susan Topaz 
Adrienne Edmands Vance 
Elise Louise Vanabedian 
Libia T. Vasquez 
Pradeep Kumar Victor 
Jonathan Paul Wade 
Chung Yuan Wang 

§ Charlotte A. Watsi>n 
Demetrius Martel Whye 
Dewi Mega Widjaja 

Patrick Sean Wiggins 
Edward Allan WiUenborg 
Douglas John Williams 
Lawrence S. Winkler 
2tu1 Major: Economics 

General Business 

Joanne S. Bast 
Jason Carl Bouma 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Michelle Margaret Cimino 
James David Colandrea 
Mark Lorian Coombs 
Todd Aaron Copeland 
William Joseph Costello 
Paul Christopher Day 
Michelle Ann DeCoste 
Diana Jo Donley 
Alexander Breuning Duda 
Victor Daniel Duny 
Michael John Duray 
Machelle Anne Fabian 
Richard Ross Feinbaum 

* Maria Madeleine Fuster 
Lora Giancola 
Eric D. Goldstein 
Alan Brett Goltz 
Loma Marie Gross 
Todd Lee Hollabaugh 
Todd Michael King 
Daniel Rutherford Lieberson 
Richard Todd Litofsky 
Stacy Lee Lutz 
Sandra Martin 
Frank Alan McKnew 

t Andrew Alan Melgaard 
Joseph Wayne Merkel 
Kim Kenneth Mills 
Troy Denire Montgomery 
Angela Carmichael 

Scott Dana Orange 
Shawn Alfred Phillips 
Maria Mitsis Redden 
Christopher R. Reed 
Christina Lynn Rife 
Michael John Ritter 
Andrea Lynn Riva 


§ SwmiTw aim LauAe 
f Magi\a cum Lmidi: 
* cum Lauiic 

Mitchell Jon Schwartz 
Christopher Thomas Smith 
Glenn Fitzgerald Smith 
Kelly Christine Steenrod 
2nd Major: Personnel and 
Labor Relations 

t William Anthony Steigerwald 
Michael Craig Stevens 
D'Ann Lee Swan 

* Shirley Roberta Sybrant 
Peter Joseph Terek 
Jeffrey Wayne Thomas 
Nancy Diane Timchalk 
MireiUe Turpin 
Raymond Scott Vincent 
Sherry Lynn Williams 
Douglass Andrew Wood 

2nd Major: Transportation 
Claudia Grace Young 
Ives Mauricio Zaldumhide 

Management Science and 

Sanjay Bagal 

Sarah Elizabeth Canham 

Yi-Fei Chen 

Naoko Fukunaga 

2nd Major: Finance 
Eklinda Yvonne Heytens 

2nd Major: Finance 
Han Dinh Hoang 
Dorothy Lucinda Mann 
Douglas Arthur McDonald 
Craig Warren Milhiser 
Huong Thanh Nguyen 
Nikolaos Padelidis 
Michelangela Viudez Rivera 
Kenneth R Sullivan 
§ Helen Margaret Thomas 
Vmnda N. Udeshi 
John Williams 

2nd Major: Finance 


Stephen Lamont Alford 
Nnecheta Eva Anochie 
Alexander Nicholas Aspiotis 
Katherine Gerise Balon 
Edward John Barnes 

Margaret L. Ban- 
Ruth Ann Berkowitz 
Daniela Joy Bermann 
Ronald Wayne Blevins 

2nd Major: Finance 
Jennifer Sue Blum 
Linda Ann Braun 
Amy Michelle Buck 
James A. Bums 
Karen Michelle Cahill 
David Alan Carr 
Kirsten Sigrid Castafio 
Brenda Heidi Chodroff 

* Wendy llene Cohn 
Michael J. Collins 
Lisa Jane Colombo 
Robin Michelle Cook 
Frank William Corcoran 
Lorraine Cumello 
Darla A. Danaher 

2rui Major: Finance 
Mary Shelley Darling 
Jamie Michele David 
Thomas G. Diethrich, Jr. 
Kevin John Ebeling 
Susan Lynn EUetson 

* Dominic Joseph Feltham 
Joseph Raymond Fernandez 
Kristina Ann Fideli 
Alison Merle Forman 
Cheryl Fried 

Sally A. Gelhlum 
Richard Scott Goldberg 
Manuel Antonio Granado, Jr. 
Debbie Sue Greenberg 
Elise Nina Grossman 
Scott Alan Grossman 
Jennifer Ann Harvey 
Robert Aaron Hatcher 
Elaine Hauser 
Kathleen Marie Heister 
Lynn Marie Hiltabidle 
Adam Jeffrey Holzer 
Deborah Ann Hoza 
Christopher Michael Hunter 
Darby Ann Hutchinson 
Karen Margaret Johnson 
Kimberly Jacquette Jones 

Vernon C. Jones 
t Mami Lynn Kallins 
2nd Major: French 
Stephanie Ann Kasmer 
Daniel Jay Kaufman 
Jeffrey R. Kay 
Joseph Michael Kekeris 
Brendan Kennedy 
Barbara Jean Kramek 
Jeffery Joseph Krivak 
Catherine LaFemina 
Tina Marie Lauricella 
Fung Ha Law 

* Leslie Adrienne Leacock 
Mary Helen Leahy 
Cheryl Beth Leichter 
Sokhareth Lek 

Dian Linda Levy 

Aloha To Nga Ley 
§ Rachel Sabra Libman 

Jennifer Leigh Lippy 
2nd Major: Finance 

Betsy Melissa Lowen 

Marisa Lois Lupo 

Constance Lilli Magee 

Stephen David Martinec 

Dawn Kimberly Masiello 

Christine Marie Matikas 

Toko Matsukawa 

Stephen Xavier Mazzuca 
t Allen Gregory McClain 

2nd Major: Traiuportation 
§ Douglas Thane 

t Diana Marie Mellott 

Brian Francis Miller 

Dushanti Peiris 

Shawn Leon Perry 

Rebecca Peterson 

* Lynne Gayle Plotnick 
Robin Lee Poe 
Michael David Pond 
Adam Andrew Prasatek 

2nd Major: Finance 
James Franklin Renfrow, Jr 
Kenneth Stuart Roshkoff 
James Wade Rubush 
David S. Rudie 
Michele Renee Salafia 

Paul L. Schulman 
Jennifer Marie Schwartz 

2nd Major: Finance 
t Judith Ellen Scott 
Christina L. Sheckler 
Randi Michele Silver 
Debra Michelle Singer 
Scott Alan Smolar 
Dwita Yulisanti Soewamo 
Suzanne Naomi Spencer 
Schuyler Alexander M. 

Melody Arianne Tibett 
Edmundo Vallenas 
Patricia Anastasia Vieira 
Carol Domenica Villa 
Dale Aline Wagenmann 
Nan Linda Weinroth 
John Bernard Wetzel 
Jodie Beth Wynne 
Rosa Yeh 

Lisa Michele Younger 
Michael Brett Zane 

Personnel and Labor 

Mary Noel Adams 
Christopher Andrew Agrusti 
Robyn Debra Berkowitz 
Linda Jane Brooks 
Tom Marie Condor 

* Daniel Andrew Cronin 
Jenny Rebecca G red lies 

* Joan Frances Kelso 
Mary Virginia Poynor 

Rayna Mae Ko lander 
Barbara Joan Kolb 
Amy Beth Marquardt 
Alexandra Pamela Mazzitti 
Kathleen Robin Muscovich 
Maria Canto Singer 
Timothy Wilkins Smith 
Lisa Michelle Younger 

Production Management 

Julie Ann Barrowman 
2nd Major: Transportation 
3rd Mo/or: Ge7ieral Business 


Brian Dominic Waak 
2nd Major: Personnel and 
Labor Relations 


Juanda Lila Andrews 

2r\d Major: Marketing 
James Herbert Butterworth 
t Craig Randall Carter 
Joel Brett Crisler 
Alfred Nicholas Flerlage 
David Gregg Koses 

2r\d Major: Urban Studies 
Zhigniew Kozlowski 
Aloha To Nga Ley 

2nd Major: General Business 
Kenneth Gerald Miller 111 
Elizabeth Arm O'Neill 
David Edward Osterhuber 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Robert Joseph Pinsky 
Gerald Roy Reinhardt II 

2nd Major: Economics 

* Brenda Lee St. Denis 
William Curtis Steneman 
Lynn Linh Thai 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Eric Anthony Beach 
Donald Edward Haw 
John William Macuk 
James Joseph Mallonee III 

Computer Science 

* Bahman Adeli 
Stephen Michael Ansley 
Andrew Arensburger 
Michaela Lee Blondell 

§ Predrag Bogdanovic 
Jacquin Morris Buchanan 
Robert Kurt Burkhart 
Robert Thomas Caffrey 

William Glenn Carr 

* Mikyong Choe 
David Michael Cohen 
Jeft" W.Cohen 

Erin Michael Conley 
William Mark Doyle 
James Arthur Earl 
Claire Louise Earlewine 
David Evan Eisner 

* Ross David Emery 
Noelle Frances Ferry 
Brian Frank Freedman 
Catherine Hilda Fury 

* Jose A. Garcia 

* Douglas Franklin Gardner 
Troy Donell Gardner 

2)ui Major: A/ro-American 
Valeri Jean Goldbeck 

* James Fred Gould 
Barry Arthur Grasso 
Brian Thomas Gray 
Thomas John Gronsky 
Frederick Paige Hayes 

t Xiaoding He 

Michael Dean Helmeke 
Jonathan Scott Herstein 
Donald Edward Hopkins 
Venkat Rao Jalagam 

t Ramesh S. Kannappan 
S. Roy Kapani 

* Daniel Scott Kasprow 
Chi-Yon Kim 
Daeshik Kim 
Eugene Hahn Kim 
Jeffrey Alan Koppi 
Phuong Ngoc Le 
Cheng-Tsun Lee 
Eun Sub Lee 

* Christopher Earl Lesher 

* Yang Luh 
Martin Burl Maier 
George Francis Maliszewski 
Dorothy Lucinda Mann 

* Mary Therese Martz 
Brian Douglas Miller 
John Patrick Mills 
Manish Modi 

Oscar Hernando Mora 

John Chia-Kang Nei 
Kimphuong Nguyen 
Scott J. Novell 
Erick Kent Peters 
Trung Quang Pham 
Matthew Scott Piermarini 
Victoria E. Powell 
§ Puneet Rakesh 
Anita G. Ranade 
Thomas M. Reilly 
Dianne Courtney Rife 
Benjamin Ynares Roca 
Frederick Saul Rosen 

* Kenneth William Rothermel, 

John Lynwood Scott 
Dale Sercu 

* Sumeeti Seth 
Chi Ki Sit 

David John Slafkosky 
Sharon Sobol 

Oscar Frederick Somerlock 111 
Hillel Dov Steinberg 
James Tucker Strom 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Chi Tien Tai 

Airton Jose Torres Teixeir 
Robert Warren Thomas 
Michael Robert Trakas 

§ Michael Bao Trinh 
Steven Maurice Turner 
Khanh Tan Vo 
Virginia V. Walker 
Heather Elizabeth Waters 
Noreen O'Hara Welch 
Evaline Zipporah Were 

t Kurt Andrew Westerfeld 

* Steven Robert Wicinski 
Wai Yee Wong 
Henry Yee 

t Heidi Elise Yost 

Johan Adrian van Zuylen 11 


Mark Capen Everett 
Barbara Carol Lee 
John Edward Nay 


Jorge M. Barrientos 

§ Predras Bogdanovich 
Craig Joseph Robley Casey 
Leslie Alfreda Chambers 

§ Yoosoon Chang 

David Bryan Channell 
Michael Steven Danoff 
Victor Paul De Libera, Jr. 
William Dill 

* Christopher David Ellison 
Alexander Isidro Escobedo 
Kevin L. Hart 

* James Bradley Heil 
Tracy Anne Ijams 
Lawrence Denwood Jackson 
Theya Prakashini 

James Scott Koehler 
Gregory Lee Koolbeck 
Yiu-Young Lee 
Nazi Maleki 

Charles Theodore May IV 
Patrick Stephen McCusker 
Ann Merchlinsky 
Paul Anthony Miletic 

§ Christopher James Monsour 
Caprice Anne Morrison 

§ Annegret Paul 

t Richard Philip Penn 
Brian Heath Perkins 
Randall Scott Phillips 
Joseph Lawrence Pielmeier 
David Herbert Rice 
Eric Christopher Salter 

Physical Sciences 

Rose Joan Averett 
Gary Royce Bumbalough 
Michael Joseph Cohalan Bur 
Carolyn Anne Costello 
Gregg Francis Countryman 
Tung T. Do 
Scott Lewis Femald 
Harry Gerapetritis 
Joseph Hershel Klompus 
Mohammed Beru Maeruf 
Jonathan Seth Mitchell 
Robert Gabriel Mitchell 

§ Summa cum Laude 
f Magiui cum Laude 
* cum Laude 

Christina M. Montanez 
Monica Elaine Vondrasek 
James William Watson 
Robin Lavem White 


Brent William Agnew 

* Karyl Jean Davis 
John Paul DiMarzio 
William Jerome Green 

t Xiaoding He 

Martyn William Peck 

§ Christopher James Monsour 
Ird Major: Astronomy 

t Kenny J. Peterson 
Cynthia Ann Ropiak 
Eric Christopher Salter 

* James Woodrow Sedler, Jr. 
Arvind Sinha 

College of Education 
Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Elizabeth Elaine James 
Heather Lyn Johnson 
Lisa Randy Katz 
Kim Paradiso 

* Patricia Prauhs 
Margaret Nelson Schultz 

English Education 

Christina Lynn Bell 
Charles Frederick Budeit 
Nancy Jo Courson 
Patricia Jeanne Crews 
David Andrew Johnson 
Dale Hervey McCarthy 
Athena Sophia Nicolettos 

Foreign Language Education 

Claudia Melanie Barker 
Rebecca Lynn Brown 
Elizabeth AUeen Gutches 
Stephen Robert Russell 
Karl Eric Spangle r 
Lucia Linda Young 

Mathematics Education 

John Stanley Way 

Social Studies Education 

Heather Sue Beaton 
Maurine Faye Fanning 
Robert M. Jones 
James Melescio Pacheco 
Brian David Peterson 
John Herbert Pcxile 
Elizabeth Robin Smith 
Avigayl Young 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Lisa Michele Ager 
Elizabeth Ann Bronson 
Margaret Therese Gearin 
John Robert Overman 
Kimberly C. Preis 

Early Childhood Education 

Lisa Christine Andersen 
* Nancy J. Byerly 

Mary Adeline Cromwell 
Lisa Nicole Hagesteary 
David Casey Hickenbottom 
Monica Silvia Kohout 
Pilar Teresita Lopez 
Susan Marie Martin 
Virginia Ann Meadows 
Zorina Mohammed 
Christa O'Neill 
Ailyn Ame Panganiban 
Joyce Ann Rothenberg 
Christina Lynn Rutledge 
Mandy Ellen Scheps 
Claudia Ann Silverstein 
Donna Cherie Smallwood 
Christine Marie Truntich 
Bridgette Renee Waters 

Elementary Education 

Jill La Verne Ahrens 
Marci Lee Anderson 
Krista Julene Baker 
Wendy I. Berman 
Mary Elizabeth Brahm 

Donna Marie Calvert 
Christine Ellen Coulby 
Peggy Anne Drescher 
Deborah Jean Gargano 
Lisa Mae Garrette 
Maud Herman Garrison 
Sarah Ann Gaskins 
Karen Maria Goldberg 

* Gregg Stanley Graves 
Patricia Ann Mundy Grover 
Trena Ann Hall 
Maureen Elizabeth Heffron 
Mary Margaret Jennings 
Eileenjacqueline Kulick 

* Deborah Diane Lawson 
Christopher Robert Lazun 
Lisa Laurene Linsenmayer 
Sherry Anne Martin 
Cecelia Marie Mayer 
Tracy Marie McMuUen 
Karla Patricia Miller 
Susan Lee Morris 

Kari Ann Mueller 
Lori Lynn Raposky 

* BethAnn Reed 

Seema Soamipyari Sandhir 
Dana Mary Santianni 
Kathy Lynn Schroeder 
Lisa Lynn Seiwell 

§ Debra Miller Shoaee-Tehrani 
Lenora Lyne Simms 
Rebecca Ann Sincevich 

t Susan Wright Taylor 

* Kara Lynn Tittle 
Lynda Twigger 
Kimberly Jo Wildeman 
Wendy Marie Wise 
Jennifer Maurene Wooten 

General Business Education 

Christina Rose Isacson 
Traci Lynn Shoemaker 

* Nadine Wrightington 

Industrial Technology 

Terrence Dwayne Barrett 
Alan Warren Bastin 
Kelley Janine Clark 

John Contino, Jr. 
Robert S. Duda 
Robert George Fehle, Jr. 
Theodore James Hersey 
Douglas G. Hiebert 
John Walter J ilek 
Sun Ho Kim 

Victor Randolph Lougheed 
Domenic Macina 
Patrice Cherra McNeill 
Samuel Martin Piper 
Kimberly Shaye Pitts 
Robert Louis Pollock 
Michael Alan Pontell 
William Brooke Rice 
Sorin Schwartz 
Michael Scott Winokur 

Marketing and Distribution 

Erin M. Blower 
Erica Louise Path 

* Sue Ellen Hoffman 

Mathematics Education 

David Adam Hyman 
Ronald Irvin Myers, Jr. 

* Edward Charles Nolan 
Carol Ann Snyder 
Ellen Lane Wright 

Music Education 

Richard Mark Damian Lucas 
Terence Jordan Moore 
Beatrice Mane Streaker 

Science Education 

Cindy Bierman 

Bryan Secrest Goehring 

* Laura Anne Kirhy 
Erin Elizabeth Mahoney 
Sharon Ann Sabelhaus 
Keith Michael Venanzi 
Barbara Anne Young 

Secretarial Education 

Karin Lynne Bnnster 
Mary O'Leary Mueller 
Adrienne Lynnette Staggs 


Social Studies Education 

Dale Kevin Brennan 

Billy Douglas Short 
William E. Spencer 
Krista Kai Tammaru 
Matthew Henry Vadney 
Colleen Gail Zinter 

Special Education 

Grace Lynn Adler 
Jane Diane Albom 
Lori Rene Alden 
Janet Ellen Amsterdam 
Kelly Anne Anderson 
Laurie Ann Baumhusch 

* Roberta L. Beadles 
Renee Louise DeVett 
Jennifer Marie Doxzen 
Sandra Jane Evans 

Dawn Marie Chaney Fletcher 
Tina Mary Antoinette 

* Melissa Ann Holmes 
Colleen DeLong Jacques 
Erin Michelle Kendrick 
Deborah Lynn Kober 
Jane Leslie Koren 
Karen Sue Leonhardy 
Thomas Braden Moore 
Jennifer Rachelle Perini 
Sheri llene Posner 

* Yvonne Mane Raner 
Grace Lynn-Adler Saadat 
Karen Gay Steinberg 
Julie Belle Weinberger 
Judith Lynn Yost 

College of Engineering 
Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Timothy Michael Aquilino 
Aili Miia Areng 
Karen Asbacher 
Russell Eugene Beall 
Laurel Talcott Beckman 
R.Mark Beckman 
Nolan Jay Brandenburg 

Timothy John Condon 
Patrick Lester Crouse 
Suman Babu Cuddapah 
Jennifer Anne Dillon 
Steven Flanagan 
Eric Mark Freedman 
Mitchell Paul Greenberg 
Taylor Meredith Hale 
David George Harding 
Merid Alexander Kassaye 
Christopher Alex Kott 
Lauri Kraft 
Jeffrey Gordon Laub 
Edward Yea-teh Liang 
* Ian Kelly Matlick 
Craig Thomas Melton 
Shuhha H. Nalli 
Kichul John Nam 
Ashish Nedungadi 
Phat Tan Nguyen 
Nancy Nicholson 
Mark Andrew Orsi 
Christos Pandelaras 
Kenneth Frank Pettit 
Nickalaus Thomas Pinkine 
Kenneth Edward Podrasky 
Mark Allen Railsback 
John David Rinko 
John Lawrence Ruby 
StephenMichael Schmidt 
Tony Glen SooHoo 
Mark Allen Stevens 
Robert M. Vogt 
Jose Miguel Zuniga 

Agricultural Engineering 

Andrew Gary Wong 

Chemical Engineering 

Glenn Karl Arzadon 
Alan Paul Coe 
Elizabeth Anne Cunniff 
Jeffrey Christopher George 
Michele Lee Jocelyn 
Jae Hwan Jon 
Michael Kevin Klosky 
§ Daniel Reid Kuespert 
Kam Fong Lee 

True T Nguyen 
Anita Niak 
Luis Miguel Roldan 
Joseph Michael Ryan 
Peter L. Schruben 
Michael Patrick Shaughness 
§ Stephanie Adi Soulen 
Robert Scott Spotswood 
James Mark Stapleton 
David Scott Taylor 
Kristene Anita Tye 
Joel Christopher Williamson 
Kimberly Ann Lucas 

Civil Engineering 

Michael Edward Assal 
Lawrence J. Bensky 
Barry Lee Brandt 
Richard Lewis Buettner 
JohnCuster Buffett 
Seth Cottrell Churchill 
Lewis Emory Corfman 
Elisabeth Frye 
Roger Singh Ghaman 

* Robert Bruce Gwynn 

* Joseph Lawrence Hartmann 
Michael Thomas Hebert 
Sandra Clark Karcher 
Chong Ho Kim 

Kim Danise Lewis 
James William Marks 
Lee Ward Mayer 
Andrew John Millunzi 
Qamar Walayat Mina 
Lee Neuner 

* Jean-Michel Pavy 
Jeffrey Scott Peluso 
John Pikounis 
Thomas Joseph Pilon 
Michael Ryan Price 
Roger Paul Quincoses 
Scott R. Rose 
Timothy Gorman Russell 
Harry Jefferson Sturdevant 
Stephen Anthony Warfield 
Eniolade Olatundun Williams 

Electrical Engineering 

Faria Abedin 
t Vahe Antonian 
Jeanine Marie Avant 
Bharat Natverlal Barot 
Quintus Reginauld 

Bryan Douglas Bennett 
Aileen M. Bizup 

* Jonathan Michael Bresler 
Craig Care Carter 

Craig Joseph Robley Casey 
Brian Ray Chappell 
Wah Cheng 
Timothy Chung 

§ TTianh-Chau Huyen Cong 
Brian Cartan Crilly 

§ James Edgar DeGrange 
Christie Jill DeVore 
Jeffrey Louis Diez 
George Raphael Dold 
Ramin Farahi-far 
William Michael Farley 
Glenn Vincent Fink 
Mark Stephen Fjeldal 

* Cynthia Marie Folz 
Camden Ernest Ford 
Bryan John Freeman 
Siavosh Golshan 
James Steven Goss 
Christopher Dunn Green 
Behrouz Hadaegh 
Robert Louis Hails, Jr. 
Jay Frederick Hart 

* Geoffrey Glenn Hazel 

* Andrew Mark Hlasko 
Dana Faye Hott 

t David Lavem Jennings 

Robert Charles Jordan, Jr. 

Farajollah Katiraie 

Heung Kee Kim 
§ Jae Hoon Kim 

Ussar Phan Kim 

Steven Eric Kremer 

Kwong Sang Kwan 

Jonathan Charles Lauthers 

Tan Van Le 


S Sumtna cum Laude 
f Magna cum Laude 
* cum Lauik 

Stephen E. Leblanc 
Byung Soo Lee 
Shuk Yin Lee 
Tat Fai Lee 

Yiu-Young Lee 

* Joseph Edward Liberatore 
t Susan Che-Cha Lin 

Raymond Liu 

* Lisa Marie Lunsford 
Randall Allan Maddox 
Mark Edward Mallory- 
C)awn Lorraine McBrien 
Bruce Joseph McCanna 
Alejandra Victoria Mercado 
Lawrence Chia-Tung Miao 
Raymond John Michalski, Jr. 
Tommy Ray Miller 

t Daniel Bryan Minarik 
Cyan Sagar Mishra 
Daniel Bryan Mooney 
Kenneth Allan Morrison 
John Walter Neubert, Jr. 
Bach Thanh Nguyen 
Phi Linh Nguyen 
Trang Lan Nguyen 
Babak Atkin Nouri 
Gregory Gerald O'Brien 
Vincent Douglas Park 
Chirag V. Patel 
Hemlata Naranbhai Patel 
Jeffrey Wayne Poe 
Phillip Warren Rainey 

§ Anirma Rakshpal 
Christina Lea Reno 
Jeffrey David Rhodes 
Bradley James Richards 
Christ David Richmond 
Robert Luis Romero 
Carol Barbara Ronning 

t Scott Richard Rosenfeld 

t Elliot Seth Rothschild 
Oleg Roytburd 
Robert Thomas Russell, Jr. 
Darrell Scott Ryan 
George Edward Ryan II 
Daniel Noah Sacks 
LeahAnnette Vann Schoeb 
Julie Jeeyoung Shin 
Douglas Mueller Smith 

Fananeh M. Tafreshi 
Scot Allan Thomas 
Andrew Jeffrey Traiger 
Christopher Co Tran 
Lamvien D. Tran 

* Tung-Phong Tran-Luu 
Paul Hao Tung 
Christian John Utara 
Ivan Steven Velcicky 
Michael Daniel Walsh 

t Lei Wang 

Hendrik Comelis Wats 
Gregory' Jon Wolodkin 

* Kwok-cheung Christopher 

Roger Waiping Wong 
Scott Anthony Wright 
Ming Xu 

Nooruddin Shoaib Yahya 
Paul Arthur Yarbrough 
Michael Joseph Young 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Laura Elizabeth Doyle 
Robert Michael Gagnon 
William Phillip Guy 
Jeffrey David Halpert 
Morgan James Hurley 
M. Edouard LaRocque 
James Bradley Labb 
Bruce Van Swearingen 

Andrea Schumaker 
Kathy Jo Smith 
Robert Carl Spetzler, Jr. 
Aleksy Lukjan Szachnowicz 
Patrick Michael Thomas 
Andrew Paul Valente 

Mechanical Engineering 

Daniel T Admasu 
Richard Lee Anderson, Jr. 
Bernard Joseph Andrys 
Sarah Mildred Austin 
Af'shan Naheed Ayub 
Julius Banks 

Nestor Miguel Benavides, Jr. 
James Andrew Bielec 

§ Leslie Ira Bookoff 
Richard Scott Burgess 
Ralph Edgar Busch 
Ko-Hung Chan 
David Win Seng Cheung 
Michael Aaron Cole 
Todd Mandell Conway 
Michael Andrew Deeds 
Terry A. Deeds 
Daniel Edward Diehl 
Alice Elizabeth Dobry 
Arthur Harrison Dunning 
Arthur Ferris Durkin 
Paulo Jorge Femandes 
George Filiopoulos 
Samuel Timothy Foster 
Brian David Hall 
IDavid James Hartsig 
Denice Lynn Henry 
Thomas Elliott Johnson 
Randall Evan Kach 
Mark Douglas Kaidy 
Thomas Kyubeom Kang 
Lori Louise Keenan 
Bosik Kim 

§ Tae Jun Kim 

Charles Edward Kirk 
Peter Jerome Kostos 

t Craig Vincent Kotras 
Michael Patrick Kowalski 
Darrin Zigmund Krivitsky 
Hwa S. Lee 
William Wong Lee 
Yoon Ho Lee 
Timothy C. Lillet 
Donna Lynn Mann 
Eugene Edwin Marquis 
Joseph Ronald Mashinski 
Theodore Edward McCord 
Matthew Allen Miller 
Kevin Xavier Mooney, Jr. 
Ezequiel Navar 
Thomas Philip Nave 
Dat Tien Nguyen 
Bradley Kirk Noll 
Robert Alan Olson 
Marie Denise Patterson 
Jonathan Mark Pentzer 
Roben Francis Dante Piacesi 

Gerald Lee Powell 
Stephen Poy 
Y My Quach 
Ricardo Martin Roldan 
Robert J. Rose 
Gurpartap Singh Sandhoo 
Louis Allan Schwartz 
Dwight Daniel Showalter 
Erick Rene Solis 
Thomas Miles Spangenberg 
Vincent Russell St. George 
David Stanton Sutherland 
Dzung Hoang Brandon Ta 
Chad Hamilton Thomburg 
Chau Huu Tran 
Keith Kichan Um 
Kellie Rachael Frumholtz 

Stephen Patrick Wells 
Bridget Susan Wenner 
James Michael Wigginton 
Stephanie Lynne Williams 
James Matthew Winbush 111 
Steven Bruce Wong 
Sheila Woo 
Gary Steven Young 
t James Vincent Zello 

Undesignated Major 

David Michael Bailey 
Veronica Anne Brooks 
Michael J. Carmody 
Chiedozie Ekweani 
Mirela Gavrilas 
Jonathan Euijun Hahn 
Patrick Kennan Harris 
James Anthony Hoemer 
Allan Y. Lee 
Darya Nabavian 
* Joseph Raymond Noya 
Andre-Paul Pellet 
James Francis Skarbek III 
Gregory Mark Witzel 


College of Human 

Bachelor of Science 

Apparel Design 
Faith Sandi Baker 
Patricia Anne Coppage 
Dien M. Do 
Sharon Kay Rea 

Community Nutrition 

§ Thomas Leonard Vi:ioli, Jr. 

Community Studies 

Nedra Nichelle Wingate 

Consumer Economics 

Camilla Lynette Ahner 
Darin Scott Bacharach 
James Michael Birks 
Joseph Ide Bomcman III 
Stephen P. Brooks 
Daren Antonio Brown 
Claudia Ann Catanoso 
William Barwess Cohn 

t Rami Dalai 

Miguel Angel Diaz 
Ralph Siegfried Dill 
Michael Edward Downey 
Jay Dev Dubey 
Jack Egas 
Lauren Jill Elman 
Victor Y. Fan 
Diane Theresa Finer 
Adam Lawrence Forman 
Steven Scott Galack 
Catherine Anne George 
Steven Ross Goldstein 
Walker Han 
Paul Eric Horowitz 
Martin Jacobson 
Kim Marie Johnson 
Erica Michelle Kay 
TTiomas Brendan Keough 
Michael E. King 
William Christian King 
Hal Reed Kramer 
Frantz W. Labbe 
David Scott Lazear 

Trang Thu Le 
Jeffrey W. Ledford 
Phillip Scott McCutcheon 
Donald Wayne Moffet 
William Thomas Morton, Jr. 
Stephanie Lee Moyer 
Beth Lori Nelson 
Theresa Christine O'Hara 
Charles Howard Palmer 
Silvia Rodriguez Perez 
Michael Alan Postemock 
Nancy Ann Rateedie 
Douglas Stephen Rascher 
Theresa Ann Regan 
Toni Lynn Reid 
Kathryn Shanetelter Roach 
Donald Beattie Rogers 111 
John Edward Russell 
Sherwin Bernard Sanders 
Thomas G. Schaefer 
Karen Elaine Smith 
Eric A. Strasser 
Andrea Marie Stultz 
Steven Seymour Suskind 
Brad Richard Teachey 
Elyse Danette Tossman 
Amy Joan Tzou 
Kevin R Walker 
MoUena Gail Weinstein 
Ronald Craig Winson 
Meng-Yuh Wu 
Matthew Evan Yoels 
Ricky Marc Yom 


Roberta Lynn Allen 

Christine Marieruth Atchison 

Deborah Ann Barreiro 

Karen Marie Brown 
t Tamara Anne DeVore 

Laurie Beth Elkins 
* Kelly Patricia Fowler 
§ Susan Ruth Gardner 

Patricia Ann Golia 

Nancy Lee Gugerty 
t Lonna Lee Herring 

Pamela Carter Howard 

Joan Marie Ingram 

Jennifer Mary Kidder 

* Margaret Clare McCarthy 
Julianne Moyer 

Novel Georgia Palmer 
t Frances Angela Strizzi 

* Mary Ellen White 

t Susan Pamela Zlotolow 

Family Studies 

Tanya K. Bailey 

* Suzanne Michelle Berman 
Karen Beth Biegelsen 
Victoria Ann Cole 
Marjay Artence Contwor 
Eva Rebecca Com 
Alyson Sue Dworkin 
Nina Stacey Falk 

Karen Elisabeth Fishman 
Robin Beth Greenberg 

* Audrey Ellen Greenhouse 
Emily Frances Haas 

t Ella Denice Hairston 

* Yolanda Renee Long 
Tony Amel Massenburg 
Sydney Gayle Nash 

t David Michael Ochinero 

Stephanie Laura Panich 

Ann Elvira Prince 

Stacey J. Prince 

Jodi Lynn Reichmister 
§ Stacey Francine Relkin 

Lisa Marie Robertson 

Nancy Gail Shear 
§ Drew Robert Shortall 

Jamie Sue Somerfield 

Staci Anne Sosis 

Michelle Joy Stark 

Jamie Louise Steppa 

Melissa Ann Stevens 

Anne Gibson Terrier 

* Carol Susan Wagner 
Rodney 1. Walker 
Haydec Marie Ynclan 

Foodservice Administration 

Helen Marie Chamherlin 
Jill Deborah Horowitz 
William Robert Mayer 

Human Nutrition and 

Roberta Kuniko Saiki 
Kenneth Robert Wilund 

Management and 
Consumer Studies 

t Debra Ann Bean 

John David Byerly 

Rhonda Leann Byers 

Maria Caruso 

Stephen Charles Day, Jr. 

Richard Lee Dickson 

Jill A. Glatzer 

Lisa Marie Goletz 

William Douglas Humes 

Sonja M. Johnson 

Louis Moskowitz 

Bridget Barbara O'Reilly 
t Michele Edith Pescov 

Spencer Saffran 

* Geoffrey ChristhilfSipes 
Nancy Jean Solomon 
Nancy Beth Zyller 

Textile Marketing/Fashion 

Jill Anne Barsky 
Anissa Charlette Battle 
Marc Raymond Eterkowitz 
Maria Isabel Carbonell 
Melia Beth Cohn 
J ere Erla Daniels 
Kim Elizabeth Eckert 

t Lisa Ann Fishman 

t Anastasia Patricia Greene 
Catherine Sarah Hatch 
Katrina Y. Heilman 
Mami L. Hochberg 

* Amy Beth Horowitz 
Leslie Ellen Kandel 
Lori Ann Kaufmann 
Elizabeth Ann Kivimae 
Caryn Alane Lebed 
Jennifer Lynne Leshine 
Jamie Lieberman 
Barbara George Louvis 
Nicole Arritt Mahoney 
Lisa Anne Mauskopf 


§ Summa cum Laiuie 
t Magna cum Laude 
* cum LauiL: 

* Dana Elisabeth Meline 
Carolyn Jill Nehmad 
Lorie-Ann Olesen 
Germaine Caroline 

Stephanie Kimherly Petteway 

* Deanna Marie Purdy 
Lxirin Beth Sherh 
Kristina Winifred Sison 
Michelle Ann Sperber 
Nathaniel Studdard 11 
Christine M. Tanney 
Elisa Therese Tildon 

t Michelle RachalTinkotf 
Michelle Dawn 

Jacqueline Marie Vanech 
Mindy Beth Weinstein 

* Claudia Andrea Westphal 
§ Vicky Maritza Westphal 

Amy Sue Whitehouse 
Leigh Wild 
Jeannette Lynn Wong 
Aimee Sue Woolaver 
Susan Faye Yaffe 
Kyong H. Yi 

Textile Science 

Nancy Patrice Northern 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Health Education 

Victoria Annette Plihal 
§ Aviva Haya Rosen 
]i Young Seo 
Otis Paul Steams 111 
Michelle Ann Stottlemyer 

Kinesiological Sciences 

Todd Walker Abrahams 
Chen Lynn Barbell 
Wendy Margaret Beer 
Kimberly Lynn Blount 
§ Nanette Gale Bowman 
Francine Amy Brecher 

Jason Hamilton Coates 
Chris Richard Connor 
Nancy D'Erasmo 
Michele Lynn Diamond 
Nancy Jane Dyer 
Michael C. Frick 

* Cynthia Lynne Gale 
Tracey Ann Gilbert 
Rachael Lynn Ginsburg 
Melinda Faye Greenfield 
Judith Kimberle Heron 
Jay Scott Horowitz 

* Diane L. Huber 
Sherry L. James 
Shawn Anthony Jones 
Ramona Wynee Justice 
Denise Gabrielle LeCompte 
Lisa Ann Loesch 

Eric Richard May 
Samuel Jay Morrison 
Brian Bradley Park 
Susan Abby Paston 
Tristan Daniel Patrona 
Shareen Paula Pelliccia 
Karen Michelle Petronis 
Shailesh Umakant Rajguru 
Maria P. Rettig 
Scott James Saylor 
Kathleen Suzanne Smith 
Susan G. Strack 
Gary Paul Swank 
Jeffrey Alan Torockio 
Kevin Francis Uhler 
Lee Ann Angeles Villanueva 
Barbra Ann Wolf 

Physical Education 

Penny Ann Apfel 

Sheila Lynn Brito 

Sherri Lynn Brito 
t Bruce Edward McCall 

Anthony Frank Mezzatesta 

Rosalyn Faye Morganstein 
§ Teresa Anne Tippett 


Doreen Helen Battles 
John Timothy Bellis, Jr. 
Dana Joseph Beszczynski 

Peter Vema CipoUa 
Matthew W. D'Amico 
Tracy Ann Dillon 
William Douglas Gray 
Michael John Kiselak 
Patricia M. Lister 
Karen Elizabeth Pugliese 
Tracey Silber 
Deanna Michele Tate 

College of Journalism 

Bachelor of Science 

Carin Lisa Alpart 
Emilio Alvarado 
Julie Lynn Andrews 
Lauren Bahlman 
Christina Maria Theresa 

Douglas James Beizer 
Robin Tara Besner 
Sanford J. Blitzer 

* Carl Allen Bower 
Susan Gayle Brickley 
Michelle Lynn Burch 
Amy de Martis Burd 
Donna Marie Burdyck 
Barbara Stephanie Butler 
Boruiie Dawn Cabot 
Carol Lee Cantwell 
Rochelle Elise Caplan 

* Paula Carr 

t Came Beth Chalik 
Amy-Beth Chamberlin 

t Anna Lucille Cherry 
Deidre Frances Comegys 
Matthew John Comlish 
Lauren M. Creskoff 
Eduardo Cesar Curlett 
Angela Lawson Davis 
Stacey Lynn DeOnio 
Scott Howard Delo 
Kerrie Lynn Drimmer 
Karen Lynn DuBree 
William Charles Duck, Jr. 

§ Laurie Jill Dwork in 
Amy B. Edlin 

* Lea Marie Edwards 
Curtis L. Eichelberger 
Theodore S. Eisenman 
Heidi Christine Elmquist 
Lisa Helene Engelhardt 
David Alan Etzel 
Bamabus Dare Fadope 
Kristina Ann Fideli 
Shelley Dale Fisher 
Kimberly Charon Foreman 
Nicole Leigh Forman 
Julie Ann Futrovsky 
Patrick M. Gatons 
Sally A. Gelblum 
Erin Michele Gilligan 
Marci Lynn Goimarac 
t Melissa Beth Goldman 
Bryan Paul Gordon 
Irene Beth Grossman 
Mark Kevin Gubinsky 

Bonnie Stacy Gurman 
William Thomas Halcisak 

Margaret Amelia Hames 

Courtney Eden Paige 

Kelly Ann Harmon 

Karen Suzanne Haupt 
t Laura Elizabeth Head 

Lance Owen Helgeson 

Rima Suhail Hishmeh 

Peter N. Holden 

Pamela Sue Horland 

Stacy J. Hunter 

Amelia Teresa lannaconi 

Katharina Marianne Jentz 

George R. H. Johnson 11 

Seth Joseph Katzen 

Kelly Suzanne Kearney 

Mary Barbara Kerr 
t John Leslie Kowalewski 

Hilary S. Kreger 
* Mamie Lynn Lefcoe 

Holly Jill Lehman 

Charise Lieberman 

Merry Quinn Livingston 

Kevin Lowe 

Christine Marie MacKinnon 


Laurie Anne Main 
Deborah Ann Malo 
Curtis Howell May 
David Matthew McMillan 
Amy Lynne Messinger 
Christina Palmisano 

t Carole Anne Parish 
Alisa R. Parker 

t Todd Matthew Phillips 
Kelly A. J. Powers 
Michelle Marie Priester 
Lawrence Dwayne Purper 
La Venn Marie Reedy 

t Dana Marie Rudnick 
Lana Sami Sansur 
Mami J. Schapiro 
Richard Mark Schindler 
Margarete Arlene 

Amy Schwartz 
Laura Ellen Schwartz 

t Judith Ellen Scott 
Gregg Alan Sekscienski 
Amy Beth Sherman 
Claire Marissa Sherwin 
Susan Elaine Sieger 
Elizabeth SkiUman 
James A. Sliwa 
Barri Solomon 
Kirstin Aminta Statesman 
Carmelia Aurelia Strickland 
Jennifer Lynn Thomas 
Carolyn Beth Tievy 
Todd David Wallace 
Tracy Ann Walsh 
Rebecca Maunne Weigel 

t Marci Audra Weiner 
Terry B. Weiss 
Diane Mary Westcott 
Reiko Mia Williams 
Robert Charles Williams 
Adrienne Corinne Wolfman 
Kristina Rae Wooley 
Jefirey Stephen Wright 
Susan Yan 
Karen Ann Zieziula 

College of Life 

Bachelor of Science 


Seema Aggarwal 
Olajide Olaniyi Alegbeleye 
Uma Duvvuri 
Dennis Anthony Huie 
Marlena Lynn Jones 
Lawrence Paul Kovval 
Nhuai C. Le 
Kate Ka Ong 
Jeremy Ben Soule 
My Ngoc Tran 
Ladan Vakili 
Julio Ernesto Vaquerano 
Linda Woen 
Kenneth John Wurdack 
t Jamal Yousefi 


Kathleen George Maas 


Aaron Jesse Ackman 
Elizabeth Jayne Bechtold 
Jeffrey David Carter 
Kwangmoo Paul Cha 
Meng Cheng Chen 
Gautam Raman Desai 
Jeffrey Scott Frashure 
Carlton Roderick Hall 

t Steven Hamilton Hoke 11 
Lisa Ann Holland 
Stephen Alan Jasper, Jr. 
Shahyar Mizani 
Melm Jonathan Moses 

t Humberto Dionisio Mui 
Marcellinus Dikedi Nwulia 

t Yashdip Singh Pannu 
Daniel Edward Russ 
Joseph Allen Wliipp 
Lisa Dawn Williams 
Steven James Woltman 
Amy Suwu Wong 


Brenda Carol Bull 
Peter Andrew Touhey 

General Biological Sciences 

Zohair Shehzad A lam 
Norman Robert Anna 
Jose Maria Arriola 
Joseph Pacifico Barrion 
Joseph Raymond Betancourt 
Caroline Frances Boorman 
Tuawana Lyneice Braxton 
Maria Elena Breton 
Christopher Everette Byers 
Joseph Serranzana Castro 
Peter Hsien-Shiang Chen 
John Joseph Coakley 
Julie May Commette 
Theresa Ann Cooper 
Susan Elizabeth Cordie 
Alicia Tamara Crowder 
Carolyn Ann Delaney 
Neil Francis Donovan 
Robert William Duffner 
Doric E. Eger 
Paula Lynn Eisen 

§ Zayd Adnan Eldadah 

* Diane Margaret Elgin 
Christopher David Ellison 
Terri Lynn Fisher 
Reena Goel 

t Beatrice Mireille Grumberg 
Nicole Habib Haddad 

§ Sherita Adele Hill 
Marc Jay Hirschbein 
Anne-Kathleen Helen Hoegy 
Tammy Marie Hunter 
Marlena Lynn Jones 
Josie ST. Klapper 
Denise Kathleen Knickman 
Theresa Reynon Laranang 
Jacob Leibovici 
Lisa Anne Lieske 

t John TTiomas Lill 

Timothy Stephen Lippert 
Lisa Beth Lucania 
Holly Michelle MacCormack 
David Michael Mannes 

Irma Matic 

John Jo.seph McAllister, Jr. 
Adele Katharina Michael 
Kyle Masami Miura 
Fariborz Mousavi 
Laurie S. Perrin 
Stephen Mark Poch 
Vicky Ann Poole 
Cynthia Anne Roberts 
Eric Serejski 
John William Serino 
Hosik Shin 

Lizel Charmaine Spencer 
Ctonna Jean Tibbs 
Amir H. Totighbakhsh 
Rahim Totighbakhsh 
Trinina Maria Walker 
Angela Michele Weber 
Joyce Sy Wong 
Lori Marie Wright 
Lambros Spyridon Zellos 


Rene Miguel Amaguan 
Bruce Neil Barney 
Sepehr Behram 
Patricia Ann Carta 
Elizabeth Anne Cole 
Carol Gloria Meade Davies 
Paul Michael Anthony 

Nita Gala 
Jeffrey Elliot Gold 
Nancy Teresa Grauzlis 
David Steven Gregory 
Ritu Khanna 
Tae Hi Kim 
Hatti Ann Lane 
Koung Un Lee 
Deborah Lydia Lojacono 
John Donald Mantio 
Karen Cindy Miller 
TTiomas Kyungsu Mun 
Peter Paras, Jr. 
Beth N. Peshkin 
Diane PL. Pham 
Stephanie Lynne Redwine 


§ Swmma aim Laiide 
f Magna cum Laude 
* aim Laiick 

Ste\en Christopher Reott 

2nd Major: Zoolo^ 
Nina Strass 
Susan Wong 


Tuleen Parveen Alam 
Melinda June-Borsody 

Michael Raymond Belts 
Katherine Marie Brooks 
Laura Victoria Brown 
Juliana Elizabeth Cavin 
Joan Chyong-Wen Chang 
Yoon Jung Cho 
Maria-Laura CoUell 
Patrick Sean Collins 
Sara C\Tithia Donaldson 
Tomer Feldman 
Deepak Gupta 
Patricia Jane Hill 
t Thomas Lee Hutson 
t Scott Lawrence Kaltman 
Jennifer Ina Karmiol 
Brian Keith Kijowski 

Stephen Drew Kirby 
Thomas Gil Lee 
Zvi Aaron Leihovici 
Sharon Liu 
Leland Brian Matlick 
Crystal Dawn Matthews 
Gossett Philmart Mitchell 
Richard J. Mlk\-y 
Wendy Bell Moore 
James Anthony Oliverio 
Bahack Panahharhagh 
Renee Colby Pease 
Eric Lee Ranne 
Deborah Lynn Reames 
Michael Edwin Rommel 
Ali Sarkarzadeh 
Laura J. Schell 
Alan Lawrence Siegel 
Leslie S. Slone 
§ Debra Lynne Smith 
DianeMarie Margaret St. 

Geoffrey Earl Stilwell 
Ramona Faith Swaby 
Mary Margaret Tomayko 

EXjyanh The Vu 
t Lisa Susan Walrath 
Shahrad Yazdi 

Michael James Zampogna, Jr. 
David Alan Zemo 

Undergraduate Studies 
Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

* Tracie Ann Aretz 

t Dorothy Kilgore Callahan 
Charles G. Manning 
Paul Martin Vaillancourt 

§ Scott Allan Webber 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

* Thomas Joseph Demont 
Andrew Christopher 

B.G. Nicole Stewart 

Bachelor of General 

Catherine Marie Barron 
Charles Joseph Billerbeck 
Richard Anthony Borowski 
Victoria Andrea BuUett 
Brooke Ashley Butler 
Han Jin Chung 
Christine Lynn Davis 
Robert Lynn Garbrick 
Krista Rose Gehlken 
Dana Lynn Goldberg 

* Deanna Lynn Gorton 

* Marian S. Himelfarb 
Lori Ann Hiser 
Kevin Eugene Hogan 
Marva Elizabeth Lewis 

"A Meeting Place: Night and Day" is a monument created by the late art professor Kenneth 
Campbell. The 15-ton structure, which consists of twol8-foot-high pieces, is sited on a 
cobblestone court surrounded by dwarf pine trees just east of the H.J. Patterson Building. 


Richard Eugene Marinaccio, Jr. 
Lisa Marie Mclntyre 
James Thiimas Milling, Jr 
Katherine Jay Newhaker 
Robert W. Ogle 111 
Garrick W. Reid 
Subrena Aniece Rivers 
Sean Vaughn Scott 
Tracey Lynn Shopland 
Howard M. Slade 
Daniel Thomas Sprague 
Daniel Scott Stainer 
Sherri L. Tearman 
Peter Angelo Tozzi 
Gustav Carl Voigt HI 
Scott A. Weit: 

Certificate in Historic 

Susan Eileen Cook 
Worthington Peter Pearre 

Certificate Programs 

Applied Social Science 

Lorraine Athena-Victoria 

Kimberly Ann Klender 
Anne Theresa Ryan 

East Asian Studies 

Deborah Lynn Clearwaters 
Robert Edward Hong 
Katharina Marianne Jentz 
Crystal Ann Kitagawa 
Yiu- Young Lee 
Valerie Christina Wong 

Liberal Arts in Business 

Edmund Osterhoudt Bcrkey 
Melissa Joy Kathryn Bisceglia 
David Lawrence Blumenthal 
Amy Elizabeth Brennan 
Valerie Jean Brusgard 
Mary Victoria Esker 
Bradley Joseph Federman 
David L. Greenspan 
Llavid jay Harrison 

Patricia L. Huber 

James Eldred McCaskill Jr. 

Douglas Patton Clement 

Michele Beth Richman 
Katherine Rutherford 
Ivan Santos 
Julie Alisa Spann 
Karen Elizabeth Spears 
Janice Michelle Sulman 
Comanche Chris Weaver 
Valerie Christina Wong 
Sherry Michele Zuckerman 

Women's Studies 

Thomas Joseph Demont 
Pablo Sebastian Jusem 
Denise Marie Leonard 
Ellen Gail Rosenstock 


Second Lieutenants 
U.S. Air Force Reserves 

Zohair Shehzad Alam 
Stanley Roman Chrzanowski III 
Michael Bryan Duffy 
Thomas Michael Harding 
Christopher Alex Kott 
Fred A. McNeil 
Mark Allen Railsback 
David Herbert Rice 
Andrew C. Shields 
**Gradmted December 1989 



r— y 

•• -"^yWrny^^m^H^^^-y'^^- 

A spired cupola sits atop the roof of the recently renovated 
Microbiology Building. Built in 1938, the building originally served 
as a U.S. Bureau of Mines research center for non-metallic minerals. 

Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified for scholarship 
honors on graduation are designated by appropriate symbols 
adjacent to their names within the alphabetical listings of 
departments, colleges or schools. 

To be eligible for consideration for such honois a candidate 
must meet the following general criteria: (1) have completed at 
least two years of work at the University of Maryland 
(60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the University 
of Maryland at College Park) and (2) have a scholastic average 
of B (grade point average of 3.000) or higher in University of 
Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration before 
award of degree. 

May 1990 candidates who have met these criteria are shown in 
the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designations 
Summa cum Laude ( if they ranked in the top two percent of the 
candidates in their respective divisions, colleges or schools), 
Magna cum Laude (if in the next three percent), or cum Laude 
(if in the next five percent), based on the grade point averages 
of students in the preceding three graduating classes of their 
degree-granting unit. 

General Honors Program 

General Honors 

Martin Alan Becker 
Daniel Andrew Cronin 
Karyl Jean Davis 
Zayd Adnan Eldadah 
Donald Lewis Geil 
Deborah Ann Greenberg 
Sherita Adele Hill 
Marian S. Himeltarh 
Marc Jay Hirschbein 
James David Hubbs** 
Lisa Ann Holland 
Peter Michael Labonski 
John Kevin Moore 
Vineeta Rastogi 
HoSik Shin 
Ronald Paul Silverman 

Theodore Sunao Takata 
Mary Margaret Tomayko 

Departmental Honors 

High Honors in Biology 

Diane Margaret Elgm 
Christopher David Ellison 
Sherita Adele Hill 
Marlena Lynn Jones 
Jiihn TTiomas Lill 

High Honors in Economics 

Ligang Lm 

Brian Curtis Moyer 

High Honors in English 

Kevin James Craft 
Maureen Fern 


High Honors in 

Christopher James Monsour 
Richard PhiUp Penn 

High Honors in Philosophy 

Eric Andrew Margolis 

Honors in Anthropology 

Tina Marie Pagliocchini 

Justin Samuel Elan Lev-Tov 
Darcey Dee Schoeninger 

Honors in Biology 

Joseph Raymond Betancourt 

Honors in Chemistry 

Steven Hamilton Hoke 11 
Humherto Dionisio Mui 

Honors in Computer 

Predrag Bogdanovich 
Xiaoding He 
Jonathan Scott Herstein 
Howard Andrew Pach ** 
Puneet Rakesh 
Hillel Dov Steinberg 

Honors in Criminal Justice 

Mark Thomas Cannon 
Anne Wyant Creech 
Donald E. Darling, Jr. 
Brett A. Parson 
Deborah Gail Thayer 

Honors in Criminology 

Tina Ann Michaels 

Honors in Economics 

Timothy Danvin Johnson 
Maarten WiUem Sengers 
Fatma Zehra Turko: 
Shaolin Yang 

Honors in Engineering 

Patrick Lester Crouse 
Michael Andrew Deeds 
James Edgar DeGrange 
Robert Michael Gagnon 
Mirela Gavrilas 
Joseph Lawrence Hartmann 
Andrew Mark Hlasko 
Sandra Clark Karcher 
Daniel Reid Kuespert 
Joseph Edward Liberatore 
Ashish Nedungadi 
Jean-Michel Pavy 
Christ David Richmond 
Stephanie Adi Soulen 
Lei Wang 

Honors in English 

Nora Jean Bellows 
Pierre Hossein Golpira 
Theodore Sunao Takata 

Honors in Physics 

Kar>'l Jean Davis 
Christopher James Monsour 

Honors in Psychology 

Sally Angela Bogac: 
Paul Lawrence Cohen 
Cathy Christienne Flanders 
Hillel N. Goldstein 
Sara Lynn Reynolds 
Iman Makeha Terrell 

Honors in Sociology 

Paul E. Quade 

**Graduated December 1989 



This filigree window cover was at one time on the old Bureau of 
Mines Building which was built in 1932. The building later became 
the Microbiology Building. 

(Sociat Research for 

Lisa J. Bard 
Heather S. Caldwell 
Norio Kashiwaya 
Kimberly A. Klender 
Melissa Lemberg 
Lorena L. McCracken 
Michelle E. Mueller 
Anne T. Ryan 
Laura A. Yates 


Michelle Dickey 
Kathleen El Said 
Denise Frehertshauser 
Kobi Johnson 
Sarah Johnson 
Kurt Knower 
Haryean Lambert 
Elissa Lynch 
Austin Murphy 
William Reed 
Stacy Reeder 
Gar>' Seibel 
Patricia Painter 
David Wilson 


Undergraduate Students 
May 1990 

Kim Abod 
Lynn Adams 
David Alperti 
Lisa Badie 
James Blurton 
Dina Caraballo 
Lara Carey 
Michael Cohen 
Kristina Culver 
Linda Denzer 
Vince Doring 
Lori Fale 
Steve Ferber 
Phong Giang 
Tim Hayden 

Jill Kami 

Dave LeimenstoU 

Lynn Li 

Mary Mahoney 
Tara Mandel 
Nicole Mazander 
Suzanne Parmer 
Mona Patel 
Kimberly Patterson 
Betsy Ray 
Kimberly Santoe 
David Self 
Eileen Springer 
Paul Switzer 
Ann Marie Tetreault 
Andrew Tinana 
Tashu Trivedi 
Allen Webb 
Tristan Ziegler 

(Business Administration) 

Undergraduate Students 
May 1990 

Kimberly S. Abod 
Martin A. Becker 
Sharon L. Becker 
Mary G. Birdsell 
Craig R. Carter 
Daniel M. Cronin 
Cathleen J. Grider 
Thomas W. Higginbotham 
Barbara L. Jones 
Galit Kami 
Thomas J. Jimner 
Mary C. Mahoney 
Dorothy L. Mann 
Allen G. McClain 
Lynne G. Plotnick 
Ziao Qing 
Vineeta Rastogi 
Danielle M. Young 
Eric Saltrick 
Brenda St. Denis 
Eric C. Surette 
Patricia A. Taylor 
Charlotte A. Watson 


December 1989 

Arthur G. Hopkins 

Graduate Students 


May 1990 

Robert B. Banks 
Bruno Brun 
Brian D. Campbell 
Michael J. CaroUo 
Doreen S. Crail 
James D'Amhrossio 
Eric Fielding 
Susan Green 
Luanne Gutersmith 
James K. Harper 
Juidith A. Huber 
John G. Huettel 
Linda M. Keepers 
Kathy L. Koval 
Jennifer C. Langley 
Edward A. Moran 
Leigh K. Reichel 
Carol j. Smith 
Stephen A. Sotak 
Pauline M. Titber 
Thomas P. Wolff 

December 1989 

Ronald Canada 
Nancy Farkas 
Elissa golin 
Wesley H. Harralson 
Roch Kallmyer 
Richard Kwiatkowski 
Joseph Merritt 
Carla Mosser 
William Newman 
Paul H. Ritter 
Timothy Rush 
Jean Wolf 
Jeff Wright 

December 1989 

Sharon Fettus 
George Rubenson 


(Hebrew Language and 

Grimaldo Ayhar 
Rachel Lea Halpem 
Aron Jonathan Hollander 
Evan Mugmon 
Rachel Mugmon 
Shabrad Yazdi 

(Electrical Engineering) 
May 1990 

Faria Ahedin 
Craig Casey 
Brian Chappell 
James DeGrange 
Glen Fink 
Siavash Golshan 
Robert Hails 
Geoff Hazel 
Farajolah Katiraee 
Pat Fai Lee 
Yiu Young Lee 
Joseph Liberatore 
Susan Lin 
Lisa Lunsford 
Babak Nouri 
Chirag Patel 
Anirma Raksbpal 
Scott Rosenfeld 
Elliot Serb Rothschild 
Mohammad Sharif 
Douglas Smith 
Barney Tang 
Ivan Velciky 
Lei Wang 
Gregory Wolodkin 
Christopher Wong 
Shoaih Yahya 

December 1989 

Anthony Albano 
Jay Brusse 
Thanb-Chau Cong 
Han Feng 
Mark Haney 
William Love 
Tung-phong Tran-Luu 

Jeffrey Lytle 
Brian Martin 
Fero: Sanavilla 
Oai Tran 
Seema Verma 
Phillip Walter 


(Financial Management 


Undergraduate Students 

May 1990 

Patrick Billingsley 

Mary Birdsell 

John E. brennan 

Thomas W. Higgmbotbam 

Barbara L. Jones 

Joseph K. Kessel 

Thomas P. Loomis 

Heather A. Malby 

Colin K. Monyo 

Kelly L. Nash 

Anne K. Nicodemus 

Eugene Park 

Vineeta Pastogi 

Eric J. Saltrick 

Eric C. Surette 

Charlotte A. Watson 

December 1989 

T. Keith George 
Arthur j. Hopkins 
Wilky Kumiawan 
Connie S. Lowman 

Graduate Students 
August 1989 
Richard J. Kwiatkowski 

Thomas S. Marx 




Trace y L. Bohn 
Paula Carr 
Carrie B. Chalik 
Anna L. Cherry 
Laurie J. Dworkin 
Lea M. Edwards 

Melissa B. Goldman 
Beckey L. Gomez 
Laura E. Head 
Nai H. Ho 
Jennifer M. Holland 
John L. Kowalewski 
Kah W. J. Kwan 
Shawn S. Lees 
Mamie L. Lefcoe 
Theresa M. Muhly 
Dana J. Neilsen 
Laura O'Connell 
Carole Anne Parish 
Todd M. Phillips 
Felipe A. Rivera 
Dana M. Rudnick 
Stephanie E. Shapiro 
Dian A. Sujono 
Marci A. Weiner 
Rebecca E. Wong 


Laura S. Bunk 
Andrea M. Randol 
Magnus Dablgren 
Toni L. Guagenti 
Rachel L. McAndrew 
Darcy N. Ramisch 
Lisa A. Schaefer 
Juliet S. Taylor 
Thomas S. Threlkeld 




(National Honor Society) 

Bahman Adeli 
Martin A. Becker 
Craig R. Carter 
Theresa A. Cooper 
Tamara A. DeVore* 
Zayd A. Eldadab 
Valerie G. Ezrin* 
Bradley J. Federman 
Robert M. Gagnon* 
David S. Gregory 
Jonathan S. Herstein 
Sherita A. Hill* 
Lisa R. Katz 


Abigail]. Kelman** 
Thomas). Kimner 
Rachel S. Libman 
Rosalyn F. Morganstein 
Kelly L. Nash 
AnneK. Nicodemus 
Junnifer M. Pedersen** 
Adam L. Pinchuck 
Puneet Rakesh* 
Richard a. Schoor 
Alan L. Siegel 
Debra L. Smith 
Iman M. Terrell* 
Mary M. Tomayko 
Jennifer L. Wand 
Elizabeth J. Wivel** 
Joyce S. Wong 
Joanne L. Zimolak 
* 1988-89 member 
**graduated December 1989 

(Chemical Engineering) 

Russell Scott Batch 
Eric Jon EUer 
Samantha Anne Hopkins 
Odeh Faiez Khoury 
Daniel Reid Kuespert 
Erik Benjamin Kulstad 
Stephanie Adi Soulen 
David Scott Taylor 
Kristene Anita tye 
Joel C. Williamson 
Kimberly Ann Wobbleton 




Timothy D. Johnson 
Scott L. Needleman 
Jennifer Lynn Pollack 



(National Sti4dent/Faculty 


Amy Aballo 
Faria Abedin 
Kathy Ann Alexander 

Salvatore Amodeo 
Robson Araujo 
Beatriz Barrientos 

Jason Boyd 
Heather Caldwell 
Craig Carter 
Joan Chang 
Anna Cherry 
Kathleen Clark 
Lisa Colombo 
Angela Davis 
Deanna Dooley 
Zayd Eldadah 
Diane Elgin 
Calvin Ellis 
Bradley Federman 
Mary Fitzmaunce 
Jamie Forchheimer 
Robert Gagnon 
Debra Gandel 
Mirela Gavrilas 
Kathy Goldberg 
Alan Goltz 
Sarah Goulstone 
David Gregory 
Bernard Grindel 
Beatrice Grumberg 
Ragini Gupta 
Michael Hassman 
Laura Head 
Jonathan Herstein 
Michelle Heskett 
Sherita Hill 
Wiley Hodges 
Marlena Jones 
Russell Kinnier 
Denise Knickman 
John Kowaleski 
Eric Laver 
Denise Leonard 
Rachel Libman 
John LiU 
Stacty Lutz 
Jill McClune 
William Meury 
Paul Mickus 
Kelly Nash 
Dana Neilsen 
Anne Nicodemus 

Cynthia Obenland 
Carole Parish 
Adam Pinchock 
Puneet Rakesh 
Stacey Relkin 
Dana Rudnick 
Daryn Rush 
Katherine Rutemiller 
Katherine Rutherford 
Karen Schlesinger 
Richard Schoor 
Jennifer Schwartz 
Alan Siegel 
Rebecca Sincevich 
James Sliwa 
Debra Smith 
Eileen Springer 
Kirstin Statesman 
Rodney Tyson 
Paul Vaillancourt 
Patricia Vieira 
Thomas Vizioli, Jr. 
Sophia Wang 
Marci Weiner 
Joyce Wong 
Julie Wright 
Joanne Zimolzak 


(International Honor 
Society in History) 

Sandra Serena Clemens Bogart 
Mark Wayne Clark 
Maryellen Fox 
Karen Lynn Glauherman 
Crystal Ann Kitagawa 
Scott Alan Weinstein 

(Liberal Arts and Sciences 
Academic Honor Society) 
Senior Electees 
Camilla L. Acquista 
Salvatore A. Amodeo 
Amy A. Backstrom 
Sally A. Bogacz 
Elaine P. Bowman 
Stephanie E. Burkhalter 
Heather S. Caldwell 

Anna L. Cherry 
Deborah R. Chipman 
Michael R. Cogan 
Madeleine D. Cumberland 
Christopher S. D'Avanzo 
Ursula T. Dai 
Amy L. Delawter 
Sandra M. Friedrick 
Jose A. Garcia 
Joconde Gaubert 
Katherine H. Goettelmann 
Hillel N. Goldstein 
Rachel B. Gross 
Bmce H. Hale 
Brian E. Healy 
James B. Heil 
Sherita A. Hill 
Steven H. Hoke 
David L. Jennings 
Marlena L. Jones 
Mami L. Kallins 
Catherine A. Kascak 
Peter M. Labonski 
Laurel A. Laporte-Grimes 
Leslie A. Leacock 
Mamie L. Lefcoe 
Lorrie L. Lizak 
Christina L. Mahoney 
Ellen E. Maillar 
Neil A. Manson 
Andrea L. Mayer 
Mehrdad Mazlumzadeh 
Kristen E. McElhiney 
Christopher J. Monsour 
David E. Morse 
Nancy A. Mullens 
Jeddy W. Namfua 
Mary V. Nash 
James P. O'Brien 
Yashdip S. Pannu 
Carole A. Parish 
Richard P. Penn 
Kenny J. Peterson 
Adam L. Pinchuck 
Desiraju P. Rao 
Sara L. Reynolds 
Susan M. Rison 
Kenneth W. Rothemiel 


Naomi L. Ruff 
Timothy H. Savage 
Sue A. Schaefer 
Jeremy B. Soule 
Mary E. Spalding 
Debra M. Sullivan 
Mary E. Sullivan 
Iman M. Terrell 
Susan B. Thompson 
William J. Thompson 
Mary M. Tomayko 
Thutrang T. Tran 
Fernanda Trotta 
Matthew H. Vadney 
Shelley L. Wachter 
Lei Wang 

Nancy E. Weintrauh 
Derrick P. Williamson 
Shaolin Yang 
Samia C. Zarour 
Allyson R. Zazulia 
Lambros S. Zellos 
Ivan A. Zigler 
Joanne L. Zimolzak 

Junior Electees 

Augusto F. Araujo 
Miriam D. Bernstein 
Susanne M. Brunhart 
Leslie S. Dodge 
Laura J. Dunlap 
Karen E. Gardner 
Gil Grodzinsky 
Carole H. Hofstein 
John D. Kenkel 
Kenneth M. Magnani 
Lisa R. Neuder 
Janet N. Pannehecker 
Corina Ploscaru 
Ruthanne S. Read 
Aron M. Sobel 
Grace Y. Tuanmu 
Kerri N. Wachter 
Alyssa R. Wolf 

(Initiates - Spring 1989) 

Kimbcrly S. Ahod 
Fady 1. Alajaji 

Alhad l.A. Alwazir 
Rocio Aranda 
Lisa J. Bard 
Timothy E. Barnes 
John D. Bamett 
Robert S. Beard 
Alexandra Eve Bely 
Michael A. Bennett 
Blythe A. Berger 
Jacqueline K. Bisco 
Patricia M. Black 
Sally A. Bogacz 
Michael J. Boone 
Nanette G. Bowman 
Daniel A. Boyd 
David P. Brandon 
Beth A. Brenza 
Kirsten E. Brosamer 
Bonnie Bryan 
Melissa Y. Burgess 
Heather S. Caldwell 
Linda E. Carr-Kratt 
Bryan B. Cha 
Kathleen P. Chapman 
Denise Cheung 
Karen M. Chiccehitto 
Hyea Y Chung 
Michael R. Cogan 
Jodine M. Cognato 
Daniel A. Cohen 
Kathleen Connors 
Denise M. Cook 
Robert 1. Damalouji 
Eugene Dantsker 
Donald E. Darling 
KarylJ. Davis 
Julie A. Dawedeit 
Pamela L. Degeorge 
Thomas J. Dement 
Sharon A. Dillon 
Leslie S. Dodge 
Nancy H. Dorman 
Susan M. Draper 
Joanne P. D'Souza 
Sandra S. Dwiggins 
Laurie M. Edinger 
Ellen F. Einsidler 
Noelle C. Fahey 
Cynthia L. Faust 

MaxineJ. Fernandez 
Michelle E. Fitzgerald 
Tammara L. Flax 
Lynne A. Flynn 
Mary E. Frame 
James A. Fry 
Karen E. Gardner 
Margaret C. Gardner 
Susan R. Gardner 
Nedra Y. Garrett 
Melissa J. Garvey 
Emiliano Gomez 
Maria L. Gooden 
Cynthia K. Grandjean 
Michelle E. Green 
Gurpreet S. Grewal 
Betty J. Grove 
Celena A. Hadlock 
Patricia c. Hallinan 
Laura E. Head 
Hale E. Hedley 
Sue E. Hoffman 
Raymond M. Hsu 
Xiaopei P. Huang 
Diane L. Huber 
David Hughes 
Tung T. Huynh 
MoUyBeth Jacobs 
Robert M. Jones 
Rhonda K. Keller 
John P Kimball 
Vivien W. Kuan 
Kay D. Kuhlman 
Peter M. Labonski 
Nhuai C. Le 
Young O. Lee 
Stacy S. Levy 
Richard A. Lewis 
Edward J. Lindekugcl 
Ligang Liu 
Jason D. Lohn 
Pamela A. Macewen 
Jana Magnotto 
Monica S. Main 
Andrea L. Mayer 
Douglas T McConoughey 
Kathleen McDonald 
Diana Mane Mellott 
Helen B. Mitchell 

Kyle M. Miura 
David R. Moore 
Theresa M. Muhly 
Humberto D. Mui 
Nancy A. Mullens 
Anne E. Munro 
Sandra K. Mustain 
James C. Myers 
Jeddy W Namfua 
Patricia C. Nathan 
Joseph B. Nguyen 
Diane G. Odell 
Maria Tereza G. Osheroff 
Carole A. Parish 
Anne L. Paxton 
Natalia J. Peart 
Allyson R. Pickerell 
David S. Pines 
Elizabeth A. Pontari 
Paul A. Popemack 
Martha A. Powell 
Robert S. Ralls 
Eshter D. Read 
Janice H. Reilly 
Daniel F. Rice 
Ban7 D. Rick 
Doreen A. Riedel 
Susan M. Rison 
Diane C. Ritter 
JoAnn M. Roberts 
Donna R. Robinson 
Kenneth W. Rothermel, Jr. 
Dana M. Rudnick 
Steven J. Ryan 
Syed Omar Adeeb Saad 
Eric J. Saltrick 
Timothy H. Savage 
Richard A. Schoor 
Wesley K. Schrock 
Kyle C. Schweiker 
Ayala Sherbow 
Drew R. Shortall 
Julia F. Shryock 
Cheryl L. Sibert 
Rachel L. Siegel 
Franklin D. Silberstein 
Ronald P. Silverman 
Christopher Simpson 
Theresa S. Slutz 


Chen G. Smith 
Suzanne T. Smith 
Carol A. Sniegoski 
Carol A. Snyder 
Colleen Stevens 
Pablo A. Strauh 
Neal R. Sundberg 
Thomas Mark Swiss 
Anne L. Taylor 
Richard Taylor 
Carolyn Beth Telford 
Christopher J. Terrill 
Richard E. Thompson 
Margaret M. Tocci 
Jeffery R Trudel 
Gina M. Turko 
Heather B. Twomey 
Jason D. Umberger 
Marc A. Vassanelli 
Barbara M. Virvan 
Elissa S. Wasserman 
Elizabeth E. Weaver 
Allen E. Webb 
Marci A. Weiner 
Kurt A. Westerfeld 
Alexandra A. White 
Lisa M. Wiederlight 
Jennifer A. Williams 
Linda May Williams 
Julie B. Wnght 
Kevin A. Wyrauch 
Shaolin Yang 
Marie A. Yeh 

(National French and 
Italian Honor Society) 
Undergraduate Students 

Sally Bogacz 
Kika Bombeke 
Laurence Bemier 
Helene Ducros 
Diane J. Holder 
Martin Marafioti 
Kathleen E. Maskulak 
Aileen M. Mootoo 
Georgeanna Murgatroyd 
Khatereh NematoUahi 

Susan M. Paape 

Margo Pyes 

Denise Marie RahmocUer 

Susan Riser 

Helen Wilkins Robertson 

Eileen Scudder 

Bonnie Bader Stahl 

Akia Margrethe Talbot 

Anthony J.J. Zarbo, Jr. 

Graduate Students 

Maryjane Moloney 
Melissa Saurman 

(Mechaniccd Engineering) 

Roger F. Bonham, Jr. 

Kor Chan 

Michael A. Deeds 

Bill Duvall 

Jane Elizabeth Eckenrode 

J. P. Feldstein 

George Filiopoulos 

Timothy Foster 

Brian D. Hall 

David Hartsig 

Lori L. Keenan 

Craig V. Kotras 

Christopher P.laMothe 

Yoon Ho Lee 

Donna Mann 

Mark M. Matsumura 

Theodore E. McCord 

Joseph P. Muscara 

Dan Nagelhout 

Ezequiel Navar 

Manuel J. Oliva 

LaMont Ruley 

Gurpartap "G.P." S. Sandhoo 

Edward Schinner 

Erick Solis 

Timothy Strakna 

Narita Surana 

Donna Van Gelderen 

Stephen Wells 

Maureen E. Williams 

Sheila Woo 


(Fire Protection 

Frank J. Borrelli 
Samuel A. Denny 
John F. Deubler 
Jeffrey D. Halpert 
Edouard M. LaRocque 
Bruce V. Peabody 
Robert C. Spetzler 

(Spanish Honor Society) 

Yuri Alberto Agostini 
Kristen Castaiio 
Barabara Fong 
Charlotte Gruet 
Celena Hadlock 
Clair Mane Jones 
Cecilia Mayer 
Patricia Murphy 
Vineeta Rastogi 
Pamela Rodriguez 
Margaret Whipple 


Mercedes Santamaria 

(National Aerospace 
Engineering Honor Society) 

Karen Asbacher 
Russell E. Beall 
Jonathan A. Calure* 
Timothy J . Condon 
Patrick L. Crouse 
Clare A. Ewald* 
Kimberly H. Friedland* 
Melinda D. Godwin* 
Sarah E. Hall* 
David G. Harding 
Kevin C. Hughes* 
Lauri Kraft 
Ian K. Matlick 
Craig T Melton 
Ashish Nedungadi 

Antonio E. Oliva* 
Christos S. Pandelaras 
Keith A. Parrish* 
John D. Rinko 
Jeanine A. Sorensen* 
Paul D. Vieira* 
Wayne L. Wesler* 
*graduated December 1989 


(International Honors 
Society for Outstanding 
English Majors) 

Amy Anita Backstrom 
Nora Jean Bellows 
Douglas Edward Bice 
Jamie Lynne Block 
Edward John Cunningham 
Amy Lynn Delawter 
Antony Patrick Falco 
Nader Safwat Ghali 
Sarah R. Goulstone 
Rachel Beth Gross 
Patricia L. Huber 
Jana Hyatt 
Nancy Barbara Jack 
Thomas Matthew Johnson 
Constance Elizabeth Kauffman 
Kathleen Valerie Kibler 
Leslie Adrienne Leacock 
Lorrie Lynn Lizak 
Jana Magnotto 
Diane Elizabeth Mannino 
Jennifer Orrence 
Lori Ann Roche 
Joshua Thomas Russell 
Susan Lynn Scanlin 
Wesley Kenneth Schrock 
Shefali N. Shah 
Suzanne Theresa Smith 
Mary Elizabeth Sullivan 
Janice Michelle Sulman 
Thecidore Sunao Takata 
Rebecca Lynn Taylor 
Comanche Chris Weaver 
James Douglas Williams 
Boon-Lan Assumta Wong 






The face of Silenos, teacher and trainer of the Greek god Bacchus, 
was carved from stone in 1 798 by T. Coade, and serves as the 
keystone at the entrance of the Rossborough Inn, the oldest building 
on campus. 

Adams Group Award to the 

outstanding journalism senior 

in advertising. 

Au'arded to. 

Melissa Beth Goldman 
Todd Matthew Phillips 

Administering Council for 


Awarded to: 

Myles Conrad Hatch 
Thomas William Musser 111 

Aerospace Engineering 
Academic Achievement Award. 
Awarded to: 

William D. Tjokroaminata 

Agricultural Alumni Award 
presented to a senior whose 
leadership and service has 
contributed most towards the 
advancement of the College of 
Awarded to; 

Cristin A. Kepple 

Agricultural Alumni Award 
presented to students who have 
exhibited scholastic excellence 
during their college career. 
Awarded to: 

Sue Ann Schaefer 
Debra M. Sullivan 
Gertrude Holman Riedel 
Marie Terry Childress 

Alcoa Foundation Scholarship 
Awards to outstanding students 
in fire protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Creshona S. Abbott 

Barry E. Sprecher 

Alcoa Foundation Traffic 
Scholarship Award to an 
outstanding junior student 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Brenda L. St. Denis 

Alpha Rho Chi Medal to a 
graduating student of 
architecture who has made a 
distinctive contribution to 
school life, emhtxiying the 
ideals of professional service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Bonnie Ann Debold 

Alpha Zeta Award to a full-time 
student in the College of 
Agriculture in recognition of 
scholastic excellence during his 
or her freshman year. 
Awarded to: 
Lora ]. Stahl 

American Association of 
University Women, College 
Park, Maryland branch, in 
recognition of two outstanding 
women receiving advanced 
Awarded to: 

Diane Lee Zablotsky 

Ph.D., Sociology 
Michelle L. Clossick 
M.S., Family and 
Community Development 

American Helicopter Society 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award to the student who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution through service to 
the student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Pramod Raheja 

American Institute of 
Aeronautics and Astronautics 
and Astfonautics Outstanding 
Achievement Award to the 
student who has made the most 
outstanding contribution 
through scholarship and service 
to the student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Shari M. Wunsch 


American Institute of 
Architects AIA Certificate to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for academic 
Awarded to: 

Charles David Piper 

American Institute of 
Architects AIA Medal to a 
graduating student of 
architecture for outstanding 
overall academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Beth Hoffman 

American Institute of Chemical 
Engineers Award presented hy 
the National Capital Section to 
the outstanding chemical 
engineering senior. 
Awarded to: 

Peter L. Schruben 

American Institute of Chemists 
Award to an outstanding senior 
for scholarship m chemistry- and 
Awarded to: 

Humberto Dionisio Mui 

American Nuclear Society 
Student Chapter Award 
(donated by Building 
Construction Trades 
Depanment, AFL-CIO) to a 
senior in the Nuclear 
Engineering Program in 
recognition ot outstanding 
contribution to the student 
Awarded to: 
James Hoerner 

American Nuclear Society 
Washington Chapter Senior 
Award for highest overall 
scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 
Mirela Gavilas 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers Student 
Honor Awarded hy the national 
society in recognition of 
outstanding student activity. 
Awarded to: 

Mary L. Searing 

American Society of 
Agricultural Engineers 
Scholarship Award, by the 
Washington, D.C. — Maryland 
ASAE Section to an 
agricultural engineering student 
based on achievement and need. 
Awarded to: 

Mary L. Searing 

American Society of Agronomy 
Award to the outstanding 
senior graduating in agronomy 
who has demonstrated superior 
scholarship, leadership activities 
and personal traits. 
Awarded to: 

David G. Wilson 

American Society of Civil 
Engineers Outstanding Senior 
Award to a senior member for 
outstanding scholastic 
achievement and significant 
service to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Robert B. Gwynn 

American Society of 
Mechanical Engineer's Senior 
Award to the senior member 
who has contributed most to 
the local chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Michael A. Cole 

Angel Award to an 
undergraduate English major 
who has shown distinction, 
extraordinary merit and 
perseverance in his or her 

studies at the University of 
Maryland at College Park. 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth Borda 

Appleman-Norton Scholarship 
Award to a senior major in 
recognition of excellence in 
Awarded to: 

Samantha D. Heburn 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to a graduating 
senior in recognition of 
exemplary service rendered to 
the School of Architecture and 
its student body. 
Awarded to: 

Arthur Charles Lohsen 

School of Architecture Alumni 
Chapter Award to masters 
degree recipient in recognition 
of exemplary service rendered 
to the School of Architecture 
and its student body. 
Awarded to: 

Ronald Kent Johnston 

School of Architecture Dean's 
Thesis Award for Fall Semester 
Awarded to: 

Caroline Denise Sonner 

School of Architecture Faculty 
Award to a graduating senior in 
recognition of excellence in 
Awarded to: 

Kenneth Byron Jones 
Kevin Andrew Stevens 

Baltimore Sun Papers 
Journalism Scholarships. 
Awarded to: 

Angela Davis 

Lan Nguyen 

Traci Johnson 

Edward Heard 

Bechtel Award to a civil 
engineering student for 
demonstrated leadership and 
service to the student 
engineering community. 
Awarded to: 

Andrew J. Millunzi 

Harold R.W Benjamin 
International Fellow to a 
worthy graduate student 
majoring in international 
education or comparative 
Awarded to: 
Charles Reilly 

Paul Berg Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Debra Shimanski 

Mary McCleod Bethune 
Citizenship Award to the Black 
junior or senior who has 
displayed outstanding 
involvement and leadership in 
campus activities and has 
contributed most to the 
advancement of Black student 
concerns at the University of 
Maryland at College Park. 
Awarded to: 
Sherita Hill 

B'Nai Zion Award. 
Awarded to: 
Rachel Kagan 

Broadcasting News Award to 
the outstanding Journalism 
senior in broadcast news. 
Awarded to: 

Laura Elizabeth Head 

J.Y. Bryan Prize for investigative 


Awarded to: 

Valerie Basheda 

Carl Bowers 


Harry C. Byrd Award to the 
outstanding senior male who 
typified the model student and 
contrihuted significantly to 
student interests and concerns. 
Awarded to: 

Bradley Federman 

Sally S. Byrd Award to the 
outstanding senior female who 
typified the model student and 
who has contrihuted 
significantly to student interests 
and concerns. 
Awarded to: 
Sherita A. HUl 

Chevy Chase Women's 
Scholarship to selected 
undergraduate students in 
apparel design, fashion 
merchandising, and textile 
marketing and selected graduate 
students concentrating in 
textile marketing and 
Awarded to: 

Molly Eckman 

Amy Hurowit: 

Tina Nguyen-do 

Vicky Westphal 

Chemical Society o( 
Washington Award to the 
outstanding senior in the 
Department of Chemistry and 
Awarded to: 

Steven Hamilton Hoke 11 

Chi Epsilon Outstanding Senior 
Award presented to a senior in 
civil engineering exhibiting 
high scholarship, character, and 
congeniality, together with 
practical engineering 
Awarded to: 

Sandra C. Karcher 

Chicago Chapter Society of 
Fire Protection Engineers 

Scholarship Award to an 
outstanding student from the 
Chicago metropolitan area. 
Awarded to: 

Rita Ann Arwila 

Civil Engineering Department 
Chair's Award to a student for 
the most significant contribu- 
tion to the department. 
Awarded to: 

Barry L. Brandt 

Civil Engineering Department 
Outstanding Senior Award for 
outstanding scholastic achieve- 
ment and demonstrated service 
and leadership. 
Awarded to: 

Joseph L. Hartmann 

Computer Science Department 
Honors recognizing successful 
completion of Departmental 
Honors Program requirements. 
AuKirded to: 

James David Hobbs** 

Howard Andrew Pach** 

Barry D. Reich* 

Joanne Paula D'Souza** 

*graduated May 1989 
**graduated December 1989 

Computer Science Outstanding 
Teaching Award for Teaching 
Assistants recognizing 
excellence as a teaching 
Awarded to: 

Laurence Herman 

Computer Science Under- 
graduate Scholarship recog- 
nizing academic excellence. 
Awarded to: 

Deepa Anne Francis 

Szewai Leung 

Jason Lovinger 

Puneet Rakesh 

Charles Connor Scholarship 

from the Baltimore Propeller 
Club for an outstanding 
transportation major. 
Awarded to: 
Lynn Thai 

Margaret Cook Award endowed 
by Prince George's County 
Heritage, Inc., and presented by 
the Prince George's County 
Historical and Cultural Trust to 
a graduate student in recogni- 
tion of excellence in the field of 
historic preservation. 
Awarded to: 

Susan Eileen Cook 

Carroll E. Cox Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
research graduate student in the 
Department of Botany during 
the last year 
Au'arded to; 

Bryan E. Dutton 

Dean's Scholarship (Journalism) 
Awarded to: 

Nancy Lawson 

Brooks Bowers 

Philip L. DeCamara, Jr., 
Memorial Scholarship Awards, 
sponsored by the American Fire 
Sprinkler Association, to an 
outstanding junior or senior. 
Awarded to: 

Andrea M. Schumaker 
Alexis L. Szachnowicz 

Delaware-Maryland Plant Food 
Association Scholarship to a 
student who has shown a 
versatile background and an 
active interest in agronomy and 
soil fertility work deserving of 
Awarded to: 

James W. Lewis 

(graduated December 1989) 

Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key. 
Au'arded to: 

Helen Margaret Thomas 

Dudley and Louisa Dillard Prize 
in Economics to the out- 
standing junior majoring in 
Awarded to: 

Laura Jean Dunlap 

C.J. "Bud" Ecalono Memorial 
Scholarship Award to a business 
and management student of 
Italian descent. 
Au'arded to: 
Carol D. Villa 

Education Alumni Award to 
the outstanding senior male and 
female in the College of 
Awarded to: 

David D. Stuckey 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Academic Performance Award 
to a junior for outstanding 
scholastic achievement. 
Au'arded to: 

Jon Rest 

Michael Smith 

Electrical Engineering 
Department's Outstanding 
Service Award on the basis of 
demonstrated service and 
Awarded to: 

Matthew Angyal 

Wilson H. Elkins Citizenship 
Award to the senior who 
displayed outstanding 
leadership and involvement and 
promoted student interests and 
Awarded to: 
Laura Head 


Wilson H. Elk ins Leadership 
Award to the senior who 
displayed outstanding 
leadership and involvement 
and promoted student interests 
and concerns. 
Awarded to: 

Bradley Federman 

College of Engineering Service 
Award to a student in the 
College of Engineering for 
outstanding student leadership. 
Awarded to: 

David K. Newsom 

Engineering Alumni Student 
Achievement Award to a 
graduating senior who has most 
successfully combined 
proficiency in his/her major 
field of study with 
achievements in the social 
sciences and humanities. 
Awarded to: 

Frank E. Fruth 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 

Electee Award to a new 

member for outstanding 

performance in the electee 

program and for participation in 

student activities. 

Awarded to: 

John Uher— Spring 1989 
Jeffrey Lytle— Fall 1989 

Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding 

Senior Av\ard to a senior in 

electrical engineering for 

outstanding scholastic 

achievement and service to the 

society and department. 

Awarded to: 

Craig Casey — Spring 1989 
Deborah Lessler— Fall 1989 

William L. Everitt Student 
.'Kwards of excellence by the 
National Engineering 
Consortium to outstanding 
students majoring in electrical 

and computer engineering who 
have demonstrated leadership 
and professional interest in 
communications and computers. 
Awarded to: 

James E. DeGrange 

Jae H. Kim 

Frank J. Fee, Jr., Memorial 
Award sponsored by the 
National Fire Protection 
Association with a full 
scholarship to an outstanding 
student selected by the faculty 
of the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Frank J. Borrelli 

Samuel A. Denny 

Kathy Jo Smith 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Department Chairman's Award 
to a student in the Department 
of Fire Protection Engineering 
with the most significant 
contribution to the department 
and the university. 
Awarded to: 
James B. Labb 

Fire Protection Engineering 
Faculty .'Kward to a senior in the 
Department of Fire Protection 
Engineering with the most 
significant improvement in 
academic achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Suzette M. Hartmann 

Morris Frankel Scholarship to a 
graduate student pursuing a 
career working with disabled 
Auarded to: 

Sandra Warren 

Friends of the College Award to 
high academic achieving 
undergraduate or graduate 
students in the College of 

Awarded to: 

Deborah L. Bailey 
Roberta L. Beadles 
Barbara Arlene Danoff 
Eric C. Ebeling 
Wendy Engelson 
Marie Holahan 
Hugh K. Man- 
Susan R. McCam 
April J. Morris 
Marie T. Sergent 
David D. Stuckey 
William T. Tate 

Gannett Scholarships. 
Awarded to: 

Laura Head 

Chris Simpson 

Emmet Gary Scholarship of the 
Maryland State Golf Associa- 
tion to five students in 
agronomy displaying academic 
proficiency, participation in 
extracurricular activities, and 
who have an active interest in 
golf turf work. 
Awarded to: 

David Burkhart 
(graduated December 1989) 

Christian Jackson 

Michael Kaminskas 

GEICO Achievement 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
undergraduate finance major in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 
Kelly Nash 

GEIS Graduate Scholarships 

recognizing academic 

excellence in an outstanding 

service to the Computer 

Science Department. 

Awarded to: 
Gary Benson 
(graduated May 1989) 
Christine Hofmeister 
Kathleen Romanik 

GEIS Undergraduate 
Scholarships recognizing 
academic excellence in 
computer science. 
Awarded to: 

James David Hobbs* 

Daniel Kasprow 

Ferial Majidi* 

Carolyn Marlow* 

Eugene Schwartzman 

Bao H. Trinh 

*graduated December 1989 

James Douglas Goodard 
Memorial Medal awarded by 
the Prince George's County 
Alumni Club to the outstand- 
ing female and male graduating 
seniors from Prince George's 
Awarded to: 

Daniel A. Cronin 

Sherita Adele Hill 

Robert L. and Frances C. Green 
Scholarship in Agricultural 
Engineering for academic 
achievement and for contribu- 
tions to the university, depart- 
ment and student branch. 
Awarded to: 

Stephen M. Siegel 

Walter J. and Elmira Staley 
Hahn Scholarship to an 
undergraduate student 
committed to a career in 
elementary education. 
Awarded to: 
Janet Lee 

Charles B. Hale Dramatic 


Awarded to: 

Thomas William Musser 111 
Marlene Helen O'Haire 

Walter V. Hohenstein 
Fellowship Award (Phi Kappa 
Phi) to outstanding seniors for 


academic excellence and 
community involvement. 
Awarded to: 

Christopher Monsour 

Robert M. Higginbotham 
Memorial Award to an 
outstanding senior majoring in 
Awarded to: 

Christopher James Monsour 

Richard Philip Penn 

Homeland Garden Club Award 
to the graduating senior who 
has done outstanding work in 
the landscape design and con- 
tracting option in horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Victoria S. Bryant 

Joseph W. Houppert Memorial 
Prize to the undergraduate 
student for the best essay on 
Shakespeare during the 
academic year 
Awarded to: 

Sara Wildberger 

College o( Human Ecology 
Dean's Ambassador Scholars. 
Awarded to; 

Stacey Chen 

Rami Dalai 

Susan Gardner 

Alison Manger 

Tma Nguyen-Do 

Stacey Relkin 

Susan Roberts 

Drew Shortau 

Tom Vizioli 

Vicky Westphal 

EUy Wickenheiser 

Institute for Nuclear Power 
Operations Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Patricia De Luca 

Kendra Folti 

Institute of Electrical 
Electronics Engineers 
Outstanding Student Award to 
a member who has shown 
outstanding commitment to the 
organisation and to the 
Electrical Engineering 
Awarded to: 
Nazi Maleki 

jay Jackson Scholarship 
Awarded to: 

Lance Helgeson 

Joe Elbert James Memorial 
Award to the graduating senior 
in horticulture on the basis of 
scholarship and promise of 
future achievement. 
Awarded to: 

Michaeline Yaffe 

Rolf Jensen & Associates 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
junior or senior with a 
demonstrated interest in Fire 
Protection Engineering 
Awarded to: 

Joseph E. Hauf 

Takis D. Tzamaras 

Kappa Tau Alpha Graduating 
Senior Award. 
Awarded to: 

Laurie Jill Dworkin 

James H. Keboe Award 
presented by Campus 
Recreation Services to the male 
volunteer who has contributed 
significantly to the recreational 
opportunities of the university 
Awarded to: 

Mike Kurzmiller 

Ethel Kesler Award presented 
by Campus Recreation Services 
to the female volunteer who has 
contributed significantly to the 

recreational opportunities of the 
university community. 
Awarded to; 
Jane Albom 

Leidy Foundation Scholarships 
to outstanding juniors in the 
Department of Chemistry and 
Awarded to; 

Christine Hughes 
William Howard Swartz 

Link-Shanks Award to a junior 
or first semester senior who has 
demonstrated the greatest 
improvement in grade point 
average since entering the 
horticulture curriculum. 
Awarded to; 

Merri Jo Wright 

Donald Maley Scholarship to a 
high academic undergraduate 
Au'arded to; 
Steven Boden 

Marie Mount Scholarship. 
Au'arded to; 

Stacey Rel kin 

Kathleen Murphy 

Marsh & McLennan Scholar- 
ship Award to an outstanding 
student majoring in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Gerald A. Haynes 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Award for the 
outstanding senior in the 
new-editorial sequence. 
Awarded to: 

Monette Austin 

Gerald Gottesman 

Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press 
Association Outstanding Senior 
Au'arded to; 

Laurie Anne Main 

Maryland State Firemen's 
Association Grant (a four-year 
grant) to a student who will 
enroll in the Department of Fire 
Protection Engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Aaron J. Peterson 
Matthew L. McBride 

Isabel R. McDonald Memorial 
Award to an outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department ot Microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Betty A. Conde 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Academic 
Achievement Award to the 
junior in mechanical 
engineering who has the 
highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Cassandra L. Hellstem 

Alex R. Hobson 

Mechanical Engineering 
Department Chair's Award to 
the senior in mechanical 
engineering who has the 
highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to; 

Leslie L Bookoff 

Mencken-Bode Award for Best 
Dissertation in American 
Awarded to: 

Tmiothy Whelan 

Merck Index Awards. 
(Chemistry and Biixzbemistry) 
Awarded to: 
Jason Lovinger 


Mobil Oil Corporation 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
student majoring in decision 
and information systems in the 
College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Paul Vincent Edelmann 

Belinda Heytens 

Michael Joseph McCahill 

James Glenn Spencer 

Richard C. WiUette 

Montgomery Country Press 
Association Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 

Anthony Wilbert 

Lars Gelfan 

Andrew J. Moyer Memorial 
Award to a deserving graduate 
student in microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Darren D. Sledjeski 

National Defense 
Trans-portation Association 
Scholarship to an outstanding 
transportation major in the 
United States. 
Awarded to: 

Craig Carter 

Brenda St. Denis 

National Defense Transpor- 
tationAssociation, Washington 
Chapter Scholarship Award to 
an outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland chapter 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Christine EUinger 
Nicholas Flergage 
Kenneth G. Miller 111 

N.S.F. Fellowship. 

Awarded to: 

Daniel Reid Kuespert 
Stephanie Adi Soulen 

News Editorial Award to the 
outstanding Journalism senior 
in news editorial. 
Awarded to: 

Lance Owen Helgeson 

Nuclear Engineering 
Department and the Student 
Chapter of the American 
Nuclear Society, College of 
Engineering meritorious service 
award to a student for his or her 
outstanding contribution to the 
Nuclear Engineering Program 
and the Student Chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Mirela Gavrilas 

James R. O'Neil Scholarship 
Awarded, sponsored by the 
New York -New Jersey Chapter 
of the Society of Fire Protection 
Engineers to outstanding 
juniors or seniors. 
Awarded to: 

John F. Deubler 

Michael J. Klemenz 

Phillip L. and Ora T. Ordwem 
Scholarship to a minority 
undergraduate or graduate 
student majoring in early 
childhood elementary 
Awarded to: 

Michelle St. Louise 

Pelczar Graduate Award for 
excellence in graduate 
education for 1988-89. 
Awarded to: 

Rudolfo A. Jalabert 

National Phi Kappa Phi 
Fellowship Award to 
outstanding senior for academic 
excellence and community 
Awarded to: 
Sherita A. Hill 

Phi Kappa Phi Chapter 
Fellowship Award to 
outstanding seniors for 
academic excellence and 
community involvement. 
Au'arded to: 

Richard P. Penn 
Nancy L. Surprenant 

Pi Tau Sigma Memorial Award 
to the senior in mechanical 
engineering who has made the 
most outstanding contribution 
to the university. 
Awarded to: 

Robert F. Piacesi 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Service Award to a student for 
outstanding service and 
contributions to the chapter. 
Awarded to: 

Lori L. Keenan 

Pi Tau Sigma Outstanding 
Sophomore Award to the 
sophomore in mechanical 
engineering who has the 
highest scholastic average. 
Awarded to: 

Charles D. Pierce 

Gertrude Poe Scholar. 
Awarded to: 

Monette Austin 

Augustus J. Prahl Fellowship in 
German for scholarly 
achievement to the outstanding 
graduate student in German 
during the current year 
Awarded to: 

Elizabeth G. Ametsbichler 

Jane M. Prichard Scholarship 
Award to the outstanding 
teaching graduate student in 
the Department of Botany 
during the last year. 
Awarded to: 

Edward B. Whereat 

Gregory R. Wolfe 

Propeller Club of the United 
States, Baltimore Port 
Scholarship Award to an 
outstanding member of the 
University of Maryland Student 
Port majoring in transportation 
in the College of Business and 
Awarded to: 

Julie Barrowman 

Outstanding Programmer 
Award endowed by Dr. Mark 
Weiser recognizing excellence 
in programming. 
Awarded to: 
James da Silva 

Public Relations Award to the 
outstanding Journalism senior 
in public relations. 
Awarded to: 

Anna Lucille Cherry 

Public Relations Society, 
Maryland Professional Chapter, 
Scholarship Award. 
Awarded to: 

Adrieime Wolfman 

Quest Scholarship recognizing 
academic achievement in 
computer science. 
Awarded to: 

Christopher E. Lesher 

Robert M. Rivello Scholarship 
to the junior in the Department 
of Aerospace Engineering who 
has attained the highest overall 
academic average. 
Awarded to: 

M. Alhadi Alwazir 

Deron C. Burton 

Ih-Cheng Shih 

Ryan Homes Scholarship 
Award for students 
demonstrating an interest in 
the homebuilding industry. 
Awarded to: 

Paul L. Schulman 


Leland E. and Catherine B. 
Scott Award to the outstanding 
graduate student in the 
Department oi Horticulture. 
Awarded to: 

Fouad Hassan Mohamed 

Shipley's ot Mar\-land Award to 
honor the graduating history 
major with the most 
distinguished academic record. 
Awarded to: 

Brent Douglas Cook 

Sigma Alpha Omicron Award 
to the outstanding graduating 
senior in microbiology. 
Awarded to: 

Beth Nan Peshkin 

Sigma Delta Chi Award, 
Washington, D.C. Professional 
Awarded to: 

Curtis Eichelherger 

Sigma Delta Chi Award, 
Maryland Professional Chapter 
Awarded to: 

Lance Helgeson 

Sigma Gamma Tau 
Outstanding Achievement 
Award to the student who has 
made the most outstanding 
contribution through 
scholarship and service to the 
student chapter. 
Awarded to: 

William D. Tjokroaminata 

Henrietta Spiegel Sigma Tau 
Delta Award to a graduated 
English major in recognition ot 
service to the English 
Department and his/her tellow 
Awarded to: 
David Simms 

Wendy Lou Stark Scholarship. 
Awarded to: 
Diana Smith 

Society for Professional 
Journalists Outstanding Senior 
Awarded to: 

Angela Lawson Davis 

Society of Automotive 
Engineer's Senior Award to the 
senior member who has 
contributed most to the local 
Awarded to: 

Robert F. Piacesi 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Outstanding Senior 
Award to the most outstanding 
senior in fire protection 
An'arded to: 

Samuel A. Denny 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Outstanding 
Sophomore Award to the most 
outstanding sophomore in fire 
protection engineering. 
Awarded to: 

Brian T. Rhodes 

Society of Fire Protection 
Engineer's Student Chapter 
Award for distinguished and 
outstanding service to the 
Awarded to: 

Edouard M. LaRocque 

Dr. Mabel S. Spencer 
Scholarship with preference 
given to students in home 
economics education. 
Awarded to: 

Naseema Sait 

Mary Yeates 

Michele Young 

Charles A. Taff Scholarship to 
an outstanding student 
majoring in transportation in 
the College of Business and 
Au'arded to: 

David G. Koses 

Zbigniew Kozlowski 

Robert F. Newton 

Kenneth D. Parr 

Robert J. Taylor Academic 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding junior in fire 
protection engineering by the 
Salamander Honor Society. 
Au'arded to: 

Christine M. Campbell 

Theatre Patrons Association 

Scholarship Awards. 

Awarded to: 

Myles Conrad Hatch 
Thomas William Musser III 

Undergraduate Award to the 
graduating history major who 
achieved high distinction in his 
or her overall academic record. 
Awarded to: 

Sandra Serena Bogart 

Wall Street Journal Student 
Achievement Award to the 
outstanding student in 
investments and security 
analysis in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Awarded to: 

Joseph K. Kessel 

Washington Association for 
Black Journalists. 
Awarded to: 
Eric Pugh 

L.L. Waters Scholarship from 
American Society of 
Transportation and Logistics to 
outstanding transportation 
Awarded to: 
Craig Carter 

William and Carolyn Witzel 
Scholarship to .students 
majoring in the College of 
Business and Management. 
Au'arded to: 

Leslie Carlisle 

Joanne Forbes 

Thomas Higginbotham 

Diana Mellot 

John Moore 

Gianina O'Neill 

Julie Ortmann 

Eric Surette 

Barbara J. Thomas 

Mari Wittek 

Woodward-Clyde Consultant's 
Award to a junior in Civil 
Engineering who has 
demonstrated outstanding 
academic achievement. 
Au'arded to: 

Gregory L. Barnes 



This frieze is one of several that appears on the front of Cole Field 
House. Also known as the activities building, Cole has been the 
scene of commencement exercises every year since it was built 
in 1955. 

Alvin L. Auhinoe Basketball 
Trophy tor the senior who has 
made the greatest career 
Atvarded to: 

Dave Dickerson 

Alvin L. Aubinoe Football 
Trophy for the unsung hero of 
the current season. 
Awarded to: 

Dean H. Green 

Mark J. Walsh 

Atlantic Coast Conference 
Plaque to a female and male 
senior for excellent in 
scholarship and athletics. 
Awarded to: 

Jennifer A. Hussey 

Michael Collins 

Bob Beall-Tommy Marcos 
Trophy to the outstanding 
offensive lineman of the year. 
Awarded to: 

Michael J. Kiselak 

The Charles T Beebe, jr., 
Award to a woman athlete for 
excellence in scholarship and 
Awarded to: 

Jennifer A. Hu.ssey 
Lac rosse 

Levvis W. Berger Trophy 
awarded to the outstanding 
senior baseball player 
Awarded to: 

Louis A. Holcomb 

John Carlson Award to the 
outstanding team member in 
men's soccer. 
Aivarded to: 

Jonathan M. Wells 

George C. Cook Memorial 
Scholarship Trophy to a 
member of the football team 
with the highest scholastic 
Awarded to: 

Mark T. Agent 

William P. Cole 111 Memorial 
Lacrosse Award to the 
outstanding midfielder 
Awarded to: 

Philip J. Willard 

Joe Deckman-Sam Silver 
Trophy to the most improved 
defensive lacrosse player. 
Au'drdt'd to: 

William J. Ralph 

Geary F. Eppley Award to the 
graduating male senior athlete, 
who during his four years of 
varsity competition, lettered at 
least once and attained the 
highest overall scholastic 
Aicardt'd to: 

Mark A. Anderson 

Jack Faber-Al Heagy Unsung 
Hero Award to the lacrosse 
player best exemplifying 
determination, will to wm and 
pride in accomplishment. 
Awarded to: 

Chris R. Connor 

Dr John E. Faber, Jr, Silver 
Helmet Award to the football 
student-athlete for outstanding 
second effort the season. 
Awarded to: 

Bren D. Lowery 

Herbert H. Goodman Wrestling 
Trophy to the most outstanding 
wrestler of the year. 
Au'flrded to: 

Scott D. Buckiso 


John W. Guckeyson Award for 
scholarship, leadership, and 
athletic ahility. 
Awarded to: 

Philip J. Willard 

James H. Kehoe Award to the 
senior female athlete who 
symbolized the commitment, 
dedication, spirit and will to 
win and excel in athletics. 
Awarded to: 

Kelly L. Stanfil 

Ray Krouse Senior Award to 
the most valuable football 
Awarded to: 

Neil K. O'Donnell 

Scott J. Saylor 

Larry Levitt Memorial Award to 
the outstanding freshman in 
men's lacrosse. 
Awarded to: 

Timothy J. Cox 

Peter Lowery Awarded to the 
soccer team member 
exemplifying academic 
excellence, leadership and 
distinguished citizenship on 
Awarded to: 
Nigel Burdett 

M Club's Founders Award to a 
senior athlete for outstanding 
athletic ability, academic 
excellence, upright character, 
and distinguished citizenship. 
Awarded to: 

Jennifer A. Hussey 

Charles Leroy Mackert Trophy 
offered by William E. Krouse to 
the Maryland student who has 
contributed most to wrestling 
while at the University of 
Awarded to: 

Scott D. Buckiso 

Maryland Ring to the senior 
resident of Maryland who is 
adjudged the best athlete of the 
Awarded to: 

James H. Brown 

Charles P. McCormick, Sr., 
Award to the seniot Baltimore 
area resident who has 
contributed the most to his 
Awarded to: 

Scott a. Wheller 

Edwin E. Powell Trophy to the 
member of the men's lacrosse 
team rendering the greatest 
service during the year. 
Awarded to: 

Jeffrey O. McNeil 

Silvester Watch typifying the 
best in athletics. 
Au'dnit'J to: 

Philip J. Willard 

Talbot T Speer Award for 
excellence in leadership, 
scholarship, and general 
all-around ability. 
Awarded to: 
Jack Copctti 

James M. Tatum Award to the 
outstanding tackle on the 
football team. 
Awarded to: 

Michael J. Kiselak 

Dr. Reginald Van Trump Truitt 
Award to the senior attack-man 
in lacrosse for schola.stic 
attainments and ream 
Awarded to: 

Scott A. Wheeler 

A.V. Williams Award for the 
Maryland football player who 
has exhibited outstanding and 
conspicuous sportsmanship 
during the year. 
Awarded to: 

Bren D. Lowery 


The Varisty "M" yearly letter 
awards to those student-athletes 
determined to be deserving ot 
such by their respective head 

Baseball (1988-89) 

David A. Armstrong 
Christopher J. Burdick 
Charles W. Devereux 
Edward P. Ferko 
Louis A. Holcomh 
Drew G. Johnson 
Peter W. Laake 
Joseph F. Meury 
William J. Meury 
John M. Rayne 
Richard J. Smith 
Christopher J. Smoot 
Kenneth J. Trusky 
Clyde S. Van Dyke 

Basketball (Men's) 

Norman M. Anderson 
Vincent D. Broadnax 
Evers A. Burns 
Kevin D. Chamberlain 
Max J. Etienne 
Matthew J. Kaluzienski 
Mitchell A. Kasoff 
Cedric R. Lewis 

Jesse J. Martin 
Tony A. Massenburg 
Teyon O. McCoy 
Terrah J. Mustat 
Rodney I. Walker 
Walter A. Williams 

Basketball (Women's) 

Mary C. Barnes 
Monica L. Bennett 
Terri Bradley 
Estelle L. Christy 
Katrina Y. Colleton 
Jesse Y. Hicks 
Carla E. Holmes 
Dwuana M. Lee 
Wendy L. Martin 
Suzanne M. Panek 
Subrena A. Rivers 
Christy A. Winters 

Cross-Country (Men's) 

Rowland H. Bedell 
Robert S. DeFilippis 
Gregory C. Early 
Thomas P. Nave 
Curtis W. Walz 

Cross-Country (Women's) 


Tracy L. Bowers 
Dana L. CoUigan 
Robin D. Grim 
Denise K. Knickman 
Jennifer C. Van Horn 
Donna L. Zubalik 

Field Hockey (1989-90) 

Lisa D. Buente 
Andrea M. Closkey 
Sharon L. Cummings 
Jennifer C. Fink 
Lee K. Hoyle 
Mary K. Konder 
Kareen G. Lackie 
Jane P. Peterson 
Dawn A. Richardson 


Lisa K. Rowe 
Kathleen S. Smith 
Amanda A. Stevenson 
Jennifer K. Ulehla 
Vicki L. Yost 

Football (1989-90) 

Mark T. Agent 
Norman M. Anderson 
Bret B. Boehly 
Jack M. Bradford 
David A. Can- 
Daniel DeArmas 
James W. DeMoss 
Phillip J. DiMaria 
Darren A. Drozdov 
Karl F. Edwards 
Richard J. Fleece 
Tony C. Franciscus 
Joel D. Goode 
Dean H. Green 
Richard R. Harris 
Gregory Hines 
Jeffrey T. Hoffman 
Mark C. Hotland 
Michael D. HoUis 
Michael Jarmolowich 
Barry W. Johnson 
Riccardo C. Johnson 
Clarence T. Jones 
Michael J. Kiselak 
Bren D. Lowrey 
James A. Matthews 
Kenneth C. Oberle 
Neil K. O'Donnell 
Ralph A. Orta 
Glenn A. Page 
David D. Parker 
Daniel W. Prunzik 
Ronald P. Reagan 
Curtis B. Rose 
Scott M. Rosen 
Robert J. Rushnak 
Richard M. Salgado 
Scott J. Saylor 
Dennis J. Spinelli 
Derek L. Steele 
Douglas D. Stump 

Reid M. Suplee 
Michael E. Thomas 
Wward Tomlin 
Mark J. Walsh 
Larry M. Webster 
Lubo Zizakovic 
Scott D. Zolak 

Golf (1988-89) 
Rocco A. DeMaria 
John C. Donate 
Daniel N. Hoffman 
Joseph R. Hoffman 
Michael P. Kavka 

Gymnastics (1989-90) 
Bonnie L. Bernstein 
Ronanne M. Comerford 
Beatriz J. Corteguera 
Stacy L. Eichwald 
Jennifer J. Flentke 
Erin L. Knight 
Sarah R. Krimins 
Yvonne M. Raner 
Roberta K. Saiki 
Diane Volpe 
Dana E. Walton 

Lacrosse (Men's) 


Craig H. BuUen 
Brian J. Burlace 
Andrew J. Claxton 
Chris R. Connor 
Timothy Corcoran 
Timothy J. Cox 
Graven W. Craig 
Mark J. Douglas 
Michael Frick 
Louis C. Geiger 
John P. Gugerty 
Matthew W Herrold 
Michael P. McCanna 
Jeffrey O. McNeil 
Shawn R. Marshall 

William J. Ralph 
Jon D. Shoenweitz 
Peter E. Schwasnick 
Gustav C. Voigt 
Scott A. Wlieeler 
David P Willard 
Phillip J. WiUard 
Robert M. Wurzburger 

Lacrosse (Women's) 

Erin L. Brown 
Alleesha M. Cougnet 
Heather L. Downey 
Jennifer C. Fink 
Caroline L. Frazer 
Jennifer A. Hussey 
Mary K. Kondner 
Amy L. Krause 
Kimherly E. Leonard 
Jennifer M. Lyon 
Christine A. Macko 
Carolyn T MuUer 
Mary A. Oelgoetz 
Jennifer A. Shuck 
Leann M. Shuck 
Jennifer M. Stone 
Michele Uhlfelder 
Jessica Wilk 

Soccer (Men's) 

Nigel Burdett 
Simon M. Cotton 
Dominic J. Feltham 
Ronald J. Forline 
John P. Garvey 
Carmine Isaaco 
Michael E. Kleinert 
Richard T. Labonski 
Michael R. Painter 
E. D. Simijoski 
Richard A. Smedley 
Jeffrey B. Stroud 
Jeffrey S. Ulehla 
Jonathan M. Wells 
Andrew R. Zamora 

Soccer (Women's) 

Louise E. Boden 
Elizabeth C. Cook 
Nadine Duhamel 
Ehtel G. Estino 
Kim Estrada 
Dana Foti 
Amy Kanjian 
Elissa C. Lynch 
Katie McCabe 
Michele L. Ogden 
Nancy J. Powers 
Heather J. Rowe 
Jennifer A. Shuck 
Leann M. Shuck 
Katherine E. Smith 
Julie A. Stansell 
Dianne R. Taylor 
Jacqueline A. Urban 
Michele Urban 
Dena Wilson 

Swimming (Men's) 

Thomas H. BurchiU 
Vincent A. Carmosino 
Michael J. Densmore 
Wesley P. Gay lor 
Kurt R. Kendall 
Scot M. Madill 
Brian McGinty 
Trent J. McNicol 
Bruce R. Merkle 
Christopher E. Streight 
Michael C. Walter 

Swimming (Women's) 

Julie A. Brandt 
Victoria E. Brennan 
Amy E. Choromanskis 
Anna L. Malakates 
Doreen L. Miller 
Cathleen N. Murphy 
Claire R. Oberman 


Eli:aheth A. Pagliei 
Mariheth Schom 
Rosemary H. Zimsen 

Tennis (Men's) 

Juan F. Goto 
Joshua A. Eventoff 
Jeremy C. Loomis 
Kenneth S. Roshkoff 
Marco Turra 

Tennis (Women's) 

Elizabeth A. Gibson 

Jeri F. Ingram 

Patrice A. Katrinak 

Kara D. Lombardi 

Track (Men's) 

Christopher A. Ciamarra 

LesUe Dixon 

Malcolm P. Drewery 

Gregory G. Early 

John M. Finney 

Corwin R. Gubner 

Norris H. Hanes 

Eric H. Hruschka 

Paul R. Masse 

Darryl L. Pitt 

Derek S. Ravenell 

Jerry R. Robinson 

Jerome V. Smith 

Diinald E. Thrower 

Steven G. Yates 

Volleyball (1989-90) 

Marjorie E. Brown 
Nadine U. Fragas 
Joan R. Hosty 
Colleen A. Hurley 
Andrea L. Mandella 
Jacalyn R. Miller 
Kelli N. Myers 

Wrestling (1989-90) 

Kevin G. Brown 
Scott D. Buckiso 
Keith J. Burgess 
Mathew S. Garo 
Michael F. Garo 
Matthew L. Groom 
Ronald J. Lewis 
Daniel M. Mclntyre 
Robert G. Papa 
Jason M. Shea 
Keith M. Venanzi 

Track (Women's) 


Carla P. Brown 
Jennifer A. Campbell 
Leslie A. Chambers 
Timi L. Crawford 
Natasha N. Criss 
Karen S. Daborowski 
Cynthia A. Hazel 
Beth A. Jacobson 
Denise K. Knickman 
Rosalind R. Taylor 
Jennifer C. Van Horn 

DiJSi^ITUfd bv Crcaave Senices 5/90 

Coier Deii(?\ Viviam Mcnilz and Chm l\iiti 

Itlusnatton Stephen A Darrou 

Editor and CiMndmnwr hnjii H Miitnii 



sei.>,;;_..,.-. .•■■■, 
Jf^: ■.■•■■■.. ■.'• 

Ionic style columns like this one appear on several buildings around 
the University of Maryland at College Park, including the Physics 
Building, Main Administration, and several of the dormitories. 

American Defense Preparedness 
Association Award to the out- 
standing Senior Cadet who has 
received no grade in the ad- 
vanced ROTC courses less than 
B, is in the upper half of total 
senior enrollment at the Univer- 
sity of Maryland, has par- 
ticipated actively in athletics 
and/or campus activities, and 
has demonstrated outstanding 
leadership qualities. 
Awarded to: 

Zohair S. Alam 

The American Legion Out- 
standing Senior Award to the 
cadet best described as the Out- 
standing ROTC Senior 
Awarded to: 

Carroll D. Staley 

American Legion ROTC 
General Military Excellence 
Award to a senior (Gold 
Award) in the upper 25 percent 
of the ROTC class, and who 
had demonstrated outstanding 
qualities in military leadership, 
discipline and character 
Awarded to: 
John T. Jarvis 

American Legion ROTC 
Scholastic Award (Gold 
Award) to an outstanding 
senior who is in the upper 1 
percent of the class in the 
university and the upper 25 
percent of the ROTC class, and 
who has demonstrated high 
qualities in military leadership. 
Au'arded to: 

Stanley R. Chrzanowski 

Commandant of Cadets Award 
to a senior cadet for outstanding 
performance as a Support Of- 
ficer. TTiis cadet most successful- 
ly exemplifies the "Complete 
Staff Ott'icer" 
Awarded to: 

Gerald P. Eves 

Daughters of American Revolu- 
tion Award to a senior cadet 
who is in the upper 25 percent 
of both the ROTC class and the 
University, and who 
demonstrates high qualities of 
dependability, good character, 
adherence to military discipline, 
and leadership. Also demon- 
strates a fundamental and 
patriotic understanding of the 
importance of ROTC training. 
Awarded to: 

Nathan G. Winter 

Governor's Cup Award by His 
Excellency, the Governor of 
Maryland, to the cadet chosen 
by the Detachment Staff as the 
Cadet of the Year. 
Awarded to: 

Stanley R. Chrzanowski 

Reserve Officers Association 
Award to the senior cadet 
(Gold Awatd) who 
demonstrates outstanding 
academic achievement in 
AFROTC subject matter and 
highest officer potential. 
Awarded to: 

Calina C. Seybold